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  1. Ryan Benson says

    Hey guys! First of all I want to say that I appreciate each and every one of you for watching & commenting on this video. It really means a lot to me to be able to bring Filipino food to a much broader audience via an avenue like YouTube. My mother immigrated from the Philippines at age 14 and I was able to learn about Filipino food and culture through her and my Lolo & Lola while growing up. I have been to the Philippines as a child but in no way do I purport myself as an expert in the cuisine. I try to take what I know about the food and have experienced growing up w/ Filipino relatives and try to explain it in a way that non-Filipinos would be able to understand it. What most of you may not know is that I don’t just show up to be a face on the show. I am involved w/ the production, creation and writing of most of the episodes that I appear in. My goal is to show that Filipino cuisine is a mainstay in the culinary world on a broader global perspective. I hope that you guys will continue to rock with us and support this dream of mine as we continue to produce more content. Thank you so much 🤙🏻 🇵🇭

  2. ashleigh chun says


  3. Gregg Eliezer T Ng says

    Empanada is from Philippines, the food made famous by Filipinos, who migrated in the US.Just so you know, do more research first before posting.

  4. David Tomesa says

    Thiiisssss is awwwessooomeee!!!

  5. daniel le says

    No sisig, Bicol express, or even diniguan that’s weakkkk

  6. Richie Yao says

    Hopyang baboy (Tagalog and Visayan for "pork hopia") is filled with a savoury bread-crumb paste studded with candied wintermelon, flavoured with scallion and enriched with candied pork back fat, hence its name.
    Its NOT Onion unless it is there…

  7. Elmer Bunton says

    Go ,go,go… Guys that's delicious… I'm hungry now…

  8. Joross de vera says

    Pampanga is a province. It has several cities like Angeles City, San Fernando City etc.

    Shrimp paste in Filipino is alamang.

  9. jaycee320 says

    That crispy pata tho… proud pinoy here 🇵🇭

  10. Bryan Hernandez says

    "Making great food from cheap ingredients"

    You guys just summarized Filipino's Cooking Philosophy in one sentence.

  11. rosario larion says

    you young people will get so many likes because of your energy & a happy attitude— CONTAGIOUS GOD BLESS ,

  12. mark72141 says

    FUNG sounds Cantonese. Are you Fung brothers Cantonese?

  13. Steph malik says

    "Chicken inasal"
    Relyenong Bangus
    Pork belly Lechon

  14. Steph malik says

    Hopia originally from china brougth to philippines by chinese merchants

  15. Miss GrandMa International says

    Gwapo ni Ryan!! Handsome beke nemen 🤣🤣😂😂✌️🤤😋😋

  16. iSelena says

    That hopia remind me bout bakpia Yogyakarta, that's same bro. We have it in Indo bro. Peace 😍

  17. Vasin At-Bangkok says

    Fantastic Job. Hope you don't mind me Watching. Let's be friends O_O

  18. Innah H says

    But baboy is pork… not onion🧐

  19. The BigBrainShow says

    I love how hispanic ppl talk😂

  20. Derek Baure says

    Dang that food looks good! Now I wanna try those spota

  21. Bts Heart says

    New subscriber here☺️ from 🇵🇭 💕

  22. Donnie Aloot says

    Definitely try the sisig, pampangas most famous dish

  23. Kent says

    you choose the wrong guy to be with in this ep. lol. it wasnt even honey it was sugar syrup. anyway good episode.

  24. Sammy Carlos says

    Is that Japeth Aguilar??

  25. Kayla Lyons says

    58 seconds in
    “If you’re feelin’ this video so far give it a like”
    Me: Hits the thumbs up button

  26. Matthew Baluyut says

    Hahah why are the hosts more filipino than their featured guests?

  27. Emiko Garcia says

    Come here in the Philippines and try Pork or Shrimp Sinigang 🙂

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