Surprises greet ‘oldest living Filipino’ on 124th birthday

Surprises greet ‘oldest living Filipino’ on 124th birthday

Surprises from different groups greeted super centenarian Francisca Susano, of Kabankalan City, during her 124th birthday on Saturday, September 11.

Susano, also known as Lola Isca, is believed to be the oldest living person in the country and even in the world.

Commissioner Franklin Quijano, of the National Commission of Senior Citizens, presented the gifts for Susano at their house in Barangay Oringao over the weekend.

The presents included a bouquet of flowers, plaque of recognition, P10,000 in cash, and a manager’s check worth P24,000.

“This Certificate of Recognition is given to Francisca Montes Susano for having achieved the healthy and productive age of 124 [and being] the oldest living person in the world,” the plaque reads.

Kabankalan City Mayor Pedro Zayco and Vice Mayor Raul Rivera also gave a cake, medical supplies, vitamins and groceries to Susano.

The birthday celebrant also received a wheelchair from the Provincial Health Office of Negros Occidental.

This is on top of another wheelchair, vitamins, face shields, dusters and blankets given by a team from the Department of Health (DOH) headed by Dr. Elizabeth Altamira.

Commissioner Jorge Largado of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (IP) also personally greeted Susano, who is a member of an IP community in the village.

Also present at the celebration were City Social Welfare and Development Officer Adelina Tomaro, personnel of the City Health Office, and some barangay health workers.

They were welcomed by Susano’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The birthday treats for Lola Isca continued to pour as members of the Kabankalan City Police Station personnel and 604th Regional Mobile Force Battalion (RMFB) Region 6 also prepared a surprise for her.

Bringing with them a tarpaulin and a cake, they sang a happy birthday song for Susano while approaching her at their house’s balcony.

“We are hoping for good health and happiness for her,” the police station said, adding that “may she continues to inspire us and give us hope that the human spirit will continue to strive and endure anything that comes no matter what the odds are.”

Born in 1897, before the Philippine Independence Day, Susano had witnessed two world wars.

In fact, one of her 14 children is already a centenarian at the age of 101.

Susano is believed to be older than the current title holder, Kane Tanaka of Japan who is 117 years old.

Though, there’s no official declaration yet from the Guinness Book of World Records declaring her as the oldest living person in the world as it still needs more evidence.

“Truly, she is really a thriving national treasure,” the police station also said. (EPN)

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