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  1. Jinn Jinn says

    I do understand where Sir Mark is coming from, there is nothing wrong in loving your mother home your people (patriotism), etc… There is a Nobel charm to it. But,,, I do think it is unfair to ask young women about a choice they would make that could affect the future of themselves and future children. The possibility of struggling (simple life?),,(please do elaborate) could be very scary for young women. As a mother or mother to be wouldn't any woman wish the best for their children? I think that would be hard for a man to understand. Why would any woman be comfortable with the prospect of struggling that much they may even die? surely instead of shaming a woman for that choice, find out why. I think it is blatantly obvious why. therefore it is totally unfair to ask that question. For myself, I wish my children grow up healthy,, educated, successful, and most of all "happy". when a woman becomes a mother or is even thinking of becoming a mother, we make an oath and a promise to our children (that we will/do anything in order for their happiness, their safety.)
    put yourself in the young woman's shoes.

  2. Gary King says

    who would trust you? Shut the hell up and sell your toys to help. That my prove that you care

  3. zo mauze says

    i understand where you are coming from and i get that you want to do good for your country but you have a skewed and messed up way of executing that. its like robbing a bank to feed the poor, its for a good cause but its still messed up. Dont run for president. you're basically the filipino version of Trump.

  4. Lorraine Wade says

    You and your wife are heroes for being there for your people amen

  5. eva alex says

    Да благословит тебя Бог Mark 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  6. Crystal Blindfaithangel says

    I have a feeling that woman doesn’t sit there and fan that child usually. It is funny what a great person we become when cameras are on.

  7. ernesto balajadia says

    Poor becoming poor….

  8. gee kelly says

    Dear Mark,
    I don't fully understand why you feel you have to discriminate against us as mestizas? It's bad enough to feel not wanted because of our white skin different color eyes and light hair colors & our hight! I am proud to be half Filipina! And proud of my German side makes me tall and thick very pale white! We can think on our feet too! I have watched and supported your cause but it's offending most of all hurtful you hate our kind so much! We have the right to be part of our culture as much as you do! In my teens, I ran for miss Philippines here in the U.S.A. and won!!! I have always béen in the U.S.A. even learned the language! One day I will visit the beautiful Philippines Islands .I hope your wañt for peace is also including mestizas too! Please look at the Hungry Syrian on youtube! He is amazing too! I wish you blessings and I believe in what yóu do dose make a difference! Just don't exclude us from the difference you are making! Thanks from this mestiza!!!

  9. Evangeline Barros says

    Iyong ibang tao kc, mahirap na nga, ang dami pang mag anak. Hindi iniisip ang magiging kinabukasan ng mga anak nila.

  10. Jom Falsky says

    Wahaha ampot*h talaga puro foreigner gusto damn sh**tss

  11. Assumpta Eugene says

    Ss not enough time to lie down and………dirty people.

  12. tagabicolini pinay says

    Maganda pa Rin Kong Ang asawa mo ay kapwa mo pilipino dahil pareho puso at paniniwala Nyo Yan Ang pinaka importante..

  13. tagabicolini pinay says

    Walang nanligaw saaking pilipino dahil brown skin ako puro sa sisters ko nanligaw dahil maputi sila di nag asawa ako Ng super Guapong foreigner.🌺💖🌺 No regrets!!!💝

  14. Rose Afaga says

    Love the source of selling vegetables

  15. Vicky Collins says

    Peachy is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  16. 阿發 says

    12:19 she say 3 dollar , it is peso ?

  17. J.L jularbal says

    Ate sheena! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  18. Cathy Tebit says

    You folks are very organized and neat when packing stuffs for give away, unlike the other team of Cesar. They're very sloppy and getting only few. Keep up the good work you guys.

  19. Danzer Tango says

    Mark, you should be more open-minded on the choices on whom to marry. It's a preference, we are in a democratic country, we have the freedom to choose. With your personal negative comment, seems like you are a very controlling person. Wait until your own kids grow up and get married to a foreigner and have grandchildren.

  20. malou taguba says

    Dapat Sana bigay ninyo c nanay Ng trapal parang patulog nya tabing Ang kaniyang tinotulogan pag umoulan at baka Naman bigay Kay nanay mayron mag samantala Tao at nakawin

  21. Dragon52 says

    You are bias against the Chinese employers. This reminds me of the International Criminal Court set up by George Soros and have unelected judges put in charge and lo and behold almost every charges against Africans leaders. Only black people are corrupt there is no white people that are corrupt.

  22. Czareff Kong says

    Singit ng singit, hindi pa tapos ang pinapanood natin, sinisingitan naman ninyo ng ibat ibang palabas. Ayoko ng manood, nakakainis.

  23. Czareff Kong says

    Nakakainis na manood, ganda sana ang palabas,kaya lang ang daming patalastas.ok na sana na tumutulong. Kayo sa mahihirap.

  24. cil M says

    I think solar lights would be good for them to have.

  25. amber simmons says

    That lady was picking up peachy like she didnt want her to go..peachy us fine tho

  26. Zieria says

    In the subtitles, is it in American dollars when you translate the wages in their conversation?

