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  1. John Patrick Tapia says

    saket sa mata nung thumbnail

  2. Therefor walang political identity ang Pinas. Kurakot lang

  3. Jonas Felisilda says

    Fun fact: si Cory Aquino ay taga PDP-LABAN

  4. Kelsey Dale says

    No to liberal party next election

  5. king phoenix says

    boto ko kayo straight…!!! sa BASURAHAN… ibalik nyo pera ng YOLANDA at ng PHILHEALTH

  6. Very Colorful Thinking says


  7. Daisyrie Penaflorida says

    India ay may pinakamaraming political parties sa mundo na mahigit sa 500 kasama ang BJP(Bharata Janata Party),Congress,atbp.

  8. Unknown Unknown says

    Kunin nyo sa line up si arnold clavio at si jim paredes

  9. Yasser Sumignan says

    Why' Philippines is extremely poor

    Liberal Party

  10. Walther Gumba says

    Dissolve Party Coalition

  11. Loriemar Trayvilla says


    Sa Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP), di sinama si Jinggoy Estrada.

  12. Rein Pinebook says

    putanginamo gaydarian.

  13. A J says

    Republican Filipino ✊👊

  14. Jeremiah Pascual says

    Thats why talk is cheap in PH politics. Its so easy to switch sides. Come election all you really need to do (as an aspiring politician who wants a long career) is to know who is the trending cool kids, bullies and jocks are and align yourself. Its a popularity contest.

  15. Alimatar Garangan II says

    Interesting theory Sir. Do you have other videos in related to Politics.

  16. Balistix Mapping says

    <-|-> I go right

  17. Allan Bajo says
  18. Sha Lacerna says

    This is one of biggest flaw of our country's political system. With no defined structure for political parties these politicians will just cling on to who ever they feel has the best chance of winning. Here in the PH it's always Admin vs Opposition. But one key element that was vaguely mentioned in this video was parties are not just mechanism to win an election, the most impotant thing is they adopt an ideology which will the party stands for. Problema kasi satin mga Pinoy pag election na alam ntin kung ano hinhanap natin. Pero di natin alam kung SINONG kandidato meron nun since sa campaign nila puro kalokohan and old cliche lang hinhighlight nila.Tama ba naman ipagmalaki mo mga npasa mong batas e trabaho mo mgpasa ng batas pra iimprove buhay ng mga Pinoy. That should be expected of you. Kaya ending kung sino na lang sikat at matunog yun na lang iboboto. I do acknowledge that these parties do adopt some form of idielogies but they don't really put enough emphasis on those. And us common pinoys really lacks the education on how those ideologies directly affects our lives. Since these ideologies should basically dictates how the winning party layouts their economic, local and foreign policies. And if it's apparent what values a certain party favors. Whether it be liberal, conservative, progressive, collectivism, individualism or inclusive side of the spectrum. Voters will have a better idea who they should vote for based on the platforms that aligns with what they value more rather than someone who can sing and dance better. 2022 election is looming. If we as a Nation really want real change we should start voting intelligently. Hindi yung kung sino lang trending. I'm not really expecting someone from GMA to actually read this rant. But I hope you can spearhead this movement for a better Philippines.

  19. Droveeh Greatness says

    What is the connection between political parties and party list?

  20. Russel Clint Regalado says

    Correction It is Article 9C Section 6

  21. Cluck Cluck says

    Has anybody made a scientific environmentalist party? I will when I get older

  22. Ainz Ooal-Gown says

    kaya ang isa sa pinaka malaki nating problema e may mga politiko na maka kontra lang sa kabilang partido for the sake of maka kontra lang. kahit maganda ang hangarin ng kinokontra nila, kokontrahin parin kasi taga kabila. sana bilang mga mamamayan hindi natin hayaan yang ganyan. Also, prof heydarian, may mga malalim na issues din sa partisan system ng US, like how the Democratic party is divided into 2 factions. the Democratic establishment (mostly consists of neoliberals: Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer etc) and the progressive left ( which are the real left: bernie sanders, AOC, Tulsi Gabbard etc). The Republicans for the most part united in backing Trump though, at least lately. The French federal government's party system would have been a better example imo.

  23. Greggy Gregorio says


  24. super man says

    Sisihin nyo c cory

  25. Khenz Knight says

    Galing sana sya kaso one sided lang!

  26. EJ Sergio says

    Richard Heydarian is the Chris Clizza from CNN, is the GMA's Analyst

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