Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.
  1. lalilulelo says

    Settling for mediocrity a.k.a. "pwede na yan" mentality or mababa ang standards

  2. Marlo Mortel Squad says


  3. Bingbing Noja says

    Worth-sharing. There are some more. Make a part 2. Things that make us poor.

  4. SentientBeing says

    Online I talked to a few people who live in the philipines, 1 was pretty average, one is one of the nicest people I have talked to, and one was the most toxic person I ever talked to online, minus blatanly racist people. I was really getting crab mentality with the guy hard. I don't know much about the culture but they definitely gave off vibes I am not use too.

  5. Clarice Montinola says

    A friend of mine is an only child who works abroad & became financially independent when she just turned 25 years old. 25 years later she still continues to support her parents financially in the Philippines although her parents are college graduates & were mortgage free since she was born (grandparents gave a house as a wedding gift and farm lands). Her father never supported the family. Sheā€™s also helping some of her Filipino relatives who are financially misfortunate. My friend is worried that she might not not have enough savings to support her old age. She has never been married because she could not afford to raise two families. Once she said, ā€œI am hoping not to live for a very long time or Iā€™ll just close my eyes when I die so as not to be a burden to anybody.ā€ That is so sad to hear from someone who actually works hard to make her life better so she could enjoy the fruits of her labor.

  6. Hezikiah Caeruleum says

    As my observation some of Filipinos really do have selfhate attitude, to the point that they are the one that makes a stereotype to themselves. This is also their problem that needs attention. Btw i don't think your content is about toxic filipino culture, because it's also happens in every corner of the world in short it's a human nature that we need to get rid off.

  7. Voltes D says

    Eto tipikal na example ng crab mentality https://youtu.be/sPLXWspk0OQ nakow nkakainis lang eh…

  8. Pixelated Noose says

    Ethnic from poo poo countries self-hate. I found that this is also common in poor countries such as India, Bangladesh, Brazil and Mexico etc,.

  9. Japhet Awa says

    very good content šŸ™‚

  10. Agent cocoa says

    Philippine, Spain and Mexico are so much alike and has alot in common on their behaviors and attitudes

  11. Drei Barcelon says

    Cause they Want Attention thatā€™s all

  12. Balistix Mapping says

    They are Proud Pinoy ā€” PROUD BEING TOXIC AND CORRUPT.

    I'm Filipino, btw… not Pinoy

  13. John Paul Robin says

    More power to your channel sir.šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘

  14. Violet Stan says

    Can I just rant here? I am really sensitive about sa pagtatapon ng basura kung saan saan. Yung mga taga-dito sa lugar namin, Ang hilig magtapon ng basura sa bakuran namin. Tetra packs, straws, etc. Sobrang insensitive na na gustong gusto ko sigawan yung mga taong naabutan ko pero matsitsismis lang ako na masungit.

  15. Samuel Grant says

    Overall, Filipinos with these traits are dense and will never learn. Honestly I think we should reform our education system, we get rid of unnecessary subjects and leave only the essential ones behind. Maybe have students choose an elective and have them learn in a new class where they could learn proper etiquette, respecting the law and rules of an establishment, how to be a good role model and whatever it is necessary to get rid of these traits before they mature. Have students be disciplined in a way where they don't get physically or emotionally harmed by teachers, but rather by making them do chores around the school so they won't be lazy like Juan Tamad.

    Filipino school, in my experience is boring, not really exciting for most students and could cause so much stress when there are too much homework and projects to deal with. Because of this, students can't really have much time to themselves or just don't do the work and procrastinate. Remember, education is the most powerful tool to a growing child- so let's start to help the child grow into a responsible and independent adult.

  16. rexhunter 27 says

    Its sad how fucked up our culture is
    No wonder other countries dont like us
    And other filipinos are going overseas

  17. Ralph Sunico says

    Smart Shaming… It is the reason why Filipino Doctors, Filipino Engineers, Filipino Programmers, Filipino Inventors, and other Intelligent Filipinos are leaving the Philippines, renouncing their Filipino Citizenship, and denouncing their Filipino Heritage…

  18. A man of culture says

    1 thing I learned today is never try to give logical reasoning or act civilized or just plainly expect a logical and sound argument when talking to Filipinos on the internet. This country is rotten to the core.

  19. Jerome Estavillo says

    What a good content. Thanks for videos like this. I also have my own vlog of toxic Filipino attitude šŸ˜Š

  20. Jade Rom Lucero says

    Circumcision is a problem in the filipino culture. Most of men feel that but never say.

  21. Samar Niger says

    ano po yung meaning sa 4?hehe , gusto ko lang to malaman kung ano yung point niya, pasensya napo kasi nawalan ako ng focus sa audio pero mas marefer ko po yung message or comment para ako nalang mag comprehend, thanks fo

  22. stronzo5000 says

    One of the sad things I've seen over the years is when a child get a present for their birthday or Christmas etc. then their parents will say something mean and degrading to them to bring them down.
    Like they are guilt tripping their own children because they got them a gift.

  23. Mary Trenty says


  24. Account_Name says

    When you have a country rich of natural resources with blockheaded(gullible) inhabitants

    Oh what a pity

  25. Alanah McAdams says

    From my experience, Filipinos are very racist. They won't admit it but they are. As soon as they see a post or comment that's in english, they get offended right away. They hide their insecurities of not understanding the post by being bullies. I had a friend that posted a comment on FB about facts regarding a matter he knows about because he has first hand knowledge, Filipinos being idiots immediately commented that he should kill himself for being useless. That's how toxic Filipinos are.

  26. Saylin yinyang says

    True! I'll use what you said "my mental illness is not kaartehan, they just need to be aware"

  27. Saylin yinyang says

    Degrading jokes too šŸ™
    They always say Filipinos laugh a lot but most of it are degrading jokes, always pinpointing the insecurities of the victim.

  28. BlackbirdSinging says

    My Tagalog is still very new and I'm having a hard time finding a translation, can you tell me, what is Kaartehan?

  29. kaleb Gonzales says


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