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  1. REACT says

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  2. Yacx R. says

    Mexicans , Filipinos , common = CHICHARONNNN <3 its yummy

  3. Elizabeth Soriano says

    tang ina gago yung babae 😭😂

  4. GB 56 says

    a video has the word "Filipino" in a title,

    "The Filipinos are approaching from the south east"
    "The Filipinos have arrived"

  5. RCplayz _ RoGachaCraftTALEyt says

    . . .

    "bagoong" . .

    THEY FORGOT "BAGOONG", kare kare is always accompanied by "bagoong" T^T

  6. pixienichole says

    My pinoy a**:RICE RIGHT NOW.

  7. Deadpanash1648 Tha best says

    I feel offended

  8. CornualZepho :p says

    The most embrassing what Filipino says in every video by comment

    "Proud to be a Filipino"
    no offense 👁️👄👁️


    Sino Filipino

  10. {Freak_shøwMaker} says

    Pinoy ako sarap yan

  11. Darick Menguito says

    Tf is kre kre HAHAHA its ka re ka re

  12. dropdead dead says

    Why u don't have adobo 😭😭

  13. Harper_Wolf 07 says

    im sad that adobo wasnt in this video. *sad tears*

  14. Kylla Vidal says

    Filipinos want to watch this to get away from deepresion

  15. Malou Labonete says

    i am filipino

  16. Joseph Dizon says

    Without España and Mexico, there is no Philippines

  17. Shirleen And songs and Slime says

    Yeahhhhh Philippines

    Bruh I live in Philippines

  18. SMILE Schooldavao says

    REACT: Filipin-

    Any Filipino in range: Yes You Called.

  19. Quinton Damian says

    yup absuloultly forgot adobo

  20. Ace Animation says


  21. Marquez, James Christian says

    Im Filipino lol

  22. jairus delacruz says

    try chicharon with vinegar

  23. It's Cotton_ Albert says

    i hate some people judjing our food

  24. dequin cyrus bernabe says

    And they forgot ADOBO. 🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽

  25. alex serrato says

    Sana oll react to our Dood

  26. jayr cabulang says

    the sinigang na baboy is delicious

  27. jayr cabulang says

    the sinigang na baboy is delicious

  28. PRO GAMER says

    Pinoy baiting at it's finest

  29. Ella Frayna says

    You should dip the chicharon with vinegar!! Omggg I'm hungry😂😂😂

  30. Ella Frayna says

    Kare-kare is best with bagoong!!!!

  31. Dash christopher Lopez says

    I am a filipino

  32. Ancel Londres says

    all views came from Filipinos 😄😄😄

  33. Cael spokelol98 says

    The thing is im half filo and most of the things i eat are filo so yea.

    Sad there was no lecheflan

  34. TheUnseenGhillieGhost 69 says

    Hears an English channel mention Phillipines


  35. anime kdrama kpop trashcan says

    Me when they were trying sinigang: where is the rice 🙁

  36. Kristine Mojal says

    I always love sinigang❤❤

  37. Blice says

    Try Kare-Kare with Binagoong its delicious

  38. Toffe Mike says


  39. Sven Achas says

    8:01 made my day haha

  40. Savage Killer 888 says

    Me when trying to watch it without drooling ispecially the sinigang

  41. I'm from Hoenn 69 says

    I'm a Filipino

  42. Arlene Domingsil says

    you forgot adobong manok

  43. Vinze 109 says

    This is what you called "Pinoybait"

  44. Parakeet says

    Love it when she said "Kare kare"

  45. Parakeet says

    Love it when she said "Kare kare"

  46. Jerameel Mojica says

    hi. I'm. a. Filipino. sabaw. = soup

  47. Gacha Mine says

    The introducer:*kre-kre*

  48. DyNaMiC King says

    I really hate pork chicharon xD I only like beef chicharon.

  49. DyNaMiC King says

    I only love the sinigang broth xD but not the fish. I'm not a big fan fish.

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