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  1. Mark Nowhereman says

    Hey guys, help me carry the financial needs for our cause.

    Help me finance this program of ours so we can continuously help/reach our fellow poor countrymen. Donate my fellow humans… Donate…

    Again, thank you very much to all who donate/contribute to our cause.

    To anyone who wants to donate/contribute: Donate through our campaign page.

    Our GoFundMe account:


    You can also donate through paypal.

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    We need your continues support…..

    Thank you…..


    Mark A.K.A. Marknowhereman

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    Let's say thank you to all the donors…

    To all the donors: You made another Filipino family, happy…

    Reaching 1 Filipino family at a time my friends…..

    But I will be honest with you guys, we need your continues support. We need your continues support to continue this humble project of ours.

    We need people like you so we can reach poor Filipino families one at a time.

    I've been helping and reaching my fellow Filipinos for more than a decade. This time guys, I need your help. I need your helping hands to give joy to Filipino families one at a time.

    Again, thank you…

    Sincerely Yours,


  2. Lawrence Agnew says

    Where is tan

  3. A Francisco says

    Thank you conrad mark God bless

  4. A Francisco says

    Good pm idol mark stay safe and healthy

  5. Jerika Je says

    His children must take care of him at least clean his house and give a clean a glass to drink .

  6. Diane Jacqueline says

    Comment peut donner de l argent a une personne invalide , au milieu de gens aussi pauvres que Lui c est vraiment incense , qd on veut aider qlq , on le fait bien sinon on fait pas , ca c EST bon debarras
    Commencer par le sortir de ce trou a rat, reconstruire convenablement son abri , Lui acheter un matelas au moins

  7. Marie Madrazo says

    Hello! Any update on tatay Marcelino? I just donated for tatay and the kind neighbor. Please buy them groceries. Thank you!

  8. yusuf bych says

    Why do the Philippines vote for people who are the enemy of the people? Time after time a new corrupted leader takes over, why do they not learn. The history of the Philippines is sad and very bad, it is time for closing the TV and use the brain instead.
    İt makes me very sad and angry to watch those videos of people in those conditions- time for changes- use your vote to make a better nation and stop the madness. Mark and his help is good but he can't save the nation from poverty. Remember that the power is in the hand of the people.

  9. marj gatus says

    bakit dimo pagawa yung bahay nyan sir? tapos bat ganyan ka mag interview sa kanya.. pra kang tinatamad na ewan.. dapat ndi interview ginagawa nyo sir dapat pinapaayos nyo bahay nya or kaya mga groceries para ndi na sya mag aantay nng makakain

  10. Cintra Ramdial says


  11. The Lastminmom! says

    45!!!!! OMG

  12. Anne Corey says

    Very sad this poor old man suffer no money to buy food sad for him when they old his family don,t help him thank you for sharing Bless you all have a good life thanks for sharing your health life on your own ,

  13. Elena Hulpa says


  14. Terri DEMAIO says


  15. Emelline Dichoson says

    Panginoong mahabagin😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏.

  16. Manju Halam says


  17. Teresa filipo fonoti says

    This elderly man so weak and hungry and is need of TLC. Medical help and a good shower and also. A descent house. Seen so many video they live in shacks run down huts. They are human beings what is there goverment doing just leaving their people to rot like rats. Eat out of the rubbish etc.. Fillipino President needs to step up help the poor.
    Voluteer builders need to help to rebuild the huts to a descent home at least. I feel so sorry for the poor here in FIlipiness terrribe.

  18. Vilma Gutierrez says


  19. milagro toro says

    Mark much respect to you for what you do sir I know it is not easy what you do, listen I know you say you don't want to be a predident, exetera…but "Why not? Go for it!! I know you would have much respect from the people and you could be the answer to a better feature for the next generation of your country…You could implement those changes that you have mentioned are much needed in your government..You may be the one, that your nation has been waiting for. I know you got what it takes to do it..Guts, intelligence, support of the people, I'm sure. And the sincere dedication for a total good progressive change…Your the one my friend!!!Best wishes to you, your team, children and wife….

  20. Sharmaine E. says

    He needs to get checked first and foremost.

  21. Chi Chi says

    Kawawa naman si tatay😥😔

  22. Something to say111 says

    My father had a hemiplegic stroke exactly like this man but at 53. I thought he was 80 my heart broke when they said he was only 45. That woman will steal for him because I saw it in my own life and she will justify it by saying she gives him some rice. Poor man is going to keep begging for food with his own money. However the reality of this particular situation is he requires a lot of work to take care of him she’s kept him alive for so long and he can’t cook or wash up so he needs her help. She is providing him a service it’s her job to take care of him so there’s food it’s not stealing it’s payment unless she stops giving him food to say the money is hers now as service rendered. Be on your best behavior karma is real the difference between u two is one blood clot be careful how u treat others.

  23. Mary Ann Lomboy says

    Its not a job well done…..

  24. Mary Ann Lomboy says

    Bakit po ganyan na sistema ng tulong nyo.. Sigurado kayang maibibigay kailangan ni lolo… Bk kupitin lang nila.. D na kailangan ni lolo pera. Pagkain higaan mga damit un kailangan nya… Nakakalungkot na d na ganun kaganada ang mga sistema ng pagtulong… Sensya na…. Ibinili nyo nalang sana ng gamit at pagkain ni lolo… Solar light…. O pader kahit sawali pra sa bahay ni lolo kahit maliit… Suggestion lang po… I will stop watching videos start now…

  25. Elizabeth Llabore says

    Nkkaawa nman c tatay sa limang nyang anak wlng kumupkop sa knya..minsan khit anong hirap ng tao pgsama sma ang pmilya nkkaraos din nman.ang sakit isipin n kylangan p ibng tao ang tumulong sa knya😢

  26. Jesavel says

    sino po may alam kung paano makontak c tatay, i want to help

  27. Nora Nuesca says

    sana bingyan nyo na ang pagkain nya na at makain nya agad

  28. Nora Nuesca says

    d lalong hi bloden asin pa binigay sana kanen na lang may sakit na nga asin pa

  29. Nora Nuesca says

    sana kong may consern dalhin nila syan at paluguan nila don

  30. Nora Nuesca says

    sana po sir linisan nyo rin sya tapon nyo na lahat ng mga gamit nya at mapaliguan sya at bihisan salamat n God bless

  31. BERigud says

    Sana may mabuting puso na kumupkop sa kanya…nakakaawa

  32. Jersey Shea says

    Thank u sainyo! ❤ Pero wag na pong pera ang ibigay niyo sa kagaya ni tatay na may katandaan na. Ready to eat food nalang sana kasi baka iba pang makinabang sa pera niya lalo na sa katandaan ni tatay, wala siyang kaalam alam na ginagasta ang pera niyang para sa kanya.

  33. lyn says

    Ifeel so bad while watching this video what kind of children he had why they dont take care of him.

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