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UP TALKS | The W's of Philippine Politics | Prof. Amado Mendoza


  1. Kathryn says

    Thank you so much for this video! I lived overseas since birth so when I came here for college I was completely clueless about the way things worked. I learned much over the years, but I would've had an easier time had I seen this video sooner.

  2. Anedrei Manalaysay says

    hi humss 12 a

  3. Jarlo Jarlito says

    Greetings po Professor Mendoza! Makakahingi po kaya ng powerpoint ninyong ito? I teach Phil Politics and Governance po, sa senior high school. God bless po !!!

  4. Hannah Lachica says

    Everyone should have a say in what will happen, because we all live side by side with each other, and it would not be fair if someone was left out. Also, each vote makes a difference in the ways that we live. It is always important to to share your opinion. The way you vote will affect many people, and their everyday life.

  5. Quesstee says

    thank you dito sa video na ito. I love it. 🙂

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