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  1. CupofTJ says

    Hi cuteas! This is the last of the Philippines travel series videos 🥺. I hope to go back again in the future (you know after coronavirus 😖). In the meantime, you can binge all the Filipino food videos here: https://youtu.be/oqcnxMKgEs0. Hope everyone is safe and healthy ❤️!

  2. Krystle Arellano says

    she's in Robinson's Galleria

  3. Joselyn Gitanes says

    Its Robinson mandaluyong

  4. Sneha krishnan says

    You are so adorable TJ😘😘

  5. maria malaguena says

    I can’t wait to go to the Philippines… thank you for this series 😊

  6. marquemc says

    That melon you mentioned is actually a vegetable called upo.

  7. Dan D. Explorer says

    You should’ve tried the Sisig Hooray! Omg!!! That sisig is sooo delicious.!!! Hahahaha..

  8. Lani Mauricio says

    Looks fun to eat and walk

  9. Yce Cone Vlogs says

    Hello, pa.hug naman

  10. Frances데이브 says

    TJ 😍

  11. Princess Leslie Daily Vlog says

    You go to Filipino Malls to do everything! Literally! It would take a long list to fill up this comment box so I’m not gonna do it! Let’s leave it to this comment section! 🤣😂

  12. Brix Badar says

    4:31 is that Dinuguan? or a Pork Steak? Kagutom😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. bagoh4 says

    TJ: Is this even a mall? Do you go shopping here? Or do you just go here to eat?
    Me: Yes.

  14. weedz lover says

    go tj invade ph hehehe i love all your vids.. its better than sonny content to much comedy and over acting is boring…fans form ph

  15. Z3R05G says

    Looks like school caf pizza and pasta haha! The ones you buy for like 25php just so you have energy for the next set of exams lol!

  16. ill fated says

    Thats papaya?

  17. maxine colby says

    I would rather eat in a fast food than food court !!!! Why ..those foods have been cooked ages and they will just preheat it in front of u !!! Believe me !!!😬😬😂😂😂🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  18. Angel L. says

    Every time she said "it's so cheap", for me it's a bit pricey.😂

  19. Pao Aldea says

    send noods please

  20. Jasper Jose says

    Old video

  21. nicole thurman says

    love you so much & I was disappointed with the sweet pizza thing ewww

  22. Anton Puno says

    Lechon and sisig looks amazing! This was such a cool video! Loved it so much so entertaining.

  23. Erock says

    I thought I was the only one that flattened their rice. I do it so it doesn't go cascading off my plate when I take a bit and it's easier to take a fork to it for us American's.

  24. Alexel Martirez says

    We, Filipinos, love to eat soooooo much! 💖 Anywayyy, I love youuu! 💖

  25. Jeremy Merculio Dela Cruz says

    Its is Upo

  26. Jeremy Merculio Dela Cruz says

    Its not melon

  27. Roberto Aseron says

    For me Filipino food the best

  28. Ferlinda Nilooban says

    Food courts in the Philippines' malls are usually overwhelming and hard to pick which one is good. Like you, I ended up getting not too good food. The only good thing is that the foods are very cheap, lol

  29. Stephanie Cañete says

    That is not the biggest mall in the philippines. Have you heard MOA? Mall of Asia which is located in pasay. That's the bigger one!

  30. Yamashita Maki says

    I wouldn’t pay $3 for that first plate.

  31. R Rubio says

    I could be mistaken, but I think what you had was lechon kawali and not the traditional lechon that's roasted pig in Cebu. Hence, the difference.

  32. D C says

    I think that's Chayote not melon. It's some sort of vegetable.

  33. D3rdjoe QVDO says

    ‘Love it when she laugh and giggle. She doesn’t hold it off😆

  34. Jomary Senpai says

    How about coming here in cebu!????

  35. Guil V says

    You gotta love how Filipinos change other cuisines lol. I love lechón, sisig and embutido 😋

  36. Liz says

    Cebu lechon is one of a kind. Other places in Manila have different versions of lechon.

  37. Mark Joseph Pascua says

    hoy charice

  38. Allan Christopher Morada says

    TJ i loooooove your videoss!! Makes me drool everytime. Please go back here.

  39. Ber Nard says

    the Voice is also amazing…haha

  40. Sheila Marie Wee says

    is this before the pandemic

  41. Michael T says

    When you have lechon where is it, what mall, please. Thanks.

  42. Marc Gargaritano says

    The soup is from the dish called KBL which means jackfruit beans and pork ilonggo dish

  43. Lea Bee says

    you should have asked a local to help you in choosing where to eat. to give justice to our food in the food court. or at least do some research on whats best to try. quite disappointing to see a foreigner try food that we know are not good.

  44. Marish Bron says

    Robinson galleri@???

  45. gabbie sin says

    Charice pempengco

  46. onijirayama says

    Watched all the ads to support this channel.

  47. AsianGolfer JP says

    Filipino loves to eat so food courts are huge in the malls😊

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