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  1. Micah Louisse says

    Hey love! Here’s where you can buy these pieces: http://www.uniqlo.com/ph/shop/ 🌸
    Make sure to visit your nearest Uniqlo to get your own Drape Blouse 💓

  2. Chrysan Themum says

    Murang Dress order now –> https://invol.co/clql6x

  3. Slayinari says

    Bakit ngayon ko lang nahanap tong channel nato. 😭 Ang ganda ang classy nya❤️

  4. 鎖鵺嘛縊穢羅 says


  5. Rana Sai says

    Watching from northeast India

  6. qatchi says

    love this btw i'm from bohol

  7. April Joy Cappal says

    what application did you used here in editing videos?

  8. April Joy Cappal says

    what application did you used here in editing videos?

  9. April Joy Cappal says

    what application did you used here in this video?

  10. Gelou Nepa says


  11. leejheni says

    Pls feel to visit our shop at for cute sexy dresses⬇️


  12. OFW TIPS & CLIPS says

    Love it!

  13. Dawn Docto says

    Youre so pretty 💖

  14. Janytea Salas says

    Nice video. sobrang bagay sayo! 😊 Ilang kls. po kayo? hehe

  15. Jols says

    maGANDA ka KC kaya babagay tlga kahit ano sayoo

  16. Maria De Guzman says

    Look a like Yassi Pressman!

  17. Casa de Liah says

    We have the same style omg! Just Subscribed 💕

  18. Rebecca Baja says

    New subscriber here from bohol

  19. Stephannie says

    For the drape blouse did you find that you had to size down? I'm normally a small and it feels oversized

  20. Diane Managbanag says

    Nice ❤️

  21. あいちゃん_milky way says

    super ganda ate ❤ new subscriber 👍✨

  22. Melanie Manguera says

    Loving uniqlo these days. And this video is very helpful for me. So i can style my uniqlo clothes when I wear them. Thanks for sharing your styles . Enjoyed this video. 💕😍👍👍👍👍👍

  23. Ysabelle Sevilla says


  24. Bella Anna says

    Doing a marathon on your videos guuurrl! 😍

  25. Bella Anna says


  26. Sidney Denum says

    Can't wait for your next video 😘😊👍

  27. Kristine Amee Vargas says

    How much are the drape blouses and the ankle length pants?

  28. Danica Torre says

    Yassi look a like😊

  29. Catherine Mateo says

    Loved loved this look book 🙂

  30. Anne Wynczed says

    More video like this plss😍😍

  31. Ja Bachoco says

    I don’t why but i always love your style, super simple yet so elegant 😍

  32. Kazy len says


  33. heaven psyche says

    I really love how you talk. 💖 God bless youuuu!

  34. Jaynelyn Alonzo says

    Annyeonggg ate Micah 💕. Pakkk Ang Gaganda ate vagayyy sayo lahattt ❤️❤️❤️. Iloveyouuu ate and ingatttt po kayo palagiii 😘😊

  35. Ariane Ped says

    Napaka comfyyyy

  36. Mer lin says

    Omg!!! You went to hennan

  37. Artsy Cupcake says

    Great video! I just did a styling video on white jeans!

  38. Emilyn Bongon says

    Omggg love this!!

  39. Jellamarie Manalo says


  40. Milane Bargamento says

    san po ukay store nabili?

  41. Mary Grace Mantal says

    Wow i like your style so much 😍😍

  42. Dianara Jane Boquia says

    How tall are you? 🙂

  43. Inah • says

    hi ate, where did u bought your necklace? ang cuteeee 😍

  44. Shairine Castro Gregorio says

    Everything is just Perfect 😍

  45. myrene alday says

    I’m so happy for you Mica!! Your channel is growing so fast 😘😘😘 been watching u since day 1.

  46. John Collins says

    Pogi nung nasa likod mo… 1:59

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