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  1. Thea's Story says

    nice vlog, i like it. Philippines is my dream country. happy to wach you here

  2. Jay-Jay Santos says

    Thankyou for inspiring me, DAVID! I really love your content and lifestyles. I hope to be like you soon. Working on it.

  3. Trending Bites says

    Ang ganda naman po ng channel nyo 🙂

  4. Mr. Positive says

    Hello idol pa shout out😊👍

  5. lloyd reyes says

    anu po title ng intro background music?

  6. Akisha Fernandes says

    Hindi ka bagay sa Pilipinas olol

  7. BOOGZ TV says

    awesome channel AWESOME vlog

  8. ROEDER Alcaraz says

    Sana mging admin moko hhahaha

  9. ROEDER Alcaraz says

    Hi kuya david!!!

  10. Felix Juan says

    San na El Nido trip vlog?

  11. Bianca Belen says

    DG and deegee on the vlog!!! ❤️

  12. Gj Sanchez says

    Hi David, nakaka bother pag nauna ang milk/hot water sa oats/powder. Bwahaha. Nice videos though. I've been binge watching your vids the whole day! 😀

  13. Nicole Tarrosa says


  14. Hubert Bustos says

    DG, Title nung background music?

  15. Lane Weeks says


  16. Divert Living says

    just found your channel being in the Philippines i was looking for local vloggers. Are you in manila? Its pretty cool how you do snip clips from everyday but not to much so vlogging doesn't take over but you still get a good amount of content. Great work.

  17. Brittani Voyle says

    What model yung white shoes that you got from cole haan? Looks so nice!!

  18. Earvic Noay says

    i hope to see "How to Style your Clothes" on your channel haha

  19. Earvic Noay says

    "How to Pose for Pictures" pls haha

  20. Abbie Irish Mendoza says

    You are one of the N% that puts water/milk first before the powder/cereal. Hahahahahah. May ganun pala talaga.

  21. Abbie Irish Mendoza says

    You are one of N% that puts water/milk first before the powder/cereal. Hahahahahah. May ganun pala talaga.

  22. Niña Benauro says


  23. Alfren Espejo says

    I must say na sobrang benta nun inom ng afternoon meeting. Di makatanggi? Hahaha

  24. Angel Follosco says


  25. Lora Cocollo says

    More more upload David! More #Vividdates ♥♥♥

  26. Ian Von Francis Marasigan says

    Deegee razon 😱😱

  27. Shantee Examen says

    manas na pala yung sapatos mo idol dg so akin nalang hehehe

  28. RevengerPH says

    what font did you used for your subtitles?

  29. Kharisma Caesar says

    i want to know that backpack on friday david!

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