Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.
  1. Kathy D says

    May I buy rugs, please?

  2. vernessa tucker says

    She is awesome. May God continue to bless her. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Skylark says

    thank you lady for help these people

  4. JCrewCutie says

    Very cool.

  5. Karen Wong says

    Reese you are such a good human
    you have such a big heart
    love from canada

  6. Ms. Understood says

    This is how it should be…See a need, fill a need. Help build people up, instead of tearing them down….

  7. Eric Hart says

    There is a way out of poverty and I’m so glad you made it. Ps.thanks a lot for cutting out these greedy bastard middle men Eric Hart from the uk 🇬🇧

  8. Geve Lyne says

    These are the products i would give my money out and carry it with pride respect to her and her team ❤️

  9. Victoria R says

    wow brilliant!!!

  10. Tri Le says

    Glad she cut out the middle men. Buncha fkin government officials i bet.

  11. Kelly McGurran says

    Wow! Fantastic. Beautiful products.

  12. Franksta281 says

    That is awesome👏👏👏

  13. cody flobber Sailo says

    What a beautiful lady. Good heart

  14. lulua mahalo says

    • There is NO reason the Philippines should be as poor and behind as it is in most of the country. The people are hard working, friendly, smart and many speak English. It's the protective policies of the government enforced by corrupt politicians who only want the status quo. The corruption goes all the way down to the barangay and even the police. And add to that, age and sex discrimination. All this makes a very poor country despite the honest and hard working everyday person.
    • Vietnam, despite recovering from the war, has made great strides, even though it is a communist society. They assimilated the ideas of the west and encouraged foreigners to live, work, teach, own businesses and to manufacture there using a good workforce.
    • The Phils can do the same, but…

  15. NATT117 says

    What a poor country?

  16. Sambreen Khan says

    Hats off great work

  17. jonniewebb says

    Great report!

  18. Efgio says


  19. MYRONCUZ says

    chinese girl is cute

  20. Cat rymer says

    An Angel in Human Body, God Bless you.

  21. Bj Thompson says

    Bless You! Bless Sa Tanan! Dalaygon Ang Dios! Bravo!

  22. matalam 1326 says

    my friend live there, and i thought this vid is uploaded in 2018 i was shook because this was uploaded in 2013 nothing really change in 5 years, this documentation proves that the previous president of the philippines is a corrupt president and yes I'm pointing my finger to you ninoy panot

  23. LagiNaLangAko23 says

    Aranaz also make bags from woven pandanus leaves keeping the tradition alive.

  24. Argina Mae Basmayor says

    i hope marami kapang matulungan te.din lumagu pa ang bsnes

  25. U Z says

    She speaks proper / good English! I love her already 😉

  26. AUDIO MAN says

    May God bless you young lady for Rags to riches. The blessings from the Lord will multiply to your hard work.

  27. AUDIO MAN says

    Filipino's and the government in the Philippines like big malls, big fancy restaurant, condominiums, hotels, etc…but if you look around Manila you will see lots of squatters everywhere around those big buildings. Lots of garbage everywhere in the sidewalks, rivers, creeks, etc…The government priorities are corruption first before helping people. The rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. That is a fact!!!

  28. R A V E N says

    Im filipino but i have no idea about this

  29. Lystra Alexander says

    I love it…those bags are just beautiful…

  30. dkngln says


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