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  1. Antonio Besinga Vlogs says

    8:35 So you don't recognize Dunkin hmm

  2. ZWG88 says

    come to mindanao its much cleaner and safer i recommend davao

  3. StudMuffins says

    be careful when scrolling wikipedia. according to my research advisers, they're not at all truthful and credible

  4. Mark K says

    711 is not a Japanese company. Not sure why you would think that. Its American.

  5. m abear says

    After the 74th ad i have up

  6. Jeff O says

    I am an American but my wife, kids and I live in Tanza in the Barangay of Sanja Mayor and it's totally different from Metro Manila. I have a good life with my family and it is a great place to live.

  7. master pogi says

    a real life gta in the phillipines

  8. Suga Stan 101 says

    Hearing Momoland blasting through that house is a Mood af.

  9. MK B says

    its Usually only in MANILA area. Manila is the worst city in the Philippines. Other than that beside the southern region where terrorist group exist. You are safe.

  10. ALE XON says

    Because of EDSA PEOPLE'S POWER
    Philippines suffer from corruption, poverty
    And bullying from other countries
    Thanks to DU30 our country is getting better

  11. DGTelevsionNetwork says

    In the video you mentioned that the fridge needed a power converter. I thought that ph uses the Japan/north America electrical standard(120/240/480v,60hz). Am I wrong or is there a bunch of haphazard standards like everything else?

  12. Whosoever Believeth says

    Did you know your data is already encrypted without a VPN? That's what https:// is….

  13. Tarnation Incineration says

    What’s the song at 20:36

  14. Adam Britsch says

    I thought you were going to show some Faces of Death stuff lol

  15. Robert Wheeler says

    Love your video! I personally love the Philippines, I only been there once, but plan on going back many times to check out as many of the islands as I can. I spent most of my time on Cebu island, I'm planning on visiting a new island or two each time I go there!

  16. Phil Smith says

    Habang pinapanood ko ito, nahihiya ako maging isang pilipino. Nakakapangliit. Natanong ko sarili ko bakit indi na lang ako naging Japanese. πŸ™

  17. mango tango says

    this is so well done I'm feeling so nostalgic now

  18. Lance Lottt says

    You only saying about the bad sides of the country you don't even know what it is inside that "pearl country"

  19. Mace Andrade says

    I hope you also visited provinces most of people there were nice and it's cleaner than manila even people were poor

    (My English was bad sorry)

  20. Raven Rodriguez says

    It's home… <3
    That's all it is for me. πŸ™‚

  21. δΉ…ε–œγ‚ΈγƒŽ says

    This is to normal

  22. Aditya Reddy says

    It looks so similar to India.. the market, walls with barbed wire and glass pieces, the rural areas and so many other things are similar

  23. Turnip Green says

    The Roosters aren't pets. They're for cock fighting. Just sayin

  24. Aaron John Reyes says


  25. C Ike says

    I lived in Davao city and Im contented, feel safe most of the time and its a very clean organize city.

  26. Lee Francis says

    I would never consider a vacation to the Philippines.

  27. Rio Mendez says

    My poor country being ravaged by corrupt Govt. elected and appointee officials as well as corrupt, abussive and lazy law enforcers. Military Generals should protect its people from corrupt officials and oligarchs by assassinating them. But they are cowards. My country very dirty and ugly. 😝😝😝

  28. CK Paragas says

    hears the national anthem playing in the background

    struggles to stand up because I'm tangled in my blanket because respect

  29. Goldz Day says

    im from Davao in the southern part of the Phil. .we dont use grab, our taxi drivers are the most honest drivers. .and we are not afraid of pick pocketers because dont have it here. .

  30. Ace Sanchez says

    life in Manila

  31. Crisjournal says

    thank you for visiting the Philippines and have your very honest review.

  32. enjoyed the video !

  33. dj coon says

    pick [pockets are biggest threats in phils i am from ny and have lived and raised my fam in phils for 27 yrs i love it there

  34. Allan Gomez says

    There is always the good and the bad side of every country.No country is perfect
    But one thing is for sure Filipinos are one of the most loving a peaceful people in this world.

  35. Mayume Lada says

    How about life in cebu? Hahaha

  36. Kenn Mossman says

    FOR GAWDS SAKE STOP COMPARING PH to Japan/Canada. That is just arrogance. Compare apples to apples and not tuba to Dom Perignon .
    Yes, there are pickpockets but it hardly deserves the extent of the coverage you gave. It is also misleading since crime is more common in areas like Makati/Pasig. I have been to Quiapo many (many) times with no problem.
    And yes Manila has a problem with pollution – what Asian country at the same level does not have such?
    Would you be happier if the security guards did a strip search? Mostly they stop the beggars and kids looking for trouble.
    Wow you saw a pig in the market – its common in Asia.
    BTW Manila is NOT the Philippines.

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