Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.
  1. ChickBug says

    that is a gesture of paggalang or respect to the elderly.

  2. Din says

    I don't trust our neighbors. They are nasty. Values are different. They don't have better else to do besides loitering. I guess not all, but my experience is really bad. Sexual assault and bullying is very apparent. I wont hand over my kids to our neighborhood. Kailangan ko protektahan Ang mga anak ko para Hindi nila ma experience Ang naexperience ko. Kasi di mo naman alam talaga ang mga kapit bahay mo eh. Mesan nang uusyoso Lang mga yan.

  3. TheSinfulProductions says

    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Pete Nicholls says

    Values we seem to have forgotten in the west!!

  5. A O'B says

    This is a really great video!!! I'll be meeting my girlfriends mother in the Philipines for the first time in February. I'd imagine that I will give respect to her by greeting with Mano po. Anyway, I love the culture. Thanks for the video.

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