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  1. #Rosas Sakura says

    Hello πŸ‘‹ sweet husband πŸ‘πŸŽΆ

  2. Irish Mae Australia says

    So proud of Jordan to eat dried fish!! Well done mate!

  3. I lest bee Ballen says


  4. Come Let’s Have Fun says

    Hello po kabayan…pa Sub2sub po… God bless πŸ™


    Ganun ba

  6. buotan sang bana mo my precious host wala bang taga maniho dyan makapunta unta

  7. uga iloilo ilongga ka gali ara na kamo bata sang bana mo my precious host gemma

  8. yeah yumyum so sweet

  9. i love breakfast dried fish like dilis am your new friend here from qatar with love

  10. Shubertmushroom says

    Smile πŸ™‚

  11. Betchaiya Vlogs says

    Sweet couple. .ka .good boy sa asawa mo maam masipag at kumakain ng filipino food..new frend watching and support u

  12. Rolando Bohol Movie says

    New subscriber here, nice video πŸ‘

  13. Rizal Donor says

    Ur so lucky 4 having a loving n thoughtful husband.thank u po!

  14. ROBERTA RIVAS says

    you're so lucky……your hubby loves the kitchen…marunong pa sya mamalengke…..I remember my tatay and brother are the same…

  15. Fritz Simps says

    Love ur channel

  16. Sandra Jean Laguna says

    Tpus ang klat ng bahy niyo vlog po kau ng vlog ng vlog linis linis mna po tnx

  17. Sandra Jean Laguna says

    Ok k sna kso s sbrang arti dku n ma intindihan ung mga sinasabi mo madam bwasan po sna ng kunti ang arti s pgsasalita mo madam tnx


    Napaka humble ni papa jordan . Super bait pa πŸ˜‚

  19. Jerrydajourney says

    Its nice to see that Jordan is so adventurous in food. Sarap ng toyo with cocoa.

  20. Cherryl M.B says

    Hello watching from USA. Pakisuyo naman sa bahay ko thanks

  21. Virginia Johnson says

    Wow! Ang bait naman ng mister mo Ann πŸ™‚ buti at gusto nya ang Filipino foods like bulad at tulog na maalat πŸ™‚ ang mister ko hindi kaya yan lalo na ang amoy

  22. Vanez TV says

    phug plsss i will too

  23. Hannah-Danica Oliveros says

    I like you guys.. now i am going to start watching you guys hehe.. walang arteeeeee.. love it

  24. Saida AT 27 says

    Nice one

  25. Simple Bisdak says

    I love this breakfast. One of my favorite dried fish and salted egg.

  26. Cesar Ramirez says

    It would be easier to have your watching machine and dryer inside your garage, Anne, Jordan. Come brutal winter cold weather or muggy hot summertime, you won’t have to experience such weather outside

  27. Happy life Happy me says

    Dude put coconut oil before put dried fish and eggs fist for fried

  28. sar diego says

    hi guys pa watch dn po ng video q.


    thanks in advance sa manunuod.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

  29. Rhenzie P says

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    Thank you. ❀

  30. Badlayla Gaming says

    He is so cute

  31. Joyze Surio says


    Pavisit namn guys sa channel ko please

  32. i am ella ella.04 says


  33. Emelda Soriano says

    good man washing the dishes

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