Real Village Life In The Philippines.

Real Village Life In The Philippines.

Real Village Life In The Philippines.

A view of life in the village. I plan to do a follow up video interviewing MayMay in the future. If you would like to ask a civil question put it in the comments.

Village People Philippines.


Village People Philippines


  • Kalooy pud uyy….. ni may2x uy.. makaingun gyud ko na life is unfair.. pubri pud me.. pero naningkamot gyud ko makatilaw akong ginikanan ug medyo haruray na kabutang.. wah koy nahuman pero naa koy igsuon na gepahuman ug eskwela.. life must go on bsan pubri.. basta maningkamot lang grasyahan rah ghapon ta.

  • Good evening this woman should call her iron woman because she is scurfy for living if you go any time there if they have number phone and send for me thanks again for this video ( Kuwait 🇰🇼)

  • Talented lady and very hard worker.

  • Payag or kamalig ang Binisayâ. Dilì bahay kubo.

  • I hope that lady is having a better life now.
    It would be better to show her face without a mask.

    Can you please show more of this type of videos ?

  • I'm farm Pakistan 🇵🇰 miss palpan

  • This is what happens when you don't get married. The dude always runs away like a chicken.

  • province life ❤️

  • Do you have land for sale or rent for me?

  • Ireland here

  • Very shocking to my heart…May God bless her..sending brotherly love and hug from Manipur india.

  • Where is here. Can I go to visit her house? I am a Taiwanese. I want to build a hut like this.

  • Love from India..

  • Thats thier standard of living they think isn't a poverty way of life many Filipinos believed on that, they called it a simple way of life.They dont find away to improve there way of life it's that the way it is.

  • Mahal ko ang Pilipinas الفلبيين بلد جميل


  • when i was there in the early 70,s i asked a woman with 3 kids how it was to live like that and she said fine. that she had all that was needed for her and her kids. no husband or boy friend. her mom and dad lived in the place next door. she would do maid work and her mom watched her kids when she worked out of the home. she and her mom and dad made brooms also. they had a few things going on that got them a few p,s . they seemed way more happy then my drunken rich family back in the states.

  • she gets by . and she dose not need a western guy . its a tiny house. she is getting by. no bills not a lot of stress.

  • its my dreamland… i am from india i live saudi since i teens my dad work one company there have lots pinay so i grow with them they are really very friendly and food lover i have many best friend from phillippine i love this land just like my 2nd home

  • Love from india🇮🇳

  • And here i am complaining about my life
    . when people in 3rd world have it. Worsr

  • My dad lived this way back in the 30's and forties. Even much worst in some cases because he had mostly cold weather environments. His dad died when he was 12 years old. The community was very small and very isolated. So it was not like his mom had any choice of finding another husband. What got him out of poverty was when they eventually had enough money began to move into the city. He finished his school and got a better job. Then his lifestyle began to change and improve. He was always involved into the community. Helping others. But he was always conscience of feeding that to the point, where it began to hurt others, because they depended on someone else too much. He knew in order to have a better life he had to continue learning. This the key ingredient in life. The government should always be conscience of this building block. In the bible God tells Abraham to get up and leave his country. Why ? So he could bless him more. So at times if God opens that door. Go through it. It is for your good. This could even mean into another community for a job. To stay would mean only a harder lifestyle for you. Which God does not want you to struggle. Lets us also pray for this woman's family. Because God can either restore her family, or bring someone better into her life. He doesn't want you to struggle, but to be blessed. God Bless.

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  • Sna pakita mo face ni may2 nka mayron magka gusto sa kanya ate, new sub location po jhuncoo from Canada.

  • I'm stuck with a 30yr mortgage, yay…

  • I would rather live like that than in this un-natural un free country.

  • Asa ni dapita mam? New subscriber ko nimo.

  • Total respect, mahal ko Pilipinas

  • I gather some knowledge about your country people, Lifestyle,food, and culture. thank you so much for sharing with with us.laptop Bangladeshi village life ❤️💖💓💓

  • Hello all? if any one want to help my do a remake on a some feel free to let me know. I need 4 ladys to sing 4 very small parts and anyone that can play a music instruments ( girl or guy ) Thank you all…

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