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  1. dfpk247 says

    no one wins…

  2. Sheina Benemerito says

    I gotta say to Canadians..


  3. Frespen Sanchez Reyes says


  4. Cav Chron says

    I love the girl anchor. She's FIERCE. Just straight up questioning BS.

  5. mangopy says

    Hi you reached a neutral comment! Here's a snack for the debate section! 🍟💥

  6. Kisses kisses says

    that issue embarrasing to canada god blessed the philippines aamen

  7. Aries Narona says

    This guy is a liar. The woman is a great journalist.

  8. john X15 says

    i thougt this is the best country but it turns out the worst to me now

  9. Weer Aaagh says

    I am proud my presedent duterty of Philippines,,hahah Canada u don't seem in around that word is product Canada is garbeg,,

  10. The Mamac Bulletin says

    It's probably cheaper to take back your own trash rather than go to an all-out war against the Philippines and its allies.

  11. Matt Kenyon says

    Who in The Philippines made the deal to have that “ garbage “ sent there , I still haven’t heard or read that . Maybe Mr Duterte needs to talk to them before jumping to conclusions

  12. Erwin Bolocboloc says

    That's why Asian countries have dirty water all western countries throw der garbage to third world country. I'm not shock anymore if they throwing the garbage in the sea that near in third world countries

  13. Aivandave Pagas says

    Duterte is not a killer he was a wise minded President🇵🇭

  14. Gambo says

    OMG….. 1.1 million for garbage ???

  15. Chrono Cross says

    Ok so when can we stop importing uneducated cheap labour from the philipines? we have enough slaves here in Canada, TFWs everywhere you go…on the buses you hear them yapping, on the streets you hear them yapping, all these people do is work slave labour and yap.

  16. Lovely Arciaga says

    Hahaha poor of you guys! Our president duterte are powerful 😍

  17. Eddie De Leon says

    is that how you treat a Christians here in the Far East … thank you there brothers and sisters … isn't it a virus being exported … is there any occurance in this earth that GOD doesn't see … thanks you Sir/Mam and good afternoon too keep safe

  18. P Val says

    Pretend. She .

  19. Satya Ramchander says

    what the hell do the canadians and their loony leadership think….that the asian nations are garbage dumps?……well done president duterte….keep knocking the hell out of the arrogant west.

  20. Made Fromscratch says

    I have a solution, stamp Gold and Diamonds on the side of the barge and ship it to waters close to Somalia so the pirates Hijack it and they will be stuck with the trash .

  21. Made Fromscratch says

    There could be phillipinos hiding in those containers coming to Canada.

  22. TB Seow says

    The other option is to dump the containers in international waters off Vancouver!

  23. max rhum says

    As Asian, a Filipino i see this kind of happenings as A Great Hypocrits commited by a tie wearing dresses people looks formal but dirty inside. Its your waste, throw it in your own front yard.. Damn…

  24. Nenita Jones says

    But it's ok for the Philippines people to have this disgusting garbage to endanger the ppl of the Philippines? Ano kayo sira ulo ?

  25. Nenita Jones says

    Itapon sa kalsada nila mga lintik

  26. Nenita Jones says

    Mga walang hiya mga hepocrata galing dumi sa Manila but have nerve to talk about my native country are being dirty..oh wow

  27. John Borres says

    Hinde na min kailangan kayamanan nyo mga amricano kahit magtanim kmi kamute buhay km I kayo nakikinabang samin

  28. John Borres says

    Ang pah mamaliit nyo sa presidente namin subra na tama na

  29. Goodness Grace says

    Take back your nasty garbage" Canada. With grand reception

  30. Jami Maghuyop says

    Canadians are so friendly

  31. Trip With Mae says

    Nice one 😊! I'll support you! Bago lang ako dito, mag-tulungan tayo guys. Hugs?

  32. Lodi ako Love it says

    This is why philippines has a lot of garbage around the country… I feel bad of source and sorry because I'm in canada and I just feel really sorry sa mga pinoy dyan 🙁

  33. Christopher Allan says

    all the times Canada helped the Philippines during their typhoons, they should b on their knees thanking Canada, not threatening us… this is a joke

  34. Joe Zapata says

    That exporter doesn’t go to jail?

  35. purple world.s says

    Philippines is not a trash can duh

  36. KaiserWilhelmBear says

    Was hoping for the war on Canada. Looking forward to having Canada ran by Duterte.
    King Duterte first of his name King of Canada .

  37. Rodney Lopez says

    why pres, duterte kilĺing enocense people in drugs

  38. Rodney Lopez says

    what is your plan cristian democrasy or muslim democrasy

  39. Caloy Coi says

    The garbage deposited in the Philippines by Canada should have earned interest and returned with dung from illegal settlers.

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