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  1. Drewyoo says

    Very brave dude, never dared trying the street food in the Philippines. Thanks for trying it for me, know now that Im not missing out πŸ˜…

  2. Congress Mashava says

    Vlogging with your wife and baby to places like phillipines is truelly next level. So much commitment to do it

  3. CED official says

    whos watching 2020 click

  4. Arvin Anasco says

    wala kwenta tour guide mo

  5. Johanna Lao says

    The lady she doesn't know the ingredients of some of the food they ate and also have not tried some of the food . I guess she doesn't eat street food. She only eat them because Mark Weins ate them.

  6. Roberto Memis says

    That tour guide was wrong!! Its not lagro market
    Its Litex and I live there
    Lagro is way far. That girl is canceledt! Ang arte nakakainis
    Spreading wrong info grrr

  7. n c says

    Mark is not too keen on sweet food hahahahahaha but he is very polit omg

  8. n c says

    Oh dear Lord, Rodics. I miss you my love. My college life was defined by SC (shopping center)

  9. GUC CI says

    Sarap ng langaw

  10. Elsie Endradora says


  11. Pierce Ann Castaneda says

    We see you vloging at up

  12. Maricel Talosig says

    If I am your wife, we will be eating a lot of green mangoes with bagoong! Hahaha i think thats one of the the most authentic street food you ate that day and even Sonny Side havent tried it! 🀣

  13. Sheila May Baldoviso says

    Wow. Sobrang lapit lang samin ng market na 'yan. ❀️

  14. Nana Chan says

    I was in Philippines 2 years ago and yes chicken intestine is so freaking delicious ahhhhh still craving

  15. Tagailog May Pagasa says

    men I miss the smell of this barbecue isaws in the evening. hope the pandemic ends soon. Stay safe everyone!

  16. angel manuel says

    Taste good that the filipino good…yum yum yum..

  17. Pranit Bharade says

    16:38 ohh That indian Mangos😍😍πŸ₯° love from Mumbai, India

  18. Jason Villaflor says


  19. Yanin Solis says

    that sweet man selling lechon manok said "i can teach you how make it" πŸ₯Ί i hope he's doing wonderful in life.

  20. Mark Vincent Moncada says

    shouldnt suppose to be like that i hate that canteen on last part of the video the foods doesnt look good it looks all watery i wish you go to good canteen not like that

  21. Foolito Kenny says

    Filipino are the nicest people πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ½πŸ‘ˆπŸ½

  22. KINDAT says

    12:38 tinira pa yung presyo ni Sr. Pedro, Pinoy nga naman. haha

  23. Pete Veneracion says

    Hi Mark, I’ve been following your videos especially the ones in the Philippines and I just wonder if you ever get stomach problems like diarrhea from eating the street food. I experienced drinking a green mango shake one time and when I got back to my hotel I was throwing up and having diarrhea non stop. Did you ever had a similar experience? I’m just amazed watching you eat everything without any doubt about the after effects. More power to your videos. I love it.

  24. Senpai Okway says

    every Filipino weakness is green Mango with shrimp paste .

  25. Carlos Munoz says

    Mango thumbnail got me here,I am not from Philippines,I am from El Salvador and we love green mangos with lemon juice,hot sauce and powder made from pumpkin's seed we called it alguaste.
    Salvadoean will understand.

  26. John Builds says

    Inom tayo maraming buko mga pre bago tayo makipag talik sa mga asawa natin hahahaha

  27. Carlos Roxas says

    I miss UP Diliman

  28. louie lagura says

    Lakas kumain ni ate

  29. Pop pop says

    12:55 kinumpaeanpa talaga alni tatay

  30. Pop pop says

    My favorite
    It’s mu favorite

  31. nheaLl gida says

    Wow you featured the place in quezon city,,by the way it is in litex market not in lagro place to be corrected πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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