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  1. Jim Martin says

    Ignore what the negative comments say. I cannot press the importance of culture and a sense of being at home enough. The culture of family and community and respect for your elders like it or not are what keeps nations together and leads by example. Not mass amount of items. The US in any sense of community has died and is not coming back…
    You people wonder why American men with any sense and logic are leaving it is because speaking from an american mans point of view. We have had enough of this third wave weirdo bull shit. It is good to know that some nations understand what men and women are for and as far as this new age of gender equality it can go get fucked. Because of this third wave ideal bull shit was in any way true for gender equality. Answer me this why are working class white men who are straight being the bad guy. I mean we all should be treated the same right ?

    I cannot wait to leave the US soil by jet plane and give a huge middle finger out the window seat of my plane and leave it there to be seen in full view for over five minutes as my last act as a civic minded citizen who did his part for a nation that turned to absolute shit. If you hate family and respect and human decency stay the fuck away from me end of list..

  2. Nexus-6 says

    The Filipino culture is unintelligible and immoral to not say barbaric. That's why the Philippines is dysfunctional. You're so cute with your stories of respect for the elders. What about the respect for the kids? Parents often act like dictators and children are treated like garbage in the Philippines. In the Philippines it's normal for adults to insult, belittle, humiliate kids. That culture allows child labor. No wonder Filipinos have such a massive complex of inferiority. Don't expect your leaders to improve such a backward culture. Real change always comes from the bottom of the pyramid and never from the top. That's why change will never come.

  3. TJfishbuk Salliverro says

    All is good until a Filipino becomes a politician. You will see the worst, the beast inside, the ruthless, the most uncaring, proud, coniving, unpatriotic and corrupt individuals, completely devoid of human decency and posses the opposite of Filipino morals and values whos only focus is to steal in every opportunity with no conscience. Thank God for a president that is completely different that really loves his country and has compassion for his people. The culture in politics and leadership has changed slightly but still needs a lot of work.

  4. Fairness Just Equality says

    It's our belief and the right term of word for MANO PO- "MANO" is BLESS YOU and "PO" is respect for the elders like Mr or Mrs…πŸ’― "Mano po" β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  5. palak taank says

    Surprised me this
    Coze I know a Filipino person who don't have any respect for anyone's'. , she only know to sleep, eating, lust for luxery all the time , she all time make her husband to fight with us , all the time she looks to go oust side for restaurant, even you are talking about respect for elders, she never spoke even a mummy to my mother , if we have some work , need to stay full day out, she never ask them even a drop of water, she only know to feed herself , she make us to weep all the time by her misdeeds
    .today I thought to know their culture I am totally stressed to know their culture I thought what she is and her family who never greet us , she show her true face on the day of marriage , she don't want to do work for family even for her husband and now we are in that condition to believe any forner

  6. Raymond Espedido says

    mahal ko ang mayamang kulturang Pilipino. lalo na at marami sa kultura natin ay maraming pagkakatulad sa mga kapatid namin sa bansang Indones at malay. hindi ko ikinahihiya kailanman ang lahi ko at marami pa ring Pilipino ang nagmamahal sa aming inang bayan. mabuhay ang lahing Pilipino at doon sa ayaw sa lahi at kultura ng Pilipinas, malaya po kayo.

  7. Raymond Espedido says

    pagmamano or putting the hands of the elders to one's forehead as a sign of respect is not a tradition inherited by Filipinos from spain. this gesture is austronesian or specifically malay in nature our brothers in indonesia and malaysia also practice this and their practice is called "salim" whereas the same gesture here in the Philippines we call it pag mamano where we have borrowed the spanish word for the hand mano to name the gesture.

  8. RockySage84 says

    Di na masyadong ginagawa yung harana sa panahon ngayon chat mo lang siya sa messenger MU na kayo😏

  9. haas gaat je niks aan says

    The phillipin whoman are are very
    Very careless about honesty or trust.
    They are like eal very slippery.
    U will always feel emotionaly neglected.
    Sorry have no meaning in that culture.
    If u marry phillipin girl then dont expect empathy

  10. Van Allen says

    Right now their president don't do any of this anymore he destroyed the entire Muslim community in Mindanao's he fucks up religion and he don't respect women, what a role model to their country and he loves killings his drug campaign death rate is already reaching more than four thousand and still counting…

  11. angelaniche says

    America sux, and sucks

  12. JDuke PAP'SBODFITNESS says

    Eto astig na vid…. Magandang reminder sa filipino culture

  13. 3 kings Kids Channel says

    dami nang nakakaligtaang kaugalian

  14. EJ Reuven says

    Filipino is the best among the rest❀

  15. Your Sunshine Channel says

    Difderebt culture but we are all same nation all love love

  16. Charlie Flores says

    Proud to be noypi, Saludo sa kultarang pilipino

  17. Mai Acibar says

    The best talaga ang pinoy love love

  18. AK-47 Gamer says


  19. Ian Lozares says

    Super agree on the info here. Thanks po sa information

  20. Its me angel marie says

    Ang ganda naman po nitong video na to proud to be pinoy….

  21. Lhonson Andres says

    Proud Filipino Here πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ 😊 Like mo to kung pinoy ka rin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€

  22. Mery Joy says

    Dont mind the bashers as long you are proud from where you came from.

  23. Basic Photoshop Design says

    basta pinoy. . . . yang bahay mo lilipat sa ibang baryo .. πŸ˜€

  24. Tristan And Peyton says

    So many nasty comments here. Pero truth hurts talaga. Ignore them all

  25. SUN DEE CHANNEL says

    nice one πŸ™‚

  26. Doriel TV says

    The best tlga pinoy

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