The future of democracy in the Philippines | DW News

The future of democracy in the Philippines | DW News

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte delivers his annual address, rehashing his war on drugs campaign and focusing on non-pandemic topics even as the pandemic deepens in the country. Critics fear he may not give up power when his term wraps next year.


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  • LORD JESUS if it is your will, open the doors for Manny Pacquiao to become the President because he loves you with all his heart. Amen!!

  • Duterte is a big disappointment. He turned out to be corrupt, just like many of the others before him!

  • Magkano kaya bayad sa nag raraly dyan hahaha. Bbm – duterte kami

  • NOOO!!!! Duterte one of the best president the Philippines had….never have I seen Philippines development be this naked to us citizens, unlike the previous president🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • He needs to deal with how drugs are getting into the country in the first place and not go on a killing spree.. Offer job opportunities with pay good enough to support a household.. Reconstruct housing shoot I can go on for days but it's a shame to see the condition of the country in this drug war 😤

  • The media there is just as corrupt as it is here… selling a dictatorship over freedom…

  • Mr.President the NATION is safe now. Your people are protecting the environment and the constitution of the state.

    Aum mane padme hum I Aum Ara pasa na tsa dchi l aum yamakanta khatuneeyars l Aum mane padme hum I Aum hiri shirthi vikrantans hum l

  • 1:50 it's a communist guy.

  • Another


  • Philippines is like a country when things are going better it quickly gets back getting worse than ever
    Filipinos should stop getting hyped to quickly when things are just going little it's not like a New year would make the world revolve around them in the good and brighter way stop overeacting everything and just accept that you're country is poor and corrupt.

  • Duterte is the Trump of the Philippines.

  • one sided

  • Mga lecho nato rally ng rally

  • Dapat ang number onr mong solusyonan kong papaano masugpo ang biruz sa pilipinas. At mga frontliner na ngpapahirap manilbihan sa hospital lalo nga maraming cases ng viruz ibigaymo ang nararapat sa kanila mga allowance nila dapat triplepa ginawamo bakit mga sundalo lng ang pinaburanmo at mga police.


  • Fan fact: filipinos always protesting in every administration or president that passes by. that's why ph has no peace and guess who's the one behind it.

  • I think you need some logic

  • POS foreign news outlet run by socialist tv executive. They dont care about real news really, as long as their reports please their liberal-socialist stockholders . No wonder their news reports always ends up enterviewing the usual leftist nutjobs in the Philippines.

  • DW survey says that Pres Duterte has a higher approval rating in comes to good governance.Germany is far from the Philippines thats why you have no idea what is going in here.Go to north korea and tell kim jong un to live in Germany,bias reporting….

  • West being west


  • If a leader has good intention in improving the country then why not giving him another6 years …. Thoses opponents are paid people so no valuble answers you can get..

  • This leader is garbage and Im a Filipino. He is a big mistake in Philippine politics, he is a warlord turned president and he's solution is to kill people! He manipulate poor people in hoping that he is a good leader. A sad story of the Philippines.

  • He needs to be voted out permanently and is daughter he is a criminal and corrupt and has destroy phillipinos life's and business while he got ruched from this pandemic, he kills thousands of phillipinos ,he is a murder

  • He is evil to the core!

  • Bbm sara 2022👊👊👊👊 ang babangga giba!!!

  • Renato reyes has been protesting for how many years, that’s where he gets his money. To better the news ask each and everyone, not just specific person who has been against any president who sits.

  • Renato Reyes, the professional protester of all time hahaha

  • That's why you have an option to live or die, if you don't want to die, then get rid of drugs. If you don't then so be it! I fu*k'n support that. And I don't f*ck'n care about whatever fellow Filipino would say. It's my opinion, my principle. My sister was a victim of holdapers as we call it here, in the year of 2007 and she was stabbed 3 times to death inside a moving jeepney! So nobody could blame me in supporting the drug war.

  • Mr. President Duterte, I know you’re already tired, you need to retire and enjoy the fruits of your life. I’m not a pro-Duterte supporter, never but I dont like to insult any person because we all have feelings.

  • Renato Reyes….walang matinong Presidente sa kanya.
    Pangkabuhayan na Niya iyang pag rally. Tumanda na siyang nag rarally.

  • That is why nobody listen now to media our president is elected by the people. he do his work.

  • Poor logic of the sociologist being interviewed. Justice system here in the Phl is working and institutions are in place. You have the beauty but no brain…

  • 67 Billion covid-19 fund deficiency as per COA report, if this won't change your mind ang keep believing this bozo, i don't know what you are anymore

  • Mas malala pa ginagawa sa US kasi binabaril parin

  • Let our people handle our affairs. ICC doesn't know what is going on here exactly. They get their sources on the one side. It should be balanced not bias. And for the international report just send a neutral report not a one sided report.

  • DW as always western biased thats why traditional media can't be trusted.

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