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Filipino Values – Understanding Culture


Group 2 production presents “FIlipino Values” A documentary video that contains the different traits that Filipinos bear. The documentary not just engulfs different …


  1. s s says

    You forgot subtitles

  2. Nexus-6 says

    Very cute video, but what we see in the Philippines is very different. The hardest thing for white people in the Philippines is dealing with people and communicating. The messages behind the worlds are often hard to understand. I ask where is the SM mall is and we are invited in a brothel, buying some cialis or a wallet. When I first arrived in the Philippines I must to admit I did not have a very good impression of the people. Many look savage, chaotic and nonchalant. The more I started to understand them, the more I found them immortal. Especially the way parents treat their kids. Another thing we must say about the Filipino people is that they lie A LOT. It's impossible to rely on their words. They like to sugarcoat the reality or hiding important elements. They tend to bluff, cheat manipulate to get what they want.

  3. Maze master says

    Ok is good

  4. くたもらmisch kutamora says

    Too dramatic narration. Sad?

  5. Orang3 Monkey says

    Filipino culture: if you buy a car, the entire community owns that car. Everyone complains about corruption in the government but no one says anything about the little individual corrupt things that the average person does. Example, in my old subdivision, our guard rents out parking spaces of residents he knows are on vacation. That's corruption too.

  6. Luiza Mase says

    subscribe back kuya.

  7. Aira Mae Sanchez says

    Ano pong gamit yong pang edit?

  8. Arnelle Joy Marzo says


  9. Mir-i-nisa says

    Like other cultures we do have our racist streak. Blacks are usually our target. We find them funny. Usually the mouth, hair, skin. But we never go out of our way to insult them. Not in our culture to be out with our prejudices.

  10. Fïnger Bane says

    Kayo nang mga tagalog ang magalang

  11. Hannah Grace Polancos says

    I like it

  12. gerald dela cruz says

    tayong mga pilipino hindi natin pinapahalagahan yung meron tayo oki

  13. gerald dela cruz says

    tayong mga pilipino hindi natin pinapahalagahan yung meron tayo oki

  14. B BULLWITS says

    Great video, I love pinoy culture, people, and cant wait to start my charity there! God bless you all and salamat for inspiring. – Blaise, Toronto, Canada

  15. Heart Diane says

    Hi po what camera did you use to film?

  16. Well made po Ito~ Ang Ganda!

  17. Rj Lim says

    What app do you use to edit?

  18. Bleo says

    This is really well made

    Learned alot

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