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  1. Mark Nowhereman says

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    Hey guys, help me carry the financial needs for our cause.

    Help me finance this program of ours so we can continuously help/reach our fellow poor countrymen. Donate my fellow humans… Donate…

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    Mark A.K.A. Marknowhereman

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    Let's say thank you to all the donors…

    To all the donors: You made another Filipino family, happy…

    Reaching 1 Filipino family at a time my friends…..

    But I will be honest with you guys, we need your continues support. We need your continues support to continue this humble project of ours.

    We need people like you so we can reach poor Filipino families one at a time.

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    Again, thank you…

    Sincerely Yours,


  2. Roy Eramis says

    Yan Ang malakas na loob, pero walang iniisip Kung ano Ang kalalabasan., Kawawa Ang mga Bata dinamay..

  3. Kamille Mae Olarte says


  4. Taisi Elone says

    i dont get it.. if the gifts were from donors and other people to the less fortunate then why are the interviewers opening it and shoving it in their faces, i see the gratefulness from the family and i see the embarrassment as well, no-one should go through this but the interviewers should be cautious of the choice of words they ask…

  5. Ben Isilen says

    Ok yan,

  6. Joyce Timbreza says

    puro tanong naman mga ito di nalang bigyan ng pagkain sila

  7. Denis Franks says

    When the gas bottle is empty it will never be replaced……When the torch batteries are used up they will never be replaced.

  8. Terri DEMAIO says

    Why is ceaser wearing that jacket
    ? He's says it's Hot

  9. Purificacion Anderson says

    Atleast mailinis ang mga bata.

  10. Purificacion Anderson says

    May paso pa si baby boy.

  11. Purificacion Anderson says

    Kakaiyak naman Cesar. Kawawa mga bata.

  12. NightCat Moon says

    there must be chickens roaming in someones backyard. i bet the family doesn't have the money to buy the chicken otherwise they probably buy it and eat it. 🙁

    but glad these poor families are getting help. people keep judging them having kids but no one judges rich people having kids.

    the important thing is the kids are fed. thats the most important thing.

  13. THEONE Co. says

    God bless po sa inyo sir😇 si God na po bala mag sukli ng mga kabutihan nyo po ❤ i love u po❤❤😇

  14. 贤梅王 says

    Btw 1 CAD=37 PHP

  15. 贤梅王 says

    Personally, 3 children isn’t that much, acceptable family planning

  16. Decoma says

    Geez kids in the neighborhood acting like wild animals to get some of those snacks

  17. Anonymous says

    Hail mark and his awesome team👍👍

  18. patai dee says

    Everyone see this except government.

  19. Isis Montgomery says

    I will never understand why they keep having multiple children and can’t even provide them with bare necessities this is awful not trying to judge just can’t understand

  20. monette terre says

    Dpat mtuto pong mag control kc ang mga kawawa mga bata.sobrang hirap ng buhay lalo ngaun.

  21. Mariell Bordeos says

    Ang tagal Kong hinap tong vidio na to ksi in interview noong gbi hindi man lng binigyan NG khit anong pagkain yong bta bkit sinbi png babalikan kawawa nman bwist puro intervw na lng

  22. Werner Stögmann says

    Cesar es ist schön wie du versuchst die Leute zu ermutigen!

  23. Werner Stögmann says


  24. S N I P E R says

    Family Planning Ate maging wise ka .

  25. S N I P E R says

    Ate tama na ang 3 anak kung gusto mong maalwan ang buhay mo .family planning .

  26. S N I P E R says

    tipirin ninyo ang ibinigay sa inyo para tumagal . nakakatuwa ang mga bata .

  27. S N I P E R says

    mali pinagalitan ng magulang nag asawa na , mali mali maling desisyon dpt nag hanap ka ng trabaho sa ciudad at kong may naipon ka ng sapat na halaga , pwd mag asawa na .

  28. S N I P E R says

    Nag asawa kayo alam nyo na ang magiging labas .

  29. S N I P E R says

    Salamat sir , maam Rhea , Mark , Cesar at kasama , salamat sa pag tulong .

  30. S N I P E R says

    Anong ginagawa ng mga Pulitiko bkt di sila tumulong ngayon ,

  31. Xiao Chen says

    I don't know why they keep asking if the family is already eat..tapos pagnalaman na hindi pa nakakain bakit ayaw bigyan kahit 500 man lang? Pambili bigas at ulam..at bakit nong una pa lang nalaman nyo na gutom sila bakit ayaw bigyan panggatas o pagkain mga bata? Anu purpose ng pag iinterview nyo? Laki ng sahod nyo sa youtube kada tanong nyo walang kwenta sabi pa balik nalang bugas..hinayaan natulog ng gutom..akala ko ba para makatulong kayo..o nagpaparami lng kayo ng subscriber dito sa youtube para kumita ng malaki..hindi ko gsto interview nyo..parang d ko feel na naawa kayo sa tao

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