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Philippines dispute Chinese maritime expansion at South China Sea | DW News


Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte is gearing up for a face-off with China. Ahead of his fifth visit to China, he is facing pressure from back home to raise the …


  1. DW News says

    Correction: The 22 Filipino fishermen mentioned in our report did not die. They were left "for dead", but were fortunately picked up and saved. We apologize for our mistake.

  2. biniyaan sa kagahapon says

    Rodrigo Duterte the president of philippines is a PUPPET of CHINA who's always wegging with his tail like a dog to his master Xi Jinping, that is why they called the Philippines a province of China..!

  3. Daniela Mancera says

    West Philippines sea belongs to Philippines. We will forever fight for our rights and sovereignty. China is bully!!

  4. Lenjean L. says

    It's West Philippine Sea not South China Sea, to be exact.

  5. Ďev¡L Ąng¡L says

    Sobrang sakim nyo kasi mga Tsino (not all i know but), ano na nangyari ngayon sa bansa nyo? KINARMA 😒 Bansa nyo pa nagdala nang pinakamalaking pandemya ngayon 😒

  6. autorefresher1 says

    Don't hate Chinese. Hate the CCP. Don't legitimize them by giving them the representative of the people

  7. Iamjeremiah_ says


  8. Ng Tommy says

    Why China invade Paracell and Spratly Islands of VietNam. Also philipine invade Thi Tu island of VietNam ???

  9. Matfield Bro says

    South China sea is every Asia-Pacific region sea, China cannot claim it at all for herself

  10. purple world.s says

    Philippines sea is ours!

  11. The sea belongs to China!

  12. Bolikling says

    Watch out Filipinos! The Communist party is evil. They are so greedy they want
    to dominate and bully the region even seas that do not belong to them like the West Philippine Sea. Watch out how Chinese money is buying Filipino politicians and their crony protestors shouting invictives against the Americans. The Americans are the only super power we can trust to protect and defend the Filipinos and the region. Watch what they do to the people in HongKong, the Uighers whom they incarcerate in the millions in the pretext of re-education. Watch how they create conflicts in the Indian borders. Open your eyes Filipinos. You will be next if you don't wake up.

  13. rizAromathera Zulueta says

    may small dog ba ang china nakita sa ating WEST PHILIPPINE SEA huhuhu

  14. Omniscientone Almighty says

    They got a map we called toilet paper.

  15. Francis Earl Collera says

    WEST PHILIPPINE SEA not south china sea

  16. Thirdy Gan says

    Never ever trust China…

  17. JC Fernandez says

    Please do not use "South China Sea" by using it we accept that it belongs to China so we are using "West Philippines Sea" – Thanks

  18. Yasser Indol says

    Huli na ang lahat. Kung nuon nga na gumagawa palang sila ng isla hindi natin napaalis ngaun pa kaya na nafortfied na nila. Only war can can undo what they have done and that is if we can defeat them.

  19. James Fones says

    The South China Sea was instigated decades ago to distract the Chinese population from problems in-country:
    Check out "China 1; United States and Allies 0: How the U.S. and its Allies are Losing the South China Sea".
    Check it out – Amazon

  20. neurogale company says

    M-5003 avatar

  21. Erlinda Robis says

    West Philippines Sea ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. J says

    If those illegally built militarized islands by China aren't blown off to bits today, China will rule the world in 20 years, rewrite and write all our history.

  23. Ito Emi says

    Si Tatay Digong kasi di mo maintindihan , Kung sino ba ang kaalyansa ng pinas ! Masyadong maramdamin ! Gaya na ng kay Bato na hindi nakapasok sa America , anong ginawa ni tatay Digong ? Nagalit sa America ! Di nya alam kung saan sya kakapit ! Hay naku !

  24. Demon Hunter says

    why china want that sea area?
    it is full with artifact and thousand of old ship merchants drowned there long time ago it is full of gold silver and old vase
    northwest of tips of borneo simpang mangayau/mangazou

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