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  1. Avelovinit says

    I hope you like this video because it's really something personal for me💕 No matter how tiny it is, it's the house my parents built out of their hard work and I'm so freaking proud of them!💕💕💕

  2. Linda Geraldino says

    i think yours is the typical filipino home, beautiful because the family values like unity, solidarity sharing and loving are manifested

  3. Paola Kristals says

    Hard work pays off and makes you strong and resilient! 💪🏼💯

  4. Paola Kristals says

    Admire how humble you are! God bless!♡

  5. Teresa Delusa says

    Super humble talaga ni idol

  6. leabinales says

    I love your grandma. She’s so precious

  7. Mary Jean says

    I love your art Ave😍 so kind real & sweet humble person of course very clever😍.jus watched your vloggs a months ago & martin too and ive shared it in fb coz its really nice interesting & enjoyable to watch it..more2x power ti both of you & more2x vloggs & more subscribers..hugs & kisses to u both hope to meet u here in Frankfurt Germany😊always tke cre & keep safe😘

  8. Lady Lyanna of House Mormont says

    Manang has very stable hands

  9. Robert Cohen says

    New scribe coming Manila next year to meet my girlfriend

  10. Brian Johnson says

    I thought you were a rich model with a nice place to yourself. You have people to take care of. Thank you for sharing. I used to help my parents, but they have now passed away.

  11. dawne graham says

    You are blessed with a nice family and house that is home…very nice 🖒

  12. Leonida Lacdao says

    Thank you for sharing. That is nice of you to show us the real Filipino house and living in the city of Manila .

  13. Dominique Gabrielle says

    Halata pag typical pinoy house kasi ang daming anik anik o sabit sabit..marami ding display na kung ano ano at maraming orocan at cabinets..haha. pav pag foriegner kasi minimal lng mga display..

  14. SEW IT WITH BRIT says

    momsh di ba may rooftop pa? bet ko mga doggos! <3 hihi

  15. Toni Batch says

    Yes it’s true here in Philippine to live with your parents. But believe me you can never have some privacy. I remember first time visiting Philippine , my wife took me to visit her relatives , six adults persons + nine kids + four dogs 🐕 running in out , all in one house. I runaway after twenty minutes

  16. Lilia Melgarejo says

    So natural and simple girl… ❤️

  17. Robin Dey says

    That's the beautiful thing about being Asian ..Our parents are always happy if we live with them ..doesnt matter if we are in our 20s..30s..40s..50s…❤❤

  18. Salvador Salmingo says

    It's okay Ave you should be proud of it. Many have no house. God bless you

  19. Mary ann Luneta says

    I love youre house😘😘😍😍✌️

  20. Tomas Iturralde says

    Don't worry most houses are normal 'messy' because people.are.living in it. You really.are a humble, sincere and loving person showing us when you don't have to your home. This can only happen when both parents show unconditional love to their children. Your parents must be proud you. Btw that's a 'trundle bed' you have and your pet dogs are adorable. You're the real deal any man will be lucky to have you, glad this video popped up 😊. Stay safe always.

  21. Amy Jacinto McFarland says

    What city in Manila you live in. I am from Novaliches Quezon City.

  22. Ann Chee says

    What a lovely home filled with love and your dear and sweet grandmother. Love from Hawaii

  23. happy golucky says

    4:44 it’s not a real Pilipino house if you don’t have a rice cooker. Those who doesn’t have or can’t afford to buy rice cooker. They just rely on the traditional way…. of cooking it… I don’t agree with you miss ace… lol

  24. Michael Pye says


  25. Aida Ladang says

    Hello my favorate vloger cute mo avie god bless happy family.keep safe your over the word vlog.im waching from riyadh saudi

  26. Angelica Manalo says

    Sobrang ganda m maam and ver simple and mabait..😍😍😍

  27. alexie okay says

    This really tipical Filipina family…

  28. Hang Nguyen says

    Love your rawness and authenticity😘😘😘

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