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  1. Jaime says

    I think dun sa part na "Tatanda kang dalaga/binata." "Walang magaalaga sayo." Siguro they say that for the sake of human race(?) And/or their family (race(?)) Idk. HAHAHAHAHA

  2. Brinette Valorie says

    The one thing I hate the most is that most parents or people will think that when you're just academically smart, you'll be able to do things you've never done or learned before perfectly as if you practiced your whole life and had a routine to do the stuff they want you to do.

    Then, when you mess up or can't appeal to them and their unreasonable standards, they get angry and tell you that you're a stupid person. Then, they tell you that they wonder about what they've done wrong to see or make you grow up this way when they actually don't realize their own mistakes themselves.

    Now that, that is something I hate the most in people.

  3. Eliza Aringo says

    I love the content 🥰🤣

  4. I meow You says

    idk who's tita,auntie reading this but please mind your own child

  5. Azurine Irvetta says

    CRAB MENTALITY AND COLONIAL MENTALITY NEED TO STOP. If you remove those, you remove a whole lot of other toxic traits.

  6. Avyanna Sage says

    Wow, this feels like I'm hanging out with my barkada during quarantine. We often talk about this things and it's refreshing to see this out in media. Thumbs up!

  7. R says

    Stop forcing religion to someone '^' and clothing doesn't have a genderrrrr.

  8. Wormy Boi says

    Toxic Pilipino trait i cant stand is

    "Overly-Prideful and Attention Thirst"

    "prOud to bEh pInOy"
    You'll find hundreds of people babbling about how "proud" they are to be Pilipino! This always happens when some Pilipino recieves international attention! Like OMG!!! It's the person's success NOT YOUR COUNTRY'S!

    Since when was a person's success also the success of their country

    I also remember finding this desperate kid who claimed to be Canadian! He talked about how much he "loved" the Philippines and how "kind" the people are! The grammar was absolutely horrendous! I clicked on the idiot's profile, clicked on some vids, you know what I saw? A tan pinoy kid dancing to tagalog songs on a tik tok rip-off wannabe, the fact that it was one of the top comments not only shows how gullible and ignorant people are! But also shows how desperate Pilipinos can be! It was too obvious that this "Canadian" isn't really a Canadian! It has come to the point where people just put their pride first and listen to all the nice things this supposed "Canadian" is saying and just ignore common sense

  9. Caro Line says

    i am going to play this at noche buena where ALL OF MY RELATIVES are there

  10. Yves Calinao says

    Elite intensify

  11. Kryz Twisted says

    1. Sexism. I was not allowed to have boyfriend but my brothers were encourage to have girlfriends or they treat girls as someone who only need to have kids.
    2. Judgemental. From color to status to works, they always judge them. If they have fair skin, foreigner, doctors, they always think that they are rich af.
    3. Too much religion. Everything is almost connected to religion in the Philippines.
    4. Gossipers. They always talk to their neighbors for gossips. It
    5. Toxic Filial. They want their children to support them when they grew old.
    6. PAKIUTANG. Always have debt whenever or wherever you go.
    7. Compared. Always comparing things from their children to other people's children to their own lives to your lives.

    There are many other things that are toxic but I can't say everything. These are the things that I experienced IRL. Tbh, I didn't know these were toxic not until I learn about other countries.

  12. gabr. elle says

    When parents blame kids because they're a bad person…

  13. NotA FanGirl says

    What's your parent's reward for your good grades? Comparison.

    Because it'll never be e n o u g h unless I'm like him or her 🙂

  14. Minty Julep says

    Morena is beautiful! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. b r e a n n a says

    This is so trueee

  16. Kiesha Chien Lacson says

    I hate that every time in a family gathering or wedding the Lolas ,lolos, and aunties would ask "do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?" or if your in a wedding "when is your wedding?"

  17. sayuri amper says

    Yong mama at ante ko lagi nilang binabalik yong mga kapanahunan nila. Nagtatalak sila ng ganon every time na di namin nagagawa agad. Like
    Kapag 10:30am di ka pa nakapag saing. Sasabihin nila ng pagalit" sus nong panahon namin ang hirap ng paraan para magsaing, mangangahoy kami para may gatong, tapos ang layo pa ng pag iigiban ng tubig di pa kami naka tsinilas nong una pero kayo nasa harap na ang lahat di pa kayo nakapag saing.
    Once in a blue moon lang talaga nangyayayari na late ka nakapagsaing pero parang isang napakalaking kasalanan mo na di on time mong nagawa.

    Nangyari talaga toh at marami pagkakataon na din binabalik nila yong kapanahunan nila.

  18. Balistix Mapping says

    "bAkiT wLa kA pAnG joWa"
    "uLoL aMp"
    "eDi iKaw nA"
    "iM pRouD pIn0y"

    I was born in a wrong country.

  19. clarence cortez says

    Depression for others is "kaartehan"

  20. Ivan Mendoza Alisna says

    Fck on point lahat ng sinabi nio like LOUDER PLSSSS.

