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  1. hyuna c says

    im half korean and filipino but i live in the philippines AND IVE NEVER TRIED THE CROCODILE SISIG NOR THE WOOD WORMS THINGY. ps. not all filipinos eat those

  2. baby maru says

    it's cheap for them because seafood are really expensive in there country

  3. John Winston Egamino says

    3:37 how dare you to say that your only visitors of Philippines

  4. Daniel John Caneda Catudio says

    During the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, Magellan was not only in the Philippines to spread Christianism. Magellan, was in the Philippines because he believes that, Philippines can offer great spices and food which they can use in Spain for the improvements of there delicacies.

    And now, it's no wonder why foreigners are eager to try Filipino delicacies.


    Any Filipino Here?🇵🇭💘💞

  6. Yun Yun says

    0:19 (summer solstice)

  7. eleeyyaa says

    you should try lechon baboy

  8. Xai Unknown says

    Imong mama cheap

  9. Pia Samonte says

    "$40, cheap"? woah tara fishball

  10. gessa Chillin says

    Im filipina but I never eat goat worm crocodile like I only eat beef and chicken im a little bit picky eater 😂

  11. Pauline Delos Reyes says

    Wrong. Most of us Filipino never eat crocodile.

  12. Express Service says

    Only a very small percent of Filipinos eat wild food…alot don't enjoy this kind of food.

  13. Alice Fernandez says

    I've seen many people saying about Filipino local dishes:
    "This is so good for the price"

  14. Tamis Anghang says

    100 millions filipino i think only 1000 filipinos will eat crocodile and worms . That actor is no good in trivia 🤮

  15. tossan cuyota says

    The worm like things a mollusk

  16. jeongcakes says

    i feel like it's just me- but isn't the bgm a 3racha song? im not really sure which one but it sounds like one of their songs
    edit: it sounds like 건들지마 (don't touch me) – 3racha

  17. Mike YT says

    I met koreans at my school to study English and when i saw how much they buyed i was like: Wtf how do they have soo much money

  18. Francine Min says

    Me Converting $10 to ₱;

    481.8 php.

    Tell me where the cheap price is!

  19. Heal AsOne says

    Thanks for visiting the Philippines.. thank you for being nice to Filipinos ,we love South korean people!! Our closest friend..!

  20. jobert Acopiado says

    How about korean exotic food silk worm and penis fish? Is that edible?

  21. Jeeia Claudia Caneda says

    this is how many people are filipino's


  22. Guilly Rose Bausin says

    Tamiloks are not really worms. They're actually mollusks (some type of clam) that live in rotting wood instead of having their own shells.

  23. yeon yeon says

    that $40 is like ₱2,000 gosh expensive

  24. Jonna Ranoa says

    They should try the lechion manok there it's delicious I live in the Philippines and I was born in the Philippines

  25. Iyang says

    Korean: this place is so cheap
    Filipino: tara kwek kwek

  26. 尼娜 says

    Calling crocodile meat and worms a local/traditional cuisine here in the Philippines? Lol I haven't seen crocodile meat in my whole 23 years of existence.

  27. Kento Lawzaki says

    😯 fearless dahyoen

  28. Ivy Lonex says

    Kami nga manghihigi pa ng discount nyan HAHAHAHA

  29. Loury Nichole says

    Proud pipino here

  30. Lyssa Pellerin says

    To be honest, fried frogs are more common for locals😅😅😅

  31. Conrad martinez says

    The wrong choice:
    Watching random recommendations at midnight..

  32. Егачц Лыофя says

    sana all cheap ang $40 hahahaha

  33. Emmanuel Piga says

    We filipinos take out the guts and blood of tamilok and the remaining is the meat! its deliciuos!

  34. Shiela Vizcarra says

    Proud Filo here

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