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Raw Politics: Filipino journalist shines light on deaths in government's drug war


  1. rpm says

    this woman is a tax evader a shame to my country philippines and she is a lier look at their you tube channel rappler the comment section is disable because people will comment to their channel for their lies.. a liar a shame

  2. Sweet Love 143 says

    Rappler is owned by foriegn investors. Shut up Maria Ressa.

  3. nycbigdog1 says

    You’re going to jail because you don’t pay your taxes and abide by Philippine law. Being a journalist just allows you to cry about it to the public through media. Getting 90 hate messages a day also means Filipinos don’t like what you write

  4. Camille Cab says

    I believe journalists play a large part in disseminating not just narratives, but the truth that lies within these narratives. Government’s waging war against drugs needs to be discussed more. Thank you for sharing your insights!


    There are a lot of deaths in this governance and some are trying to silence these journalists who only do their job well. Being a journalist in this time requires great courage and I salute this woman for standing up to what is right and sharing the truth for all Filipinos out there.

  6. Ka Gabriel says

    This women taught us the most important lesson.


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