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  1. Annie Ruby says

    Bruh this is one side of a story, I'm surprise this channel keeps going

  2. Yoffy Jo says

    I lived all of my life in davao city and for my opinion davao city is the safest place to live in this world

  3. Future RN says

    DU30 is risking the security of his life and the life of his love one's by putting down all the illegal practices in our country and a lot of officials won't do that because they are scared to go against the very powerful people. That is why we love him 🇵🇭❤👊

  4. Dart Wings says

    Know the other side of the story.

  5. David Keithson says

    I think Duterte is the most great president in the country today. The ones before him are just wimps who use words but are weak in action.
    Also, I am not surprised by his straightforward talking and the times when he would swear at speeches. He's angry at the state of the nation and especially the Oligarchs that had ruined the nation since 1987.

  6. carlvin borinaga says


  7. Karen Claire Alimpuyo says

    This host clearly knew nothing. President Duterte NEVER dreamed of being a president.

  8. _AtehShAa er.hk_ says

    You know what you have know nothing about our President… You are here just to content something and its a garbage… 😜 😜 😝 I thumbdown 👎👎👎👎 your bias reporting a trillion times 😜😜😜😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  9. Gener Gonzales says

    This guy is stupid and jonathan miller is so much stupid.😅

  10. Raymund Miguel says

    GOD bless you Tatang Digong!

  11. PixelDot TV says

    misleading reports..

  12. David Domaguina says

    Well for a country who legalized the use of marijuana and you critizes him for clearing the caude of the poverty in the philippines.

  13. madinsane says

    I respect him BUT whatever the western propaganda don't.

  14. CYRIL POGI 14 says

    As Filipino I love duterte…👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  15. green house says

    check your facts. duterte didn't run for presidency. the people pushed him for it.

  16. Asian Twist says

    At least our beloved president kill the criminals, not the poor innocents and victims……unlike other poltical leaders out there who are so exposed in pedofilia……

  17. snakes 1977 says

    I vote for President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, I'm a Filipino

  18. Yashwant Goswami says

    this president is the real-life version of light Yagami.

  19. Jeffrey Garcia says

    Duterte o muerte!

  20. Vites says

    I'm sure, his troops killed the right guys. More inocents would have died, without RD.
    Nothing in comparison to pre-Duterte era.
    The Phillipines are a lot safer now, but this you won't hear from a leftist channel. What the left wants is chaos. The same thing is happening in Brazil with Bolsonaro and in the US with Trump right now. In both coutries they lost the election. Now the communists are going to war.

  21. motmotrocil camomot says

    we love our president

  22. Glacier Frost says

    Lol some people say Duterte do ejk but why would he do that if he already held the entirety of Army and police
    Lol non sense biased Oligarch

  23. Obi Wan Kenobi says

    1:33 ah yes the dumbass reporter

  24. Walther Gumba says

    He was born in Central East Philippines

  25. Bernardcolen Maquiling says

    Solid duterte forever

  26. Bernardcolen Maquiling says

    Solid duterte forever

  27. rich catane says

    president Rodrigo Duterte is one of the most nice president and Marcos

  28. Ezeiah Elliesh says

    Tatay digong is dangerous to dilawan and criminal only😂 majority of filipino LOVE him

  29. Aru Kun says

    Hey United States!
    Want to borrow him?

  30. G Tomandao says

    Human rights here in the Philippines is holding our leaders back to implement actions that'll eventually help our country better. Not because we got loads of laws doesn't mean we're goddamnit good. Law can help us, yes, but it can also hold us back. That's why DU30 is being criticized by human right activists. These human rights were not just created to protect the mass but also those smart criminals whose implementing laws. I'm not generalizing THEM. But there are some law makers here that fckng breaking the own law they made to show the mass that "bakit ko gagawin 'yun eh ako nga mismo nagpatupad ng batas na 'yun" see? There are some who are like that. Besides, DU30 gave us a warning before he was elected as a president. That is not to vote him if we don't want to see blood on streets. But, still most people voted for him. Why? Because it's time for us to have a strong willed leader. Although he has some flaws just like the West Philippine Sea that he said before that we'd go war against China for usurping our territory and now he just randomly said that if they build those stuffs on it, we can't do anything about it and just leave it. Also for not immediately banning those Chinese coming here in our country on January. That was before covid-19 become a pandemic. He didn't listen to suggestions. He was a friend of the Chinese leader, haha.

    He might seem like a good or bad leader to you/us, remember governing a democratic country where people have the freedom to speak up is not easy. They could talk back to you and drag you down if they don't like you. If people won't like how you rule, a revolution could start anytime.

    It takes time and effort to find a perfect leader for our country.

  31. Elmer Taton says

    R u jealous?

  32. Joao Antonio says

    tank somat Sopts meu nome é João Antônio Ramos tenho 67 anos sou comsevado mais pode me chamar de tank só mart drorigo Junior duterto estou precisando de ir pra ir para assumir o meu compromisso mais estou tentado vender uma casa para arrumar o dinheiro pra eu ir mais está muidifícil pra vender e senhor sabe como e a situação aq no brasil então eu estou fazendo todo o possível de ir sim assina os papéis pode espera presidente nois vamos se encontra sim q eu vou está aí sim conserteza já mais eu faria outra coisa compromisso é compromisso é se tiver tbm condição de vcs me ajudar eu chegar aí mais rápido possível pra mim e melhor eu também quero agradecer presidente do senhor tá me ajudando nesse desfile. E que o senhor poder fazer pra mi aí vou agradecer o senhor muito. Perdi todos os contatos da iany e não tem como eu me comunicar com ela o nome certo msm e thaiuana barro.

  33. Iceferd Cooler says

    The people who judge him doesn't know anything at all, people who deserves to be killed shall be killed.

  34. Quick RobloxDev says

    I respect this man for not living up to others standards of him and acting on his own.

  35. Dia Bolical says

    Criminals must be executed.

  36. Charles Calo says

    Why American's is making a godam propaganda

  37. Tsuguko Kanao Tsuyuri Gaming says

    Duterte is one of our best president next to Ferdinand Marcos

  38. Yanskie Abecia says

    If our a pilipino and u love your country

    Unlike dis video 👍

  39. Jay Salcedo says

    What is important the life of the criminals aka(drug users) or the life of the innocent people? For me of course the life of the innocent people. And that is why i voted President Duterte. And this video is biased.

  40. john ace watson says

    well i think its still better than to have roxas take presidency

  41. Monkey The Evil King Slayer. says

    I'm Filipino. I will say Duterte is not honest and he is a reincarnation of Ferdinand Marcos.

  42. KarMa CañQuints says

    I just want to drop this year 2020: Duterte is still popular, respected and great president of Republic of the Philippines.

  43. Dm Chn says

    he will be remembered as one of the best president in the Philippines. very hardworking and remarkable… hopefully another duterte would reighn the Philippines

  44. jinky banga says

    Duterte always👊

  45. Shane Neil Alcain says


  46. Jermyn Matthew says

    I love it when white people/countries try to intervene to others but all is just showing up political power!
    In the words of a famous kid "HOW DARE YOU?!"

  47. Maizon Angelo says

    Duterte The Great 👑👑👑

  48. Vignesh Gv says

    For libral media only terrorist and drugdealers have humanrights not covering innocent victim of those terrorist and drugdealers

  49. ehrgieiz says

    Duterte is the very best thing to happen to our country in the last 20 years! I wouldn't mind having him as our president until the day he dies!

  50. Sheng Sheng says

    He never fail us

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