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  1. Mark Nowhereman says

    Hey guys, help me carry the financial needs for our cause.

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  2. Kayla Chipman says

    4 every 1 that is watching , reading this stop feeling sorry 4 them coz they will never learn and they will never stop having more baby's

  3. amita jumiarti says

    If the education system is good..people will thinks twice before have many childrens

  4. Hanna Vp says

    Don’t the poor get free ration in philipines?🤔
    Plz rply

  5. Chen Reviews says

    Dagdagan nyo pa yan nay 😤 kulang pa

  6. Master chef Leonie TAIWAN says

    Ako nagkaroon Ng anak (single mother )

    Maraming nanligaw sa aking kahit pa may anakko ..

    Hindi ako natinag sa kanila kac pag papatul ako sa kanila ano Ang maging buhay ko?
    Nag abroad ako para sa mataas na pangarap na Hindi ako maghirap sa bukid ..
    Naka pag asawa ako Ng taiwanese mahirap din buhay ko pero sipag Lang sa trabaho para Hindi magutom …

  7. Master chef Leonie TAIWAN says

    Alam Naman Ng mahirap Ang buhay nya sa dating asawa ..nag asawa pa ulit..

    Kung walang pangarap ay maghihirap sa buong buhay ..

  8. Jaguessur Hema says

    In all the videos I saw more than 2 children.. Why having so many children when they are themselves living in such poverty.. Condom is the best solution for them..

  9. Simply Pretty says

    Nakakaawa po ang baby

  10. Lynn Armstrong says

    Irresponsible parenting then pooping in a bag and just chucking it into the river were they probably wash

  11. jerivy de guzman says

    tama po kayo need maging aware lahat n marami s ating mga kababayan tlg di naaabot ng tulong ng gobyerno na matulangan sana magkaroon ng simpleng pabahay dahil ang lawak ng pilipinas ang nakikinabang lang ay panginoong may lupa si juan sariling bansa walang kahit kapirasong lupa at tulungan magkaroon pagkakakitaan sana yung billion n pondo n nakukurakot ay sana makarating s taong bayan

  12. Anna Santiago says

    Tapos kapal ng mukha mo na anak ka pa ng anak. Tumutulo luha mo pero anak ka parin ng anak. Letche! Kung di mo matiis libog mo, mag control kayo.

  13. Miriam Bb says

    Disappointed how she brang all those kids in this world without thinkn how they will suffer the baby drinkn water and sugar starving why don’t she breast feed!
    That’s so wrong! So sad for these kids while the parents are selfish keep having more

  14. Bon Lahang says

    pls,tell them stop making baby,advice them to help themself not to beg for food if they dont stop making baby when they have nothing to feed them.

  15. Howard Matienzo says

    Kung nagpasakop sana tayo ng panahon ng mga kano sana asensado ang pinas dolyar pa sana pera ng pilipinas kaya ganon sa panahon ngayon maraming pilipinong mahirap bukod pa sa mga ito ingat lang sa panahon ngayon maraming nagpapanggap na mahirap siyasatin kung ano ang mga buhay nila

  16. Howard Matienzo says

    Halos mga iba kong nababasa sa chat englisan ng englisan karamihan wikang pinoy naman

  17. Reshmi Banerjee says

    Gv 5 f dem to orphanage home

  18. Arnel Vinoya says

    Anak pamore

  19. Craftstyle Vlogs says

    Hay nako anak pa more nakakainis talaga ohh parents should think about this before making more babies, ilagay sana sa utak Di puro libog, kc sila ang mas kawawa Di kayo..mag asawa… God bless donor… At sana sa pinas ipatupad ang child policy

    Watching Nov 9 2020

  20. Jerome Ajeto says

    I hate this woman!!!

  21. Melancholy Dream says

    Half the comments on here are criticizing these people for having many children. From my understanding, in their belief system children are a blessing and it's considered morally wrong to use contraceptives. Some religious people also believe wasting semen is a transgression. In general they never had sex education. This is a generational cycle. Their parents and grandparents had many children and lived in poverty. The cycle repeats. They need to be educated on basic financial strategies to reach financial goals as well as basic sex and reproductive health education. Their morally bankrupt government could not care less about their own people. It is through the generosity of independent groups that these people get any kind of assistance. If only there were skilled people who could teach them to dig wells for clean water, construct (better) decent housing/shelter, proper and safe human waste disposal/management, cultivating crops. Of course that might not be a possibility with the threat of being displaced at any time. Duterte declared Martial Law back in 2017 and has been actively stealing land from farmers and murdering anyone revealing the truth!

