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  1. Steve Cage says

    If I had my way, visitors from Italy, England, Canada, France, and Spain would permanently be banned from the USA.

  2. teresita Colbert says

    Dito nalang ako mag comment bakit na wawala yong manga testing for covid 19 hindi ba ninyo alam very importance ang results sa bawat Filipino at kinokolong pa paano kong may sunok bakit paano kong makalimotan ninyo pati sila letchon lahat ang abutin nakabatay naman kayo dyan.

  3. SuperSilverRage says

    Duterte calls for 'further strengthening' of PH-China relations


    Duterte is CORRUPT – getting PAID by China

  4. Keith Nathe says

    When will I be able to fly to Cebu city airport from the US without a quarantine?

  5. grey liberty says

    Why does the reporter is not wearing a safety mask?

  6. Willie White says

    Any word when foreigners can fly to Philippines and be issed a visa?

  7. gulfer1 says

    I thought i was watching Ethel Booba speak straight english 😂

  8. Ramil Navato says

    Inconsistent of information from the government will be your problem once you get here. Like 14 days quarantine

  9. corcky gaming says

    Does anyone knows the latest news, filipino from manila airport may flight na po ba papuntang ibang bansa ?
    O domestic flight meron din ba?

  10. Lifestyle168 says

    The reporter is so pretty

  11. Evert Evert says

    Typical Al Jazeera.
    Getting all the facts ,, wrong,,
    Again . Philippines on lockdown
    Only allowing. Citizens ,, in

  12. Lenneth Cruz says

    Its open for Filipino Citizen only, all foreigners can go back to their country.. And only filipino citizen can go back now to our country,

  13. Sanoh Djaka kalle says

    May God Bless Philippines

  14. Ken Kaneki says

    Bad move I guess tsk 🤦🤦 🤦

  15. Lemurian Thunder says

    Let's not rely too much on Tourism . Lets start being more innovative. We had no tourism in ancient times yet no poverty.

  16. Mr.Kengkoy Pinoy says

    not good

  17. jin kazama says

    Ang lockdown Lang ay ang mga pilipino pero ang foreigners walang lockdown

  18. AnthraXaXis says

    are they just allowing international repatriation flights? I checked the IATA travel center, they disclose, flights to Philippines are still suspended.

  19. Augford P. Doggie says

    good job phillipines

  20. Demi Rae Mendes says

    As bias as ABS CBN 😂😂

  21. x pobre78 says

    Is the US Embassy in Manila open too?

  22. travelerwithstyle says

    I had a flight there in about 1 week but I'm cancelling it. No reason too (now) and also, there's 14-day quarantines. If you have 2 of those that's 28-days worth of forced quarantines (14-days there and 14-days back). Who wants to spend 28-days in quarantines?, chance of flights being cut (and getting stranded), heading the the airport and then getting stranded there if flights get cut (.. and walking back), and not being able to travel outside Manila. I've seen many people stuck in the Philippines (some on ships) since they got stranded there – it's very disorganized with little warning given.

  23. Влад Буш says

    "Огонь по своим": в иранский корабль по ошибке попала ракета…
    Один иранский военный корабль подбил ракетой другой
    Судно в итоге не утонуло Иранский ОШИБКЕ

  24. Mohamed Sharif says

    Hhhhhhhh they are saying welcome corona hhhhhhhhhhh

  25. MrSlanderer says

    Be safe, Filipinos!

  26. devin lorenz says

    What about flights out of the country

  27. AdamLook 7 says

    How come she is reporting without masks, as i understand its mandatory to use mask

  28. Secret Billionaire says

    The Philippine president will allow flights from China. Guarantee!😡

  29. Lirfyc Aicarganivid says

    Only few dies in ccp virus that is the reason but even without a trip on sea chinese illegally entered in our country for some pinoy does a stupid things.

  30. Sangam Sangroula says

    India has annexed Nepal's territory. There is a big protest in Nepal. Broadcast that

  31. Baby drumphf says

    I was hoping to visit the Philippines one day but not after I saw the pictures of the the Caged Philippine Children. Duterte had them caged & took a page out of despicable tRumps playbook & caged vulnerable children! Boycott the Philipines! Boycott America till tRump is gone!

  32. RC PO TV says

    Always keep safe all

  33. ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says

    close every airport on earth for ever

  34. anthony bajee says

    Philippines a country of RACIST MEN, black people should never go to the philippines

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