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  2. MarkAnthony KeeGuillena says

    Too many filipinos its normal

  3. Sage VI says

    Just another day

  4. Ng Lian chuan says

    抢劫一空Hong Kong 船!不过他们都有中国制造武器!会发生流血事件!不过不会被公开

  5. Ng Lian chuan says


  6. Ng Lian chuan says


  7. Totally Not Aoi says

    We are with you ~ 🇯🇵

  8. Lester Honori says

    Land of typhoons.. Kaya ntn yan

  9. Jeffrey Mangubat says

    The videos shown are not in Manila. Thats outside Manila.

  10. Fidelis Rickie says

    With you with our prayers from Papua New Guinea.

  11. Fighter Pilot 101 says

    HAARP! HAARP! HAARP! Fresh from the USA!

  12. worrawut moolmanas says

    It's very hard living in this country

  13. dauntlesskjcm says

    That’s nothing with Filipino’s resiliency.

  14. Joseph Vincent Montesclaros says

    We don’t talk about it.

  15. Michael Nablo says

    typhoon are main weapon against China soon 💪😂

  16. Zaza De Verona says

    R.I.P the victim of disaster

  17. Benny Moore says

    Any updates for Davao City and southwards?

  18. Nobin Wary says

    Pray for Philippines.. heavenly..father heal.. Philippines from natural disasters..

  19. DAESAM DC GAMES says

    My grandmother is in the philippines my mother came on Sunday thank God she came fast

  20. Aaron Dominguez says

    It is sad to see footage of people in the eye of a storm but for the News reporter to ask about the 2019 Olympic Sea games above the care of the people who may loose their homes in the storm is what is evident of the spirit of idolatry.
    They worship sports! And while God is destroying their lifestyle; they still raise their idols before the people of the Philippines, through the media! As though anyone in the world, who is about to loose their home and possessions is worried whether or not the Olympics will go on!

  21. 陈Cheney says

    Pray for you and hope everyone will be ok🙏🙏from China🇨🇳

  22. FV N • 55 years ago says

    Was in metro manila, rains weren’t as strong as I thought they would be but sometimes it was heavy, wind was sorta prevalent.

  23. Jo Holly says

    The Phil govt I bet spend millions for preparation of Olympics but they didn't even bother to built a shelter for disaster victims….corruption as usual!

  24. Best Faahim Ever says

    We are with you -🇧🇩

  25. Yummy Dummy says

    We pray for you god safe all philipin people god bless you all we are with you from afghanistan

  26. Ali Mohaghegh says

    Filipinos are great people they always make it through hard times. wish them the best!!!!



  28. Not only the Philippines being punished with typhoons, but also with floods, mudslides, landslides, earthquakes, tropical storms, tropical cyclones, etc. More natural disasters to come to the Philippines…. 🤗🙂☺😊

  29. Bonita Wilson says

    weather controlers

  30. Sage CT says

    Stay safe Philippines God bless

  31. Jordan Melby Vlogs says

    Prayers for the Philippines…. Wish I was still there so I can help.. Filipinos are the most resilient people in the World! God bless Philippines! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  32. Jan Eria says

    God bless you all !!!

  33. Quan Huynh says

    🙏🙏🙏 GOD BLESS …the FILPPINOES…!❤️❤️❤️

  34. Dr. Vinnie Boombatz says

    Anyone who knows how strong the wind ended up to be in Metro Manila? The center of the typhoon must have been around 150-200 km south of Manila – but that would still give a LOT of rain to the capital – but I´m not sure how strong the wind ended up being???

  35. Sad but It's true says

    Isn't god's plan beautiful?

  36. ㄒ卄乇丂丨ㄥ乇几ㄒ says

    they fogot about the *great**? seagames

  37. Northeast says

    Is that gone

  38. William Kirchhofer says

    I don't understand why they keep purposely overlooking Batangas.

  39. Parthib Sarkar says

    We all are with you. From India 🇮🇳

  40. Namjoons P0rnhub account says

    My cousins live in Manila 🥺

  41. i lived in province south of capital Manila, I thought that was only heavy rains with gusty winds, but in 13:21 (local time), we suprisingly got hit by strong to violent winds with light to moderate rains and it got brownout in my town where i live in.

  42. Lance Fortaleza says

    The land of the most resilient people in the world..it is called….The Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  43. Az izul Hakim Tuhin says

    Allah 🙌

  44. River 360 says

    How many disaster does Japan and Philipines faces everyyear though managing such huge population survive.

  45. JogBird says

    Havent they been hit by typhoons for millions of years?

  46. rod axel says

    Electricity is back at my home after almost half a day without it. Rainfall is not as heavy as I thought . Winds are very strong. Damages are clear with homes with light materials, with trees and slim electric poles down on the streets #Staysafe #Tisoyph. Landslide prone with slight flooding.

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