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  1. Matt Fronda says

    0:38 that McDonalds is the one I used to eat in when I go with my family in Tagaytay

  2. Nathan Strawbridge says

    This happened when I was in Christchurch men's prison in the pound the boss of the Goon squad printed and signed his name Lucifer on a legal document he's a Pom and said to me Boris will bail me out the English PM

  3. Taal Volcano Eruption 🌋 January 12 2020 of the Yellowstone Eruption 🌋

  4. Xplo8 says

    2020: I know! LEts start off with a BANG!!!

  5. Eron Sebastian Ermino says

    Tagaytay uses taal from batangas so it can make a money from anothers province property what a good job im 11.85 km away from the volcano and i can see it pretty well

  6. Alvin Lawrence Marzan says

    All car she can see taal because of sabog

  7. Alvin Lawrence Marzan says

    Oh no prob is taal because sabog

  8. Kori Seningen says


  9. LuckyJ TV says

    New channel here i need support thank u

  10. Muhammad Aamir Javed says

    Ask Forgiveness from ""ALLAH"" the creator of us all and this whole universe

  11. ronaldallan deveria says

    Hahaha! Yeah… 156 ha? HAHAHAHA… Amanos… Kwits!

  12. Melissa The Fam says

    My god be with you!

  13. Georgio Mesina says

    I like the GERMAN NEWS DW.. They are very honest with their information…The Spanish Empire ruled the PHILIPPINES ISLANDS for 300 years..their study and research of the islands discovered 108 volcanoes in 7,000 islands…because of their FEAR and superstitious mind , they build over 100 ROMAN Catholic church for Fear of fire and destruction!!!..they believe the churches can protect them..there are only less than a few dozen Roman Catholic churches still standing…."FEAR" is a Great motivator!!!..From CALIFORNIA USA, I give prayers for the INDO-ASIAN and SOUTH EAST ASIAN Filipino people for guidence and safety in Jesus Christ name…………first a typhoon ,then earthquake and volcano eruption, now Coronavirus from CHINA….What will be next!!!…
    …..Giorgio Messina…..

  14. Shad Anims 2 says

    b o o m

  15. Yuliyah Mills says

    We pray for you from Indonesia, Asean country this month is very sad.

  16. Rem says

    Wow I was here like months ago and it was beautiful, to see everything covered in ashes

  17. COOKING 101 WAYS says

    About 200 thousands people are in the evacuation centers and some are returning now…

  18. woodspirit98 says

    Is this guy smiling the whole time for any reason? Or is it just a permanent smirk?

  19. Rkimm Capal says

    stay strong peoples

  20. Ginny Aragon says

    ASIA NEIGHBORS (Please pray PH.)

    South Korea
    North Korea


  21. Jason's family adventures says

    With advanced communications today they still broadcast in pixelated garbage that takes 10 minutes to reach an individual!

  22. Jhajha Mayor says

    Thank you for updates!!!

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