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  1. Shaira Krista Bernardo says

    There are only 6 out of 24 senators are women. Women still have a long way to go to catch up with men when it comes to the senate. But, at least there are women who wanted to join to help our country. Electing more women in the Senate helps to open the eyes of everyone that women can make a difference in our country. It is by standing up for the right of every woman.

  2. Tex Forister says

    An increase in the influence of women in public life has often been associated with national decline. The later Romans complained that, although Rome ruled the world, women ruled Rome. In the tenth century, a similar tendency was observable in the Arab Empire, the women demanding admission to the professions hitherto monopolised by men. ‘What,’ wrote the contemporary historian, Ibn Bessam, ‘have the professions of clerk, tax-collector or preacher to do with women? These occupations have always been limited to men alone.’ Many women practised law, while others obtained posts as university professors. There was an agitation for the appointment of female judges, which, however, does not appear to have succeeded. ¶Soon after this period, government and public order collapsed, and foreign invaders overran the country. The resulting increase in confusion and violence made it unsafe for women to move unescorted in the streets, with the result that this feminist movement collapsed.
    THE FATE OF EMPIRES, 1976, Sir John Glubb

  3. Mary Jaira Reyes says

    Loren Legarda looked like Lea Salonga.. in my mind I said "Lea? running for senator?" hahah

  4. Milhouse says

    It's pronounced WEE-MEN and not woo-men.

  5. BAYAN KO says

    I vote grace poe and pia cayetano malinis ang track record..

  6. Mr. Silencio says

    tanong ko lang po, sumasahod din po b si de lima kahit nakakulong?

  7. Rosalie Delvo says

    Imee marcos

  8. Christian Lardizabal says


  9. Charlie The Evil God says


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