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  1. cassidy beckwith says

    just me here for geography??

  2. Ysmael Inductivo says

    We are a resilient race.We are God-fearing and love our neighbor.We shall overcome!

  3. Miles Mutia says

    I actually live there in Eastern Samar Philippines

  4. Mathew 16:24 says

    What corona virus! What a load of rubbish.

  5. volcano, covid 19, typhoon, next will be earthquakes, or floods, or tsunamis….

  6. karma is the only justice in this world….

  7. South Korea will be next, or Japan or China or Vietnam….

  8. Florence Cantero says

    Filipinos are strong under du30 🙏🏽

  9. Eric Mares says

    Stay safe!

  10. Tara Williams says

    Man God not playing with us repeat people

  11. Me Oey says

    They go to bali island too

  12. Mariamagdalena Amores says

    I haven't heard about the yongfong typhoon in my country. I always talk to my family in Cebu Philippines but they don't say about that typhoon. It's always hit in Manila. I hope everyone is safe and especially this Covid19. Every year we have typhoon there. When I was a kid we barely have no rain and typhoon. Now, twice or more typhoon in a year. Something going on with the climate. And it's all have a reason why we have all crisis around the world. May God always protect us and have faith to God. Wishing all to be safe of all crisis we have been through. God is Powerful. Best wishes for all, from New York.

  13. Wiwi Wowo says

    They're already used to typhoon

  14. Stephine Jose says

    I hope the typhoon bring COVID-19 back to China.

  15. Haru Juno says

    Be Safe🙏

  16. Oofstead says


  17. Darlene Bigstone says

    Prayers 🙏

  18. Sandie Norman says


  19. KK L says

    The Filipinos are resilient people but i pray and hope we all overcome all these. So much pain and loss damn it.

  20. waizu.sirius says

    The narrator has such a Danish accent lol

  21. pinay foods says

    God always with us🙏🙏🙏 watching from philippines

  22. sahrul ramadan says

    God was angry about u all

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