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  1. Divert Living says

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  2. Nisar Ahmed says

    which is that dish at 2:23 ?

  3. Arlene Garcia says

    Thank you for visiting our country

  4. bunkerking73 says

    I did that climb in Coron just this past November and I thought I was gonna die. I'm not in shape what so ever and there was a local dude that ran up and down 2 times before I made it all the way up. But the view and the scenery was worth the near death experience lol

  5. Wolfgang Zhanglong Häusler says

    Very helpful and informative. Helpful to plan my trip tp Filipina…! Thx for the video!

  6. Animusmus 21 says

    I have go pro hero 5 . I want to buy a drone but I don't know how to use it I'm afraid I might lose it. Anyways I loved to edit videos too❤ I can't wait to go back to Philippines ❤

  7. Marie says

    Not a good idea if alcohol is allowed to bring/drink when you swim. That's dangerous!

  8. joko arek says

    Haloo salam kenal aku dari indonesia

  9. Gil more says

    ang yayabang ng mga may perang foreinger na to ah

  10. Yeah Okay says

    Next time don’t travel through the tourist guides, you’d save way more money doing so

  11. Paremedics Jeremy says

    f*cking corona ruined m trip there 😔

  12. aigee Babac says

    Hug me back please

  13. Glad Yakie says

    Kinda seems like food is the cheapest commodity in the Philippines

  14. Yu Kay says

    philippine is a tourist place for a white male's sex tour.

    not for the average tourist.

  15. mujahid qureshhi says


  16. mike boultinghouse says

    i went to coron and el nido in 1986 and took the scary sailboat to north palawan in 1986. things were so much different then. i shall never return

  17. Technical Madness says

    Love and respect from Pakistan…

  18. ジョンマーク says

    Notice the live band its so good

  19. Yinus Siddique says

    Amrikan thighs 👫 couple nice pic igys ilove Philippines iam indian vlogger 👍

  20. Lisa Tsen says

    Hey Tah and Jimmy! Just wondering when you're going to do some cooking so I can learn some new recipes please! I love Thai food! I have been using skip the dish but I'm sure u have lots of good ones!

    Xoxo ur friends from Canada

  21. don panganiban says

    For a filipino paying those prices, i'll end up broke.

  22. Lucky N Lucky says

    What's this no information detail wastage of time to sea this

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