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  1. vitamin yi says

    Omg KIM LEE

  2. Fracasso Pilosopo says

    Woah she's half filipina!

  3. noo says

    Love Kimmy Lee, especially since watching Bling Empire

  4. S LB says

    saweetie is part asian??

  5. Zeenia S says

    Here from Bling Empire

  6. Ronnie DLC says


  7. phıldephıa phıla says

    Who came here after watching Bling Empire on Netflix

  8. Grace Love says

    She looks more black than Blasian. Very pretty though.

  9. Ashfaque Khan says

    Raised by wolves… teehee

  10. Oncoy albanjari says


  11. Angel Denisse says

    I watched this a few months ago and I was like “ouuu saweetie” but then this week I finished watching Bling Empire and I see this in my recommendations and I’m like “OH SHIT KIM LEE”

  12. Zorem Pautu says

    Who's here after watching Bling Empire on Netflix????❤️

  13. Adolf Obama says


  14. E W says

    Yooo saweetie just shouted her out on her story for empire bling lol

  15. maria daugherty says

    I ship Kim and Kevin ik that has nothing to do with this video but-

  16. Ice Bear-imnida says

    Bling Empire yo!

  17. Hanzel Kyle Cruz says

    I think I'm going to stan this Saweetie. Ang ganda niya!

  18. Sen says

    "tell me something that i don't know." MA'AM AAAAHHH

  19. ed njr says

    ATE ICY ❄️

  20. Liam Gekzua says

    Pinoy sya?

  21. Chelsea Castro says

    mahal ko siya

  22. Rich Hunny says

    I fxcking love pancit!

  23. Michael Ty says

    Um NO…. shes not representing for asia. She's representing for the Filipinos.

    Asia is a big contentinent and we are not all the same people.

  24. Nathanyel Saludo says

    Wow just wow 😀

  25. Jiwon Kim says

    she had a lot of filipino traits her parents did well on raising her 🖤

  26. Jiwon Kim says

    "Girl I'm always ready to eat I'm filipinoeee" yes girl go get that sinigang 😂🤣 she's sooo funny and natural omg i love her

  27. Jiwon Kim says

    omg i love her why did i just discover her just now 😭 she's really proud to be a filipino she's not just using it for benefit unlike others I have so much respect! 🙌🏻🇵🇭✨

  28. Yarramashitah Treasure says

    Im a fan now!

  29. Rene9ade559 says

    Need a Manila Grey and Saweetie callob 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. Rickola01 says

    Sweetie collab with Her both half filipina from da bay that willl be hella dope.

  31. Phil Librado says


  32. Cecile Mendoza says

    Shes filipino? Oh wow….love it!

  33. Nikolas Khan says

    Yaaasss Saweetie!

  34. Nicole says

    J cole and Saweetie are my favorite rappers, I want that😭

  35. CheekyFeeks says

    My crush💖💍😌👅🤤

  36. Stephen Lloyd Abayon says

    saweetie should be the featured artist in black eyed peas song called "MABUTI"

  37. Ed B. says

    She's filipina chinese, meaning she probably only got Chinese dna

  38. Luke Skywalker says

    she needs to collab with rina sawayama

  39. Cookie Eyes says

    Omg the owner of that restaurant died but the owner was my lolos friends

  40. Naomi Ternura says

    Yasss ATE ICY for the winnnn!!!

  41. Kirk Sander Niere says

    Okay now Collab with H.E.R as a fellow half asian half Filipino.

  42. Nadia Yau says


  43. DJ AfterMatH says

    Why are all these ladies looking plastic these days. With the detachable eye lashes, lips, hair, eagle talon nails, and what not. Just let your natural beauty show :)!

  44. J S says

    She be repping the bay and the Filipino culture but no collab with P-lo yet? Lol

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