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  1. Johnwell Villasanta says

    She looks like Aimee Garcia of Lucifer

  2. Hershey Heart Alfonso says

    Ako lang bato o kamuk niya yung mga artista sa pilipinas

  3. Dio Brando says

    She got muscles tho

  4. ANIME {FREAK} says

    I'm from the future ,hello there old comments 😂

  5. Nicholas Fuller says

    I love ❤️ phillipinas

  6. Al Chavez says

    1940s the best

  7. Nicholas Anderson says

    1930s, 1940s, and the 1960s where personally the best.

  8. Jason Israel says

    Gnda ng tanawin sa 0:20

  9. Kai Yutan says

    Im just waiting for the time where the oldest generation is gen z so ppl would be comfortable with their skin tone. Majority of older generations prefer fair skins and it’s annoying

  10. Esme Marion says

    very nicely survived the 80s I see


    She looklike cristine reyes

  12. Mohit Jangir says

    If I am not wrong then I think that the 1970's hairstyle here was also famous in Bollywood back then.

  13. Kyle Sanchez says

    Putting makeup on your face everyday is one hell of an addiction 🥵

  14. LucidDreamer Entertainment says

    Wow I’m actually surprised their 1980s style isn’t super curly or frizzy.

  15. Bakhtawar Tariq says

    Wait isnt she Austin and Adrian's mother?
    Its her isnt it???

  16. Ni Co says

    The real title of this is "100 years of hairsytle"

  17. Aaron Paul Dy Lusanta says

    she's pretty whatever style it may be

  18. Angyliv says

    Es guapísima ella!!

  19. Heriberto Balatero says

    I am Filipino and all the comments say this girl is gorgeous (she really is gorgeous) but not all Filipinos look like that y'all

  20. super gal says

    How many of u came for austin's mom😄

  21. Yo Tang says

    She looks 10 years younger without make up! Wow!

  22. Ysabel Aquilizan says

    1940’s Philippine people wear filipinyana

  23. Darhaa Darhanbat says

    Not real filipino face.

  24. Lorenzo Hernandez says

    Why’d they paint her darker in the 1910s though?? Thought that was weird

  25. verivery stay says

    She's really pretty 😭🤚🏻

  26. Eren Jeager says

    Why she naked?

  27. Doll Collector says

    She kind of looks like tony gonzaga

  28. Pen Edward says

    Mas gusto ko face nya bago pa sya make up-an lahat lahat 😍😍

  29. Erika Lee says

    She's so pretty 😍😍

  30. Zhanna Baiga says


  31. Angelica Tiffany Garcia says

    Is there a reason why they used makeup to make her skin darker for the first two looks but then the rest she looked more fair?

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