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  1. Maltbie Davenport Hossana says

    I remember when i was in college a story of an overseas domestic helper Filipina single mother with a daughter studying tourism one of the best universities in the country, months before graduation the mother's plan is to come home and celebrate with her daughter inher graduation day the fruit of her labour as she toils 4 years in middle east suffering from all kinds of harsh and challenges away from the daughter and family only to find out her daughter raped and tortured by a drug addict leaving her ravaged body underneath a water canal where she was taken to be assaulted and then later killed.
    This is usual a usual story for many victim families before Duterte asailed to the office promising he will eradicate if not alleviate crime rate and corruption at an astounding percentage. People are so tired of crime, and corruption. The very reason why Duterte was so loved by the community and the country and his popularity is widespread all over the globe. Many of his critics defy him but the records are great testimony that this he is the president at the right era. The needed medicine for a long havocking illness. A bulwark of the overseas workers and the champion of anti corruption,pro poor breed. He's been so transparent when it comes to budgets. And this president has the golden age of infrastructures in the country inspite of being hindered by the pandemic 2019. Oligarch starts to hate him because of his means of eradicating
    inconsistency between the distribution of wealth between the poor and the rich, since he's more pro-poor than pro-rich. Hes very unpredictable yet very open to public assessment, thats what separates him from last leaders of the country. He is foul-mouthed but he's direct to the point and no sugar coating. Apart from all, he's a charismatic but have a heart for the children of the country. During the pandemic he's making his best to the point of several critism from his critics. A lot are trying to strike him at this point in time, making murmers and throwing blames unto him. Most of them emantes from his critics and political foes. But hes trying his very best and I admire him being honest and direct that," here this is our situation we need to help each other, not a time to wage grudgest against anybody, but act as one nation in this time of economic downturn and crisis" . For me, despite the heavy criticism and clamors from the people, which is mostly coming from biased media who were brainwashing the international media ,I believe many , and majority still believe in him and his ratings will still be at an astounding levels that many of the world leaders are dreaming of. "Time will vindicate Duterte as one of the best Philippine Presidents,at the right era, when the People are so tired of crime and corruption. I hope her daughter will continue the legacy of the father -aside anti -corruption and transparent but more organized Philippines and solid.

  2. Clemor Ron says


  3. Maricel Official says


  4. SieanRG Plays - Random Games says

    Hahah this is dumb and lacks information police are authorized to kill if there life are in danger the police dont just shoot if they use drugs

  5. No Name says

    3 years and counting all international media stay out of it. You are not filipino . You know nothing what is really happening here hypocracy LAME

  6. No Name says

    As long filipinos approved his killing no one can bring him down!!!

  7. Nyder says

    Started off ok, then turns into the usual globalist,China funded, left wing bullshit.

  8. Sandstorm on Deserts says

    Follow the & no one harm you, your free in danger! in America millions black people dying,

  9. no name says

    CNA? is this filipino media….if it is this should be shutdown. too

  10. rizalito advincula says

    This people are stupid the yelllowtards

  11. keep moving forward says

    The power of half filipino half chinese leadership…
    Marunong mag negosyo at mrunong mag enjoy sa buhay….at strict sa policy.

  12. Alan Llanes says

    He is incompetent corrupt and a lapdog if china

  13. Min Young says

    The only thing I know is that he fixed the water crisis in metro manila, if there ever were water interruption it was not compared to how terrible it was years ago or last year, he took on these water concessionaires who've been sucking the blood of ordinary people, he shut down this media network who has avoided paying right taxes, with terrible labor practices and bias reporting, he clean up the streets of thieves, muggers, rapists who are mostly drug out of their minds, he made corrupt policemen accountable, he clean up manila bay and boracay and we all know how dirty manila bay was, he made all these infrastructures now that we will all benefit once done, i cant want for our subway, i cant wait for that planned new airport in bulacan AND DESPITE THIS PANDEMIC OUR PESO IS GOING STRONG, SO YEAH, IM ALL FOR THIS MAN TO DO MORE IN MY COUNTRY.

  14. muchomickoy says

    What a tiltle i love the Philippines president Duterte

  15. Jun Gantan says

    The best president 👊🇵🇭

  16. Mustanaamio7 says

    Duterte is a corrupted, psychotic, bloodthirsty tyrant and currently there are no freedom in the Philippines because of him. Pro-Duterte trolls are pathetic. If you admire corrupted and delusional madman like Duterte then you're not any more moral than him. He also thinks that anyone that criticizes the government is a "terrorist" and this proves how dangerous he is.

  17. Manald Ponce says

    Dapat may election din sa malacang sa mga minor elem/ high school malacanang bilang presidents para Alan ninyo mungkahi nmn mahihirap sa panahon ng eppg pilipino pilipinas ako nakahanda ako imaging pangulo ng all minor elem hiigh school vocational skill pilipino pilipinas alam ko pagpapahinto ninyo sa pag- aaral sa mga tao ngayon kung may kaututan dila kayo sila mismo papaslang sa into sa pagtalikod ninyo sa inyong mga natapos sa pag- aaral na kaiy umaasa sasagip sa kahirapan that all minor

  18. Roger More says

    Why do people who have not been in Philippines or are not even familiar with the basic facts about the country make a report about the Philippine situation? If this was book writing, they did not have the qualification so only fools should believe them.

  19. Drew TV says

    The Best President of the Philippines

  20. Hard bass is Bad ass says

    Please know that the people who died from the war on drug WERE ARMED and fought Back. as the police say

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