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  1. Le Lurve says

    with our neighbors back home, we didnt have to fill the dish when we return it to them 😀 reciprocity comes organically in the coming days when we cook a lot or if there's something small to celebrate at home then we give some to our friendly neighbors. also, it's not only limited to cooked dishes -can also be excess produce (vegs, fruits.. anything more than enough for us)

  2. Heidi Rodis says

    One thing I can contribute to a food habit in the Philippines: PASALUBONG CULTURE

    It's when it's customary for someone who went some place (say a different province/city/country/shop down the street/ market etc) and bring back food (or toys for kids) as an edible souvenir of some sorts. Like, "Oh yeah, I went to the night market and brought you back some empanadas for pasalubong." And it's almost always automatic for families. Like, the dad would go to work and bring back some food items — doesn't matter whether the pasalubong is actually just from the Jolibbee around the corner.

  3. Crisvel Ailyn says

    Aww your eyes are sparkling I can say you really enjoy what you're doing 💖

  4. Crisvel Ailyn says

    I just discovered your channel like 20+ mins ago and baket ngayon ko lang nakita tong channel natoooo 😭😂 nakita ko lang sa isang video reaction ng juicy reacts

  5. mingteedee says

    Filipinos love to eat and love to try as many as other kinds of expensive foods they can't afford to eat at home. Eating at a buffet gives them the opportunity to unlimitedly eat the expensive dishes for a very reasonable price. As you will notice too at the buffet restaurants, Filipinos pick the pricey dishes first (Like prawns, steaks, crabs, etc) and leave the typical Filipino dishes like adobo, sinigang, etc.

  6. Angela Alcala says

    Hahahaha!! I can relate on your LOTR comment.

    I remember my cousin and I, when we were still in college, that we would eat second breakfast after the first class of the day. 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Archie Tarlac says

    why i dont see or watch it early 😔😔

  8. yelena alcones says

    Ibang iba ang Pinoy sa buong mundo talaga.

  9. Lilibeth Arcega says

    There's even a merienda break at work. It's usually 10am then 3pm

  10. marisa cantero says

    Ako ok na yong limang putahi na ulam

  11. 露帝 - Czar - царь says

    Source – pinangalingan
    Crowd – 🤔 i have no idea…

  12. Krish Taehyung says

    Filipina here. Just subscribed.
    Also, like your apron there. Maputing Cook. Haha

  13. Kitty Cat says

    Hey i just subscribed. I love your videos! Its accurate af. Keep it up!😄

  14. Julio Mercado says


  15. Edgar Anolin says

    Whoa…at 1:56 is that a combination chocolate/pandan/ube ice cream??? we definitely don't have that in the US.

  16. Rebecca Pua says

    Chris everything you said is true but that’s filipino are and that includes me! But since i moved to US i still saw these practices among filipino friends and it spreads to some foreign friends, at first they were so ashame but later on they are used it, and they loved it! well maybe filipino traditions are nakakahawa!

  17. Andrew Villafuerte says

    While in Abu Dhabi, my Spanish colleague observed that Filipinos tend to eat all the time like he said that we are actually working only 20% and eats around 80% all the time. 😅

  18. Anarose Rambo says

    Bisaya joke in a fiesta
    Make sure you bring your laptop and cellphone
    😂😂😂 Laptop- Tupperware na lapad
    Cellphone- cellophane nga puno😂😂

  19. Red Balboa says

    Actually, the reason why Pilipinos keeps on eating because of their culture. Originally pilipinos were more of a ricefield people. heavy workers, so they eat heavy bfast at around 4-5am in the morning and between bfast and lunch they're having breaks which is most of the time heavy meal as well. I think you will understand it more when you see those ricefield worker or experience it by yourself….

  20. Lourdes Rojas says

    Very true… I live in the US, but whenever I go home, it often shocked me how often my family eats…
    they eat 6 times in a day!…..

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