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Philippines Street Food – AMAZING Filipino Food at Aling Sosing's Carinderia in Manila!


One of the best Filipino food meals you can eat in Manila! ▻Subscribe to my channel for more food videos: http://bit.ly/MarkWiensSubscribe Aling Sosing’s is …


  1. Doug _ says

    $12.90!! Wow.

  2. Adele Vevo says

    Para sakin mas masarap pa nga sa carinderia kaysa sa restaurant eh😂😂

  3. Onion 9 Lattice says

    I think the real deal is the inihaw na tilapia. The grilled fish is complemented by kalamansi and soy sauce and importantly, chili – all make up for a completely appetizing comfort food as you want to fill that starving stom. As for the rest, I surmise they are heavily laden with MSG, that makes all food taste really, really good. Mga pinoy can't really live with minimal MSG.

  4. Bernardo Sanchez says

    You are amazing man, you are the picture of the real tourist that our countries need, not that's drugeater or childsearcher that come attracted for the underworld that themselves has made in this sites. And your face expressions when tests the flavours are genuine, best that any expensive advertising campaign.

  5. Ms. Jonna M. Affordable Recipes says


  6. Shondra Smith says

    $13 for all of that food….yes

  7. Jpao Jimenez says

    The first vid of MW that I've watched.. Im a Filipino..

    And became a fan eversince..

    This is Life..! Travelling and eating..😳❤

  8. V.B Bhavitha says

    Don't u get stomach ache…

  9. Happy says

    Kaldereta LMFAO

  10. Erika Yumul says

    ไม่เผ็ดไม่กิน hahahahaha love that shirt

  11. Tyrone Aying says

    Mag facemask ka ate tindera nag sasalita ka sa harapan nang pagkain

  12. ryan lochte says

    my goodness! kahit de sabaw pa ang ulam na yan, magkakamay tlga aq!😋😋😋

  13. Ad Den says

    I hope he comes back kere someday..love this vid!!

  14. BLUE TIT says


  15. Patrick Bautista says

    Hi, please do try our dishes here in Vigan City, Philippines 😍

  16. Catocha Razor says


  17. Brenda Yujuico says

    Ale paki tale Lang po ang buhok ninyo

  18. Andrea Lassota says

    Oh😱dapat naka tied up ang hair if you work in the eatery? Especially if you serving it para iwas no hair of the food. Sometimes, our hairs accidentally falls everywhere at once makakita ka ng hairs as food to me is disgusting. Pls tied up your hair or put neat of it pls.

  19. Joanna Garbin says

    I like it when u taste the food and ur always smiling and very approachable i love it

  20. Rogerio Rocha Da Silva says

    Salamat 👍

  21. Rogerio Rocha Da Silva says

    Magandang umaga ☕☕

  22. TheMigsTorresExperience says

    Oh my gosh, Mark, this brings me all the way back to college since I studied near that area. We would eat at Sosing's when we had the chance. There were times we'd be disappointed because their Liempo would be sold out already and it was not even 3pm yet. Yeah, that place gets pretty packed quickly. 🙂

  23. sunil malge says

    WOW, how wonderful wonderful video friend, so very very nice dishes you enjoy friend. Awesome place

  24. Island Girl77 says

    ALL of his facial expressions are not exaggerated… Filipino food is that GOOD! 🇵🇭👍🏼😊🥰

  25. King Arthur says

    Thank you brother for this great opportunity

  26. Firoj Pradhan says

    Lunch with me bro. I will told u how to eat open hand. Every day open hand. Lemon rice chili the best. Hi from india

  27. Mahanto Anghu says

    Philippines is a beautiful country and it cleanliness.Love from #Diyun, India 🙏👌💘💖👍

  28. Graham Peden says

    They ripped u up mate that’s too expensive. That won’t cost 600 pesos they’re rippers. If I were you I won’t recommend that karinderya, that’s ashamed to all small local karinderia

  29. Lapu Lapu says

    Namumula kna sir di naman ksi sinasama ung Sile hahahaha

  30. Raymond Ortiz says

    Oh, I miss my Filipino Foods!

  31. Cherry pie says

    I am hungry now 😂 lol

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