  27. Melissa Crispino says

    Natawa naman ako sa "Puro kalandian" 😂🤣

  28. Abcd Effg says

    Nakakainis yung mga bashers ni kuya mark. Tao nga naman. Gumawa ka ng mabuti o hindi, may masasabi pa rin sayo. Kesa pumuna kayo ng mali sa ginagawa nya, subukan nyo nalang tumulong din. Mas magiging makabuluhan pa ang buhay nyo. At baka mafeel nyo ang tunay happiness hindi ung puro inis/galit ang puso nyo.

  29. Rosie Brandt says

    Going home is 3000 P paowe

  30. Rosie Brandt says

    Wow Hindi lahat nang anak tomutolong sa ina

  31. JoyHaber says

    Na iyak aku nito. salamat sa tulong nyo sa kanila.dios na po ang bahalang mag balik sa inyong kabutihan.subra subra pa ang ibalik sa inyo ni Lord

  32. Accents are the best! Who else watching is Cambodian? 🇰🇭

  33. Raymond Gorgod says

    Gala pa erica grace 😂😂

  34. Eric Dizzy says

    Geez I didn't know you hated us half Filipino half something people. My father is Filipino from Tarlac and my mother is Native American/German from Ohio U.S. I've been to Philippines many times and always felt welcome. I love the people there. I've never heard anyone say things like this. Not that it doesn't happen but like woah.

  35. Dominic Jaisingh says

    Thank god for people like you

  36. Mariecharles Divina says

    Meron sana makapag bgay ng trabaho sa mga nanay, at magkaron ng isang ahensya para sa mga magulang na may edad kaht wla nman madyadong pnag aralan kase may training nman yan at pede turuan wla nmang taong bobo, sa mga nanay sana magkaron ng 4hours na trabaho para magampanan pa nla ung tungkulin sa bahay at ung sapat lang sa 4hours na sweldo atlis kaht pano my knikita ang babae na nasa bahay at nagagampanan nya pa ang gawain nya dahil sa ang trabaho nya ay 4hours lang. Ung ganun sana.

  37. Mariecharles Divina says

    Sa totoo lang ang kakulangan dto sa pinas eh ang trabaho, may mga trabaho nga na hiring pero kadalasan dapat may pnag aralan ka compare sa ibang bansa as long na masipag ka ke me edad ka pede ka magtrabaho. Edi sana mababawasan ang mga tambay.qng bnbgyan lang sana ng kaht pano na trabaho, at Qng bc ang isang tao sa pag ttrabaho d nla maiisip gumawa ng gumawa ng bata.

  38. Robin A. says

    Blame the media for why filipinos want to be with foreigners and have fair skin – not foreigners.

    The first thing I ever noticed upon living in the Philippines was that literally NO ONE in the media looked like a traditional filipino! They were all either half filipino or had fair skin.

    Why? Because in order to sell something to someone you must sell them on things they want to obtain that they are not.

    THAT is why they are influenced to want to be with foreigners – to have babies that look like the actresses/actors or models on TV.
    THAT is why they buy whitening products, to feel like they are also beautiful like those on TV.

    It's the companies profiting from making these people feel insecure with their skin whitening products etc. that should be blamed.

    These companies DONT want us to feel like we're enough. That's why they put unrealistic idols in front of us, so they can SELL.

    If we feel like we're perfect, why should we buy? This happens everywhere.
    We're sold on stuff we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't really care for.

    I think you're directing your hatred in the wrong direction personally…

  39. Gamer Historian says

    Do a video in other than Luzon?? Show us the rest of the country..

  40. Novo Aurora says

    The one accusing you of trying hard to have an an American accent, hahaha. Your accent is very recognizable, simply because Tagalog is your mother tongue. Nothing wrong with that at all. I often have met Filipinos who don't talk to me because they are afraid their English isn't good enough. Even when I say that English is not my 1st language either, not even my 2nd, they still are not talking to me. They probably are afraid others will make fun of their English. I certainly won't because my English is probably worse than theirs😅

  41. Reaction Timing says

    Kung sa ibng bansa in ang tan skin. Sa pinas in ang white skin. Sa totoo lng nde lang tlg makuntento ang mga tao. Pati sa us sila din nmn gusto baguhin skin nila sa tan. Nde mo nmn masisi yang pinay na yan kasi tlgng naghihirap sila. Gnun tlg easy way out. Lahat nmn tayo gusto makasurvive. Ayun ang way nila so bahala sila kung mabugbog sila or maging maginhawa buhay nila. Matanda na sila…. so wala akong pakielam, hahaha basta wag din nila pakilamanan ang pamumuhay ko. Hahaha ganun tlg ako wala akong pake sa iba. Hahaha kaya wag ako pakilamanan din. End

  42. Queen Sanny says

    Thank you brother Mark for helping my country #Cambodia. You inspired me.

  43. lwss289 says

    If I was a Filipina living in those types of conditions, I would mostly likely marry a foreigner in order to have a better future and life overall. So, I can't really blame them for choosing a foreigner instead of a native. We quickly judge saying that they want an easy way out but if you were in their position and had the opportunity to change your life for the better, it would be very difficult to not explore that possibility. It is in the nature of females to be hypergamous and it is no different with Filipinas.

  44. Kim Yeong-Jun says

    ang kakapal namn mga nag uunlike jan. mukhang may naitulong kaka bwesit yang mga ganyan.kung ayaw nyo sa video na to wag nyo panuorin simple as that.or better to block this channel .

  45. Dwight Howard says

    well this brown skin made miss. japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXBsFfnCOks the Philippines should re-consider and promote their brown/dark brown women. to me black/brown is the best

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