    One thing, I hate it when your trying to educate others pero they take it in a negative way na parang ikaw pa yung masama at mayabang in short HINDI SILA MARUNONG MAKATANGGAP NG PAGKAKAMALI AT PAGKUKULANG AND SOBRANG TAAS NG PRIDE NILA

  21. Jhon Erickson Dominguez says

    Wanna know what's toxic? Filipino parents degrading and shaming their own children. Like disowning a child because his part of LGBTQIA+. Like the heck!? It's your child you should support them, not degrade and shame them. Kaya bumababa ang Self confidence ng bata and nagkakaroon ng Anxiety, depression that will turn to suicidal. Tapus kung napatay o nagpakamatay, magsasabi kayo sorry anak patawarin moko, mahal ka namin, bla bla bla chu chu, etc. Punyeta!

  22. Valeen Ahn VEVO says

    One of the toxic Filipino traits that I really hate is girls should always wait to be approached or courted by a guy when it comes to dating and relationship. Nakakainis lang kasi kahit yung babae mismo may gusto sa lalaki di niya na pwedeng ayain yung lalaking gusto nya tsaka hindi naman all the time lalaki nalang lagi yung mag-aadjust sa relationship tsaka deserve din naman ng mga lalaki na mahalin sila hindi yung puro sila nalang lagi nagbibigay. Just saying

  23. Cube Onar says

    One of the worst yung mahalaga ka lng pag may pera. Walang pakielam ang relatives kung wala kang money. Money is power and influence. I hate that.

  24. weeb weeev says

    Yung malungkot ka tapos sasabihin sayo Mahal ka ni lord..

  25. weeb weeev says

    Yung sasabihan ka nang mga kaibigan mo tsaka family mo na sayang ka kase tomboy ka tapos may pahabol pa na ang ganda mo pa nmn…

  26. weeb weeev says

    Tita marites typing ….

  27. weeb weeev says

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA lafffttrip ako

  28. Upper East Side, Honey says

    when filipinos tease or even bully people who prefer to speak english -.- . Also when they smart shame, the fuck??

  29. MegaloMatrix says

    Yung ayaw ko talaga sya Culture natin is how we associate things with the lgbt community, for example if your a gay male people immediately start making jokes about you being overly feminine, and I respect the type of people who are like that. Then if you're a lesbian female people assume that you want to be a guy and stuff like that. I feel like so many Filipinos, especially the older generation, have these stereotypes about sexuality that it's kind of offensive to me at some point. I don't know if this problem is as relevant as anything else all of you guys have brought up, but as a member of the LGBT community I wanted to bring it up.

  30. Jessica 05.31.18 says

    Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh, I died when I heard the "kinikimkim" part. Kim Chui, Kuya Kim, and Kim Kardashian. OMG LOL

  31. Schndy Official says

    These are the toxic things that i have seen and some of them are based on my experience.
    1.Speaking english means you are maarte or you want to feel superior.
    -this is based on what i experienced.
    So most of the times i speak english,i do speak tagalog but iam more comfortable expressing my thoughts and feelings when i speak english.
    So when i speak english to someone they will say that im maarte or feeling americano when i dont feel like that,i do try to speak tagalog to others but i still feel more comfortable speaking english.
    2.Pick a job not your dreams!
    Now i have heard this one from my grandparents before,i wanted to be a recording artist then everytime i bring up what i want to be in the future they will say something like:
    "Nah you wouldn't earn that much"
    "You should be a soldier or pick a descent job"
    "It aint important"
    They have said these words before to me,and it had not affected me that much but for me i think this is one of the toxic things.
    3.If you look like a feminine boy,people will say you are gay,badoy or disgusting.
    -now this one have been experienced by my friend.
    He is a really nice guy but because he looks feminine and speaks english too.
    The crappers will say hurtful things or mostly pick on him,i have told them about or scolded them about it but they freaking laughed at me and im glad that me and my friends are not enrolled there in that school anymore,but the rest is well..
    4.Pinoy Pride?
    -its really amazing to have someone represent our country and vote or praise them.
    The thing is here is what i have seen.
    So a filipino artist or a filipino who was represented outside the country won,people will feel good and amazing and i think this is normal because it is our pride that we are representing.
    Then after a few years,when that specific person did something wrong or a small mistake,some will go crazy and bash the person like they know that person personally!
    Some will even tell that person to kill themselves and etc.
    Gossip everywhere,online offline,when someone did a mistake,oh my,the perfectionists will come out of the shell and bash that person or when someone has a dark past and it was taken in the light,people will gossip and even add stories smh.
    (Only my opinion and sharing what i have experienced and some)

  32. Lunar Tensho says

    Eto pa yung isang toxic
    Pag lalaki ka pag malamya ka gumalaw bakla ka na agad
    Pag babae ka pag siga ka gumalaw tomboy ka na agad
    Sino relate?

  33. Erika B. says

    hahahahaha nanonood ako neto na nasa harap yung nanah q HAHAH

  34. Sabrina Anjani says

    I think not acknowledging depression is real is an Asian thing not only Filipino dahil we also do this here

  35. Round One says

    they are chinese not filipino

  36. kazoo p says

    I'm Italian but here I am 🙂

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