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  1. MJ Neri says

    Final June 18-19
    Open Na Shut Down Wala Covid 19
    Ok All The World

  2. Cezar Garcia says

    Some people are laughing at what they did to us, to the whole world ………… Who could have authored, or created this problem? Always FOLLOW THE MONEY to find out……. Who benefits most? ……. You got the answer to that question, 99% you are one of the wisest men I have ever known…….. Huh! You do not know how to follow the money? Well, STUPID is your name!

  3. Gretchen Duan says

    Make this blue if you are a Filipino who is proud to have our President Duterte

  4. Vince Bernardo says

    OMG I live in the Philippines and I knew this right now

  5. alana _ arciaga says

    I think our school here in the Philippines is in January.

  6. Dee Valen says

    Liberal propaganda na nmn amputa..

  7. Maria JoAnna Broñola says

    God Bless 😭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  8. Pure filipina says

    Lol. She is not answering the question!😂

  9. Pyzar Mohammad says

    Everyone's gotta admit it. Our government's Covid-19 response is better than most other countries despite of Philippines' proximity to the epicenter of the virus in Wuhan, China.

  10. Luz Hernan says

    Philippines has a good government but a worst citizen😟

  11. FellowFilipinos says

    I am not proud to be a filipino. But since our president is pres Du30 I am increasing my patriotism in being a Filipino.

  12. Pamela Suarez says

    P**ng in ka ate ang sakit sa tenga ng way nang pag sasalita mo !!!! Wag mo nang ipilit ung accent pls . Pls lang

  13. ReadyMark Gaming says

    News: The Philippine government did something great about the pandemic!


    Some Filipinos: *let's insert the president being a dog to China and rant all over it

    A town: *didn't receive relief goods


    Some Filipinos: *it's the president's fault, he can't keep up with this pandemic, get him out of his position

    News: Project under the current administration is now completed and opened to public!


    Some Filipinos: *Pfft, it's from the past administration, the president didn't even do anything during his term

    Meanwhile foreigners compared the Philippines and U.S. about the quarantine, says Philippines is way better

    Comment section: Our President really cares for our country!

    Some replies: *Pfft, let's insert any negative things about the president and rant all over it as well

    They just want to hate

  14. shelvie saulog says

    Bernal is a certified du30 hater… D gov. Do the best thing and your whinning like a spoiled brat. So sad the network interview a partisan hahhaaha.

  15. Spicy Dunk says

    Can everyone explain to me briefly what will happen if a country closed their financial market?

  16. Ben says

    Grabe yung paglunok ng reporter eeeh😂

  17. Kabayan heart Channel says

    Thank you President Duterte we love u here in U.S,I do helping People para narin eprove na we love u as President in Philippine

  18. LeeWayExpressions Ave says

    Bias report …it is not the whole truth..

  19. Sarah M says

    Base from other countries. Well. Im not saying the government is doing the right thing. But at least they are doing what they can do right now. from what i can see. We cannot be like US or UK or china. We cannot have that many infections from time to time. So lockdown like this is urgent. As a country with a word "limited" attached on many things. We cannot treat many patient on the spot like US etc. So mass testing everyone on the spot could become a nightmare. lets take this a lil bit slow. So we can treat everyone carefully until we find a cure. Also. Because a lot of markets are still active. I think huge mass testing is a waste. People can still go out after testing and get infected. i believe mass testing many people should be done during total lockdown.

  20. Sleepy potato says

    Philippines be like when there's a deadly virus


  21. Talking Dave says

    Press. Duterte is actuall planning to have a masharlaw if the case covid19 got worst in my country😷🤕😦

  22. John Wig says

    Here comes all the brainwashed Filipinos thinking Duterte is doing it because he cares abt the lives of the ppl rather than the economy 😂😂😂 What a joke coming from the man who resorts to shooting ppl without trial.

  23. Lana Xes - DP says

    Goodluck to this 3rd world C.

  24. comscom says

    They can do that if they are dependent to China.

  25. Ann2x Paldo says

    Congratulations Phillipines

  26. NSママ says

    If you really value your love one's life please cooperate.

  27. Burning Dingo says

    CCP Government is buying time for global dominance and we need to Stan together and pay into a new Allie's health organization to beat the virus before CCP can grip us all

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