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Top 20 Filipino foods


  1. Living Simple Lifestyle says

    Yummy nakagutom thanks for sharing your new friend here.

  2. It's nice to cook our favorite pinoy foods…keep it up Godbless

  3. Panalo talaga ang panlasang pinoy.

  4. Le Gold says

    Chopsuey is not a Filipino Dish

  5. Bamz Diez says

    Wow sarap naman yan. Iba talaga pag lotong pinoy. Try nyo po ito guys. Bagong post ko.https://youtu.be/54e68JXyN2M

  6. Daisy & Donna says

    They re all yummy for me especially bicol express thanks for sharing

  7. PR - MEIM Department says

    Wooow! a very delicious food and interesting. Hope you all will visit my
    neighbor @ SimpleHomeCookingGuide. Thanks and welcome in advance.

  8. Bok’s Kitchen says

    Please check my channel for authentic Pinoy recipe.
    Thank you ^_^

  9. Merlyn Posesano Zartiga says


  10. Hectic Momma’s Kitchen says

    Wow ang nice naman nito. I also have special recipes na pasok for everyone at this point of time. Visit my house. I'll check yours too. ❤️👍👆👌✌️💕

  11. Gwenchy’s Hungry Tummy says

    Thanks for sharing! Please also check out my chicken kaldereta recipe

  12. sacosta1015 says

    Menudo? I thought that was Mexican.

  13. Kaylee's World says

    sarap naman nito nagutom tuloy ako

  14. Pinoy Food Cravings says

    SISIG for the win! 🙂 Invite kita sa bahay ko for more dishes and desserts. Thanks!

  15. maimai tam says

    Hi guys pa hug t hug nman😗

  16. third world kusina says


  17. cristina viktorsson vlog says

    want to know more come and watch this
    click for more info https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTbo4iiZ6fY&feature=share

  18. Belle Paris says

    Adobo ❤️

  19. Marvelous Homecook & travel says


  20. Lechon Kawali? Lechon Paksiw yata un 😁

  21. Variety Food Channel says

    Lahar na narito. I like all of them. Mga kababayan, paki check naman ang channel ko at sunscribe din kayo.. Maraming Salamat.

  22. Bobby Sy Go says

    Nasaan na an paksiw? No love… No daing either.

  23. Isabel Ann Quizon says

    where is sopas lol

  24. RB CHANNEL says

    Awesome video

  25. Sarkie Sabas says

    sarap namak nian 👌

  26. Merita Henderson says


  27. Dino Gaming says

    Filipino Foods is the best

  28. Dino Gaming says

    Yummy foods <3

  29. Dino Gaming says


  30. Arkitektong Pilipino says

    nice sarap naman

  31. Goodvibes trends TV says

    Wow sarap

  32. Kl Ocampo says

    I love Filipino foods!

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