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  1. Mark Nowhereman says

    To anyone who wants to donate for our cause, here is the link:

    Our facebook group page:

    E-mail us at:

    Let's say thank you to all the donors…
    To all the donors: You made another Filipino family, happy…

    Reaching 1 Filipino family at a time my friends…..
    But I will be honest with you guys, we need your continues support. We need your continues support to continue this humble project of ours.
    We need people like you so we can reach poor Filipino families one at a time.

    I've been helping and reaching my fellow Filipinos for more than a decade. This time guys, I need your help. I need your helping hands to give joy to Filipino families one at a time.

    Again, thank you…

    Sincerely Yours,

  2. Kok Meng Lew says

    I know I am. One of them

  3. Kok Meng Lew says

    That's where you are wrong. Scientists and politicians smiling all the way to the bank with this environmental shits.

  4. Kok Meng Lew says

    Pls send an address of this unfortunate grand mom. Ready to change their life for the better.

  5. emma gunhuran says

    Why do u always clap ur hands???. Hahaha… Maka irritate watching..

  6. Joel Ligot says

    Comrade mark Nina not Nena god bless

  7. Basha Shaik says

    Can I get Cesar contact number.

  8. Jinn Jinn says

    Of course, the little girl would feel that way. In the picture, her mother looks like a loving mother. It is part of grieving too.

  9. Jinn Jinn says

    Cesar great hairstyle! same as my son, but my son has longer hair 😉

  10. Oscar Opiz Jr. says

    Epal yung nagsabing makakain daw ang tv sana bago siya magsalita mag isip muna siya or tumulong kung kaya naman sakinnpabor naman ako sa tv dahil yung safety ng bata ang nansave ni team kasi baka mayruon isang mannuac na na mang rape sa bata lalo na sa oag uwi ng gabi kahit naman pagsabihamo ang bata manunuod at manunuod parin yan good job

  11. KonaKine 1313 says

    Great Job Mark and the crew !!

  12. Anela Okalani says

    Why doesn't someone educate them about the danger of eating too much bagoong?

  13. ETHYLEN RAMOS says

    Cheap labor na nga si Nanay, tapos malaki pa ang interest sa uutangan nya. Paano ka uunlad sa kahirapan.

  14. Jenny Van says

    I feel compassion for anyone that is struggling but mark you get defensive that we’re not educated about poverty?! Why not educate your own kind to stop having so many kids that they can’t feed or take care. You don’t need an education to figure your situation. You don’t have money for anything so let’s add more mouths to feed. It’s not everyone’s else responsibility because you’re poor and ignorant. In the end these innocent kids suffer and grow up to be just as poor. So the cycle continues. Teach them family planning so the population won’t get so big and no means to survive.

  15. rajini channdu says

    So sad of neha 💔 but she is very pretty 😍😘god bless them 🙏

  16. Alda Family's Tv says

    naku pihado wal ang signal TV ni Ninia kase pinasara ng NTC ang ABS CBN and just recently ang TV plus.. kawawa naman.. di na sya makakapanood.

  17. beefy gains says

    Cesar and Sheena is the best

  18. Noxic 67 says

    The US uses renewable energy from turbines to solar. The problem with it is, it's not sustainable to supply energy to everyone. And it cost upwards of 6 times to repair the equipment. Most electricity comes from hydro. We have very few coal plants left.
    China on the other hand is the largest coal burning country in the world. We know this because, China buys 85% of America coal. Stop twisting your facts.

  19. erwin timan says

    i want to donate cash to nina how is she now i dont know if you guys keep on supporting her til she grow up

  20. dougie mccormack says

    look how happy she is beautiful you guys are such good people and big harts god bless your fr from canada

  21. anonymously 2015 says

    Good for you giving her a tv.hope you do that more in the future for other kids

  22. A G says

    Malinis, Yan kumpare Sa iba, mga Bata PA hindi marunong maglinis, si nanay malinis na tao kahit simply lng basta malinis, hindi hadlng ang kahirapan

  23. A G says

    Ang linis ni nanay

  24. dianaj jones says

    why does she sit outside watching tv is she not allowed in house mark

  25. Jimmy Mondero says

    I’m happy for nena for having her new TV,,,blessed us all….

  26. Amy Buckwalter says

    Wow….. clean toilet. Some toilet here are much worse than that. In USA

  27. Christine DAngelo says

    Every child should have a TV to watch.. Every child should be able to watch cartoons, it's part of childhood.. Hats off to Nena's grandmother for stepping up and taking care of her..

  28. Eva Borja says

    Cesar, please ignore these negative comments about you clapping when talking. I admire what you’re doing . I’m concentrated more on the story. Some people are fault finders but never examine their own faults. They think they’re perfect.

  29. Ricardo Urias says

    hohoho naiyak talaga ako kawawa ni ninya sana tulongan sila naalala ko tuloy ang mga ank ko i miss so much my kids godless po sa programa new sir mark at mam rhea godbless

  30. R K B's FoodELICIOUS says

    shes so pretty lil girl grabe nmn ang tatay ng bata ala kuwenta..too much salt tlga is not gud sa ating kalusugan..ganun dn ang sugar..pero no choice ang iba..pwde nmn mg tanim tanim jn sa paligid ng mga gulay para lng may maulam cla..

  31. Geraldine Laroco says

    walng kwentang ama..masinop c nanay malinis bahay

  32. Jom Falsky says

    Nice keep it up

  33. Charlotte Lin says

    I think one thing we tend to overlook is the mental illness behind alot of the slum dwelling mentality. alot of people grew up in slums and know nothing more. it's like a tramatized child that never grew up. I think one of the root issues to tackle is definitely about mental health. some of the people that live amongst piles of trash reminds me of the "hoarders" of the western culture. it seems the hoarding of trash is also a mental disorder as well, rather than just that they're living amongst trash because of poverty. would love to hear some psychological discussions

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