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  1. Rosemarie Sabido says

    Otso Diretso in inferno😂

  2. Luigi Umali says

    Vox Populi, Vox Dei (Part II)

    Despite of the several baseless accusations and insinuations by UN, ICJ, intergovernmental organizations, other imperialistic nations and human rights groups against President Duterte, the Filipino people just observe and listen while keeping their opinion to themselves. For the ordinary, peace-loving and law-abiding Filipino people, what could be more truthful and factual than the progress they saw and witnessed in there respective cities and municipalities, the safety and peace they felt in their communities, the social services they benefited from the current government and the improved bureaucracy in government processes and transactions. These actual experiences coupled with more social services are undeniable realities and truths that no paid-journalists can refute, no international organizations can deny and no foreign-funded slanderers can ruin. These are too evident for them not draw their own opinions and conclusions. With all these, the majority of the Filipino people made their point known and and their aspiration counted through the electoral process.

    Our country has been colonized, bastardized, abused and raped by several countries before it earned its independence. After countless of lives given by our ancestors and heroes to gain our nationhood, the Philippines became a nation with its own identity, sovereignty and independence.

    If we make short recollection of our history, our ancestors, and the Filipino people are aware of these, suffered brutally and fatally to the abused and manipulations of the Spaniards. The Governor-general, together with his civil-guards, had subjugated our ancestors through fear and intimidation for about 333 years. The Filipino people were subjected to force labor without pay and if they refused, they were either imprisoned, fined or killed. Our ancestors, as slaves, were treated worse than dogs. The Spanish friars (Spanish priests) not only indoctrinated our ancestors to be martyrs they also raped our women, impregnated them and abandoned them like female dogs or bitches. Through that period, our ancestors made revolts but were unsuccessful as they were treacherously pacified or violently quelled. When, the Americans maliciously and treacherously bought our country from Spain for US $ 20 million, they controlled us with government executives wholeheartedly disregarding Abraham Lincoln's desire to eradicate slavery. Those who rebel against them were massacred. An entire community was put to death — the Balangiga and Moro Crater massacres. When World War II broke out, another imperialist thugs came in and wanted to dip in their brand of imperialism — the Japanese criminals. The Japanese imperialists, though their occupation was short, successfully raped our women and killed their husbands. This transpired for almost four years.

    We, the Filipino people, are already tired of foreign interference to our domestic affairs. UN, EU, UK and USA are among the hegemonic organizations and states who always try to exert their dominance and dominion on other countries. They have to in order to sustain their lust for power and exert global dominance. As if to them, they only hold and possess the true meaning of democracy and nobility that they use these as justifications for their atrocity to other countries and continued global dominance and foreign interference. As if to these countries and their leaders, they only own the rights to criticize others while it would be rude to criticize them. We are all equal in terms of our rights and let that be respected as much as we humbly respect others.

    The Philippines is an independent and sovereign state and its people are capable to decide for their country and for their own good. Why not respect their aspirations and desires like the way these hegemonic countries respect their own people's aspirations and desires?

    Again, the MIDTERM election is not about President Rodrigo Roa Duterte's grip on power but IT IS THE FILIPINO PEOPLE's EXPRESSION of SUPPORT and APPROVAL of his leadership, government and achievements while serving as the head of our country. And there is no secret towards President Duterte's popularity and support from the Filipino people other than the ones publicly known from his campaign promises. People admire and support him because he has the POLITICAL WILL and the SINCERITY to deliver his campaign promises and to do the mandates of his office as the PRESIDENT of the Republic of the Philippines in the interest and preservation of our people, our country and our patrimony.

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    EMEEE 😂😂😂

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    Utso dretso sa inuduru 😂
    Need gf here 🙁

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    I voted for Alemango for Coup De’tat sad to say we cannot invade another hotel 🙁

  6. superlengka says

    Bye otso..

  7. KanDa KA says

    Ocho derecho sa inidoro

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