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[REVIEW] Korean Guys try Filipino food Pancit Canton with Pandesal MUKBANG


  1. Sachi Martinez says

    Eating it with kimchi is d best.

  2. Vanessa M.M Pantig says

    Sweet and spicy is my favorite

  3. kate ortiz says

    I love Lucky me pansit canton with kalamansi the most. Try Yakisoba instant noodles chicken flavor. Really good too!

  4. BLINK AT ONCE says

    Not spicy for Koreans but for Filipinos die on spiciness

  5. Elsie Menor says

    Hello guys watchinga your videos make me smile😃😃 nakakatuwa kayong panoorin 😊😊❤❤❤ 3 heart for you guys

  6. Berlyn Amano says


  7. Jeils Claw says

    It is more better serve with egg and pandesal.

  8. chris gamboa says

    Out of this world comment 😆
    Calamansi is Pinoys savior when you eat meat,you squeeze calamansi on it and if the meat will not grow hair its safe to eat..that means its not human meat..✌

  9. Ameera Angela Gabriel says

    Yohan is funny🤣
    And my bias (charot) = (just kidding)

  10. Sophia Paula Avinante says

    i hope they like it with pandesal , it's yummy with it

  11. Rover Lights says

    can you try exotic food like snake, frog, mangrove worms, crickets together w some beer

  12. mana mana says

    For me it's chilimansi, pancit is really good when you put calamansi on it. It's always nice seeing you three eat so well during mukbang.

  13. Tine Tine says

    I am here after eat bulaga HAHAHA

  14. Rose Cosep says

    Hmmm. Ang sarap.. Fan here in philippines.

  15. Yang Gatch says

    If i have a chance to give a present to Yohan it would probably be a hankie. 😁😁
    I always see him using handkerchief on almost all of their eating vids. 😁😁 Love you Yohan Oppa. 😍😍

  16. draquake17 says

    Yohan is my type. He looks like Yoon Kyun Sang

  17. teenah vergabera says


  18. loving kakashi says

    i can't believe yohan likes the original flavored pancit canton because to me it's so bland

  19. Hazel O says

    Been watching your videos over and over again😍❤
    Greyyyy 💗

  20. clearly visualizes says

    You should try the newest PANCIT CANTON CHILI AND CHEESE FLAVOR. That was sooo goood.

  21. Ellen Delfino-Kuttritz says

    Yeah I eat this also as almusal before I go to school, I love lucky me pancit canton mit calamansi. 👍🏽😋❤️❤️❤️

  22. Aimy Ballego says

    Grey why your voice so cute?

  23. Shane Ashlly says

    Ur so amazing guys!!! Its my firstime to watch ur vlog…
    So proud of you..
    Gudluck..happy eating😊😊😊

  24. bonitabonita says


    Min – the hyungnim of the group but often get bullied by the two 😂 he is sooooo funny!

    Yohan – the mukbang star. The food looks appetising while you watch him eating.

    Grey – tagalog master. He knows more unconventional tagalog words and expression.

  25. bonitabonita says

    Yohan would be a great guest, he eats diligently and he’ll be there to finish everything even the food doesn’t seem nice 😂

  26. ARIES RAMOS says

    Please do react on "Ikako" by SB19 #PhilKorFest2020. Final Performance. Where you can witness the collaboration of SB19 with other Korean talents.

  27. Judith Dimalaluan says

    Para s ako halang n kaayu ng canton spicy s ila gamay lng ang spicy..

  28. Kiki Kikiki says

    My fave breakfast haha pancit canton and pandesal🤤

  29. Dominador Tiu Jr says

    I like ur all vedio.beacuse ur so gamer all the chalenge.and ur so pogi.except yohan.

  30. Catherine Montes says

    Spicy in philippines is different in korean toooo muchhh spicy!🤪🥵🥵🥵

  31. Rd Aliposa says

    Could I ask you guys something? How does a jajjamyeon taste like? Is it salty and sweet?

  32. Cj Deleon says

    next time you should try spicy pancit canton and mix it with cheez whiz it’s delicious I promise 🖐🏻 and also try to eat that with fried egg hehe

  33. KimAngela says

    Can you try to cook pancit canton calamansi flavor with century tuna spicy flavor. And sunny side egg

    Garlic 3-4 cloves
    Soy sauce
    Pancit Canton Calamansi or Original (3 packs)
    Century Tuna Plain or Spicy (2 can)
    Egg (Just cook the egg, sunny side style)

    1. Cook the noodles then drain after
    2 Separate the cooked noodles (Do not put the seasoning yet).
    3.Put oil in pan not too much then saute garlic and onion
    4.Put the 2 cans of century tuna cook slightly for a minute.
    5.Put the noodles and stir until the noodles is coated with century tuna.
    6. Add the pancit canton seasoning (all of it) and stir.
    7. Add 2-3 tablespoons of Soy sauce
    8. Serve it with egg

    There you have it! Enjoy eating 🤗❤️
    You can eat it with rice or bread

  34. Khyce Bulcase says

    whahahahahahaha…its my favorite food pancit canton and pandesal…

  35. Tsini Jung says

    Kb_Yohan looks like someone who doesn't want to eat too much but surprisingly, he's the one who enjoyed eating! I'm back viewing your videos guys and now i'm always lacking sleep. Haha More power to you KB!😊❤

  36. Kopiko Blanca says

    Noodles is my favorite. Especially that pancit canton. But because of this quarantine i felt like i don't wanna eat it anymore. Maybe because of pregnancy hormone. Hehehe. 😅😅😅

  37. Marialyn Gomez says


  38. Lennel Ivy Nebres says

    I love eating pancit canton with pandesal and egg

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