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  1. Lost LeBlanc says

    I know, I know, I've said it wayy too many times but I love this country. The best travel adventure I've ever had is right here.
    If you want to have the perfect itinerary to the Philippines, it's right here: http://lostleblanc.com/5-hot-tips-philippines (it's FREE)
    So this was a HUGE video to make, but nothing compared to what is coming next week.
    Subscribe and join the notification crew. See ya there!

  2. jesus christ says


  3. Kashish Maharjan says

    Have i come in Nepal

  4. Confused Zeus says

    Have you been to Batanes? Hope you could rate it too

  5. RMarifella Castro says

    Its more fun in the Philippines! My Home 💗🙏

  6. Mcsteven Eclarino says

    Thats why i love my own country the PH. Thank maN yeah until now the n#1 is siargao place 🏝🏞🏖

  7. AmericanSun says

    I was able to spend two years living in the Philippines and it is a beautiful country, the people are beyond friendly! Would recommend a visit to anyone!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  8. esteban quito says


  9. Prakash Mane says


  10. Crazy Videoholic says

    I wanna go to all of these places but the problem is I can't swim.

  11. Horst-Guenter Stahr says

    It's all an exaggeration, what do you do when a new cyclone comes. the coast is then just a heap of rubble. for unsuspecting province Filipinos.

  12. WHAT? ? says

    🤣🤣then whereS BORACAY❤

  13. puseth says


    Dumaguete and Siquijor short vid with my girlfriend! 🌊

  14. Adrian Harris says

    How much did it cost to fly to Tablas?

  15. Andrea D'Altoè says

    followed your suggestions! 😉 https://youtu.be/Hgi-wyujxQ4

  16. 🇵🇭Cool 😎❤️ ‘New Subscriber’ God bless – Michael

  17. One Fun Journey says

    I’m so fortunate to be half Filipino half American… I’m always so happy when I go there

  18. Kabutihang Buhay says

    Siargao Island is the best place

  19. JA B says

    Go to batanes, guimaras, Isla higantes, camiguin next time.

  20. Enes Surer says

    Please watch, how to protect rainforests in Philippines with technology #Huawei #Protect #Rainforests #Philippines

  21. Laarni Deloria says

    Philippines is paradise on Earth……pride to be Pilipino❤……

    Thank you for listing Dumaguete…..but actually it's Manjuyod for the white sandbar and Bais city for dolphin watching….😊❤

    I hope Next time you visit Philippines, you have to explore the beauty of Batanes Island…….it will take your breath away…..❤❤

  22. Elmer Frejoles says

    Thanks for compiling these vids man! I know my country has so many islands with fine and white sandy beaches and all the natural resources in it. If only our gov knows how to harness it and protect it for the next generation..

  23. melissa mariñas says

    you must try batanes you will love it for sure….

  24. Ma.Victoria Dubria Glema says

    next time come and see our beautiful water falls too

  25. David Fruelda says

    Thanks for featuring different beaches here in the Philippines especially my loving Tablas🥰
    Hope you will be back here❤️💞😍

  26. Marilyn C says

    How about Kalanggaman Island..

  27. A Villaluz says

    love to share here my local travels

  28. Felipe Buscaglia says


    Get detailed information of 200+ cities around the world. Discover your ideal destination.

  29. Vic Marcelo says

    teary eyes 😞❤️💯‼️

  30. Marlon Vincent Yee says

    Clearly you haven't been to Camiguin Island where there are 2 water falls, a cold spring, a hot spring, a white island with sand beaches, a sunken cemetery, mountains and volcanoes to trek, and station of the cross all in one island. The Island is about 3 hours by boat from Cagayan De Oro City. I suggest you go visit, because for it is the best vacation place in the Philippines

  31. Chinita Pinay says

    Iba talga ang yaman kalikasan ng Philippines #juveltv

  32. Harvey Dwight Dolendo says

    I think this is the lost Garden of Eden on earth!

  33. Willy Nilly says

    Not to mention their hospitality! And balut as well 😉😉

  34. Sam Myer says

    The Philippines' geographical position is the best in the world, it's close to the equator and some of the best rainforests in the world used to be in the Philipines, so as many waterfalls. But they disappear during 500 years of colonization by Spanish and American. Spanish by making boats and galleons and cutting huge trees to brought back to Spain and wrecking rivers and mountains to find gold. Many wild animals gone to extinction and never been seen or found for 50 or hundred of years. There are many untouched places and beaches which is never been seen in Mindanao. In Luzon alone, the Quezon province, the Bicolandia region, the Aurora province, etc. You only show ten of them …. mostly in the Visayan area. There are hidden beaches and beautiful places around, just ask local people…

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