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  1. Manny Espinola says

    I'm hungry

  2. Bee Ravi says

    Typical flips always hating on their own..

  3. TroJan shet says


  4. Lily Gardner8 says

    Have Gordon Ramsey invite in there please

  5. JBrosCooking says


  6. RJ Simbulan says

    ayusin m naman pagkasabi ng silog

  7. Michael McDermed says

    tabo should be the next big thing too!

  8. Noel II Andrada says

    Sisig rice would be much more satisfying to eat when you use spoon instead of fork

  9. man Yan says

    Yes Philippine foods are boom mixed with Spanish America China japan Malaysia Muslim foods soo yummy

  10. Lito Mora says

    the only thing that is not so Asian, let alone a Filiipino tradition, is the fact that he ate the sisig menu with the fork. That's a Western style lmao. However, that's fine.

  11. chichiboypumpi says

    filipino food, is comfort food, but it lacks character

  12. chichiboypumpi says

    and-here-we-go, here come the pinoy-priders

  13. Mr. Beast says

    No adobo?

  14. Altair Who Laughs says

    I know I'm late but is Filipino food really that good? I really wanna taste those food.

  15. JADS Foodie & More says

    Filipino here… Watching from Barcelona Spain…

  16. Javie Bryan Mediana says

    Cee lag

  17. Luis Avila says

    Not really its not the best thing. I work overseas and many of my foreign co-worker does not like filipino taste. Some like but majority seems not to like. Of course its sometimes the truth hurts. I am not like other filipinos want to "force" foreigners especially vloggers. I do understand because every nationality have what I called "acquired taste" meaning from childhood they develop this taste. And whatever new you introduce to their taste buds sometimes it will take for someone to get used to filipino food taste. I do respect their opinion as they respect their culture and tradition especially food.

  18. Billy Manalang says

    Wow 5 mins and its done

  19. Long Road says

    You got spoon but you eat with fork.. Lol

  20. First World Problems says

    I really hope his restaurant does well. The food looks awesome !

  21. FazedX says

    did he just say hentai?

  22. JENDEL ABARCA says

    Filipino food is a must

  23. rivenade says

    They've been saying Filipino food is going to be next big thing years and years ago… But it's still nowhere near Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Viet and Thai in the west.

  24. What about the Server? says

    Caldereta should be the dish everyone tries first.

  25. dauntlesskjcm says

    Filipino Cuisine is the ultimate natural cuisine fusion by itself. South East Asian flavors, Influence from China and India, Latin and the Americas.

  26. kyle v says

    Lucas Peterson should be the next big food network star

  27. Justin King says

    5 minutes… lol…nice try. However I still want to try some more Filipino food

  28. Axel Arrow says

    best food in Asia thai,indian,vietnamese,chinese,indonesian,japanese and korean.
    thats it

  29. I Am says

    Douche bag

  30. spitfirelucid says

    Longganisa tater tots…wtf

  31. Velvet Thunder says

    If this is philippino food, the what are they selling here in my country. Whatever it is, it's disgusting. One cuisine I gave up on.

  32. Jayson Reyes says

    Thats not filipino food by the way 🙄

  33. Mark Balaswit says

    My man lemuel kinda looks like noel miller

  34. Chatter Bones says

    i agree this is really interesting. i want to learn filipino food

  35. Ed Vargas says

    The adobo and sisig doesn’t look legit. LoL

  36. Macky Macaventa says


  37. Jeanilyn Murcia says

    Filipino foods is like a Ninja it's fast yet good

  38. rounin roy says

    That's not pork sisig. That's pork tapa. Tapsilog👍

  39. Christian Luna says


  40. Le Huy-Anh says

    Lemuel doesn't look Filipino, but rather a Vietnamese who's trying to pass off as Japanese! LOL
    Yep, that's a thing among us! And if we can't make it, we'll settle for pretending to be Korean. 😛

  41. Typical Fish says

    You can't go wrong with sisig ya' know

  42. Ligo Of Legend Wild Rift says

    ❤ ph

  43. Unknown Passerby says

    To all Filipinos demanding pure authentic Filipino food, try opening a restaurant and deal with the source of ingredients, appeal of the food, availability, and many more.

    Try to be appreciative that there are people that want to share the cuisine with other people.

    Also, to all the people pointing out he used the fork and not the spoon, first of all, hes not filipino. Hes not used to using spoon and fork. Its like when people visit Japan, china or korea. Its not like all of you are proficient in using chopsticks arent you?

    Just appreciate the video you mdfks.

  44. Ryan Noy says

    That’s why we have rice to go along with the dishes you’re having… always with Rice

  45. Sand Man says

    Sisig on a plate in a sit-down restaurant? Major error there. What's wrong with serving them on a sizzling platter if the chef wants to introduce authentic Pinoy dishes?

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