    Overall, educating the poor on being self sufficient would be an immense help: digging wells, safe disposal and composting of urine and feces (to prevent spread of infection and disease and polluting rivers), planting fruit trees and food crops, basic cleanliness, etc. would be very beneficial.

  22. leapold scotch says

    Parents are seriously that stupid they have babies but can't afford them

  23. Betty Emery says

    God bless you po”

  24. Jackie hoeta says

    Im glad ur orginization is helping families in need. Thank use very much and use are always genuine

  25. A A says

    Take me with you next time. Or give me these people location names etc.

  26. Rogelle says

    Unfortunately, they are not informed of the environment they live in and how beneficial it is to do their parkT to keep it clean. How about digging 2 , 3 or more deep holes for their human waste and let the earth do its part. It’s a little upsetting what they,ve done to the ilog where the kids should be swimming. Again, stop enjoying too much sex if it should result in multiple pregnancies. I hope the Lord will continue to bless them because, they have so far are all still alive.

  27. Julie Laconsay says

    Alam nyo napo na hirap na hirap napo kayo nkadami pa kayo ng anak..kwawa nman mga bata.nadadamay sila nga sa kahirapan…stop making babies


    Hays buhay nga talaga alam na walang wala bakit anak ng anak kawawa mga bata nkaka ranas ng gutom ,buti pa mga mayayaman nag isip pa ,ayaw ng maraming anak,para saan ba naman mag parami ng anak kung di naman kaya pag aralin at bigyan ng magandang buhay ,tas sisihin nyo ang Government parang tanga lng .

  29. Jade Pham says

    They already know they are unable to feed the kids they already have so why did they continue to add more kids. I don't feel sorry for the parents but I truly feel sorry for their kids. I'm sure a few years from now they will have another baby and complaint why they don't have enough food.

  30. Nilay Patel says

    Better to teach family plan, ,,, Cash is short term solution.

  31. Nilay Patel says

    Better to Teach Family Plannig, Cash is short term solution, ( I seen in many videos Highest nomber of teen are also pregnant, shame)

  32. anonymously 2015 says

    I want to end each sentence that se says with……….so…stop having kids.

  33. anonymously 2015 says

    Your videos are all the same.People whinning for lack of food..but look at all the kids they have.You give food.They say thank you.And it starts all over again.STOP HAVING KIDS.

  34. lakshmi lakshmi says

    You are great

  35. Cecelia Lee says

    For goodness sake, stop making babies.Already in fanancial difficulty,why still want to make so many babies?

  36. Rajdai Sawh says

    Why they make so much children when they know they can't feed then they don't know when to stop.They should do something about that.

  37. Vana Watene says

    Don't start a family if u can't look after them simply bringing kids into a world u have nothing and nothing to give them isn't a life for a new pure life should go through.
    What makes it worse these family have 6plus babies than reality they can't look after them and start to cry about it best thing is to Adopt them out at least they will have a chance to become something in the world and get outta poverty never know when they are old enough they will come back and look after you.

  38. Nico Ambro says

    Dategli i soldi e fanno subito un altro figlio!

  39. EBON'S VLOGS says

    Isa sa mga dahilan ay ang dobrang daming anak sana nag control din po kau

  40. Rehaan Rehaan says

    Can’t stop crying fr dat small baby For real it hurt to see I wish I could help them

  41. Ritesh Aggarwal says

    Lady in this short movie looks ok health wise. I dont think she cant work to help her family. But she is sitting idle waiting for her husband to come &feed whole family.

  42. Ritesh Aggarwal says

    Tell these stupid people and senseless people to first understand that giving birth again&again to children is main cause &root of problem.Every movie i see of different people, i see all stories are excatly similar like so many children etc. So instead of helping, make aware of family planning & distributing contraceptives.Nothing else should be given besides that.

  43. RAHUL Sen says

    I'm hoping that u guys give them some sack of rice .. because they need most for thier family ..may God bless them

  44. Chas Cole says

    OMG Admin, i watched again this sad story on full screen. Look at 8.20 to 8.44 the older girl at the front lifts her tshirt n hides her face when ceaser is talking about where they pee n poop. The little girls breasts are exposed ok, and thats private of hers. It needs blocking out please, for respect for the girl.

  45. Abigail says

    This is too depressing to watch…

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