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  1. Sebastine Masbad says

    Hello cm

  2. Sebastine Masbad says

    Aldren pre hoy

  3. Andrea Jasmine Leogarda says

    hello dande

  4. Prince Khan Ali says

    Hahaha bumili to sakin ng Ray-ban eyeglasses


  6. Great Phoenix says

    really ? $300 a month just a jeepney driver ! FALSE NEWS! thats equivalent to 15,000 in pesos!

  7. It's Mae says

    hello sa mga classmates kong nanonood dahil sa documentary veiwing. buhay pa ba guys?

  8. Susan Beckman says

    Please read the Bible, it says in 1 Tim 2:5 For there is one God, and one MEDIATOR also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is the ONLY way that you prayers get heard from God! To honor the Father is to honor His Son. Love ❤️ from Christian friend.

  9. Jack P says

    The problem in the Philippines is duterte…duterte is useless and runs the whole country like a small town mayor..this guy is very incompetent. He should step down NOW.

  10. Danny Leclerc says

    Open the world economy.. or watch yourselves create world hunger.. from the comfort of your governmental homes..

  11. My Love says

    because your leader is getting too close to commie China! Enjoy the CCP virus!

  12. Peter Dyste says

    The pi is done for. Tourism alone makes 13% of GDP, osw remittances make up 9.9%, foreign investment has fallen off a cliff. That's before factoring in GDP losses in exports and consumer spending with no end of restrictions in sight. Still, Filipinos are more afraid of the virus than an economic hellscape that could last years. Fear sells, logic doesn't.

  13. Jessy Manning says

    Let FLM out in this situation people who are rich should come out and help the government's is not enough we should lend a hand to to make it work

  14. The Vigilante says

    Let’s use our commonsense: 1 they sent everyone home from there jobs to quarantine for health safety. 2 if families don’t earn money to feed there children they will suffer and die. Hmmm so what’s the point of all this. GENOCIDE! From your DEMOCRACY corrupted crooks who are posing as Government officials. Buckle up sheeple this is happening all over the world. WAKE UP!

  15. Gary G says

    Philippines can not afford to lockdown…. more will die of hunger than covid

  16. Anthony WorldwideTV says

    The major issues in the Philippines.
    1. Corrupt government.
    2. The President don't have any plan to those Millions of Filipinos lost their jobs. No program, lack of support from the government.
    3. The President lack of preparedness to address the crisis.
    4. Ignorance of most Filipinos about Covid.
    5. Political issues arise in the Philippines amid of Coronavirus crisis.
    6. The President continues to accept Chinese national to enter the country and most of them are illegal workers.

    The President of the Philippines is a BIG FAILURE

  17. ng Robert says

    ciabi pinoy

  18. ng Robert says

    that goooooood now u understand pinoy

  19. wahleed taula says

    Instead of focusing on the pandemic effect the govt is busy on the closure of a giant network.

  20. Silent Majority says

    Government wants covid lockdown to continue…

  21. Silent Majority says

    1200 deaths out of 109 million people over 5 months .. mass hysteria or insanity.. people are starving while government employees and officials are are getting rich.. this is “ in your face corruption “.. more government programs = more corruption..

  22. im just saying just saying says

    God bless your country, this will end soon, keep calm and be patient,(from neighbour country malaysia )

  23. EX S says

    The unemployment situation is much worse. According to the PSA, the unemployment rate is 17.7% with 7.3 million Filipinos unemployed. This may go up to 10 million.

  24. Jo Cabardo says

    Not only in the Philippines, more fortunate are those people in the Philippines compare to other countries, no food, no water, no ways to provide for their needs, nagiging tamad lang but if magsikap sila, they will survive… God will make a way, tamad lang kasi, nasanay umasa sa iba

  25. Joaquin Misa Jr. says

    It’s time to protest against this fascistic regime

  26. MS KIM REALUBIT says

    More plagues are coming in the last days.

  27. AnGEl HisPANo says

    The tests in the phiippines are very low so the number of cases are low. Prepare to see the real numbers by the end of the year.

  28. Red Snow says

    Not good translation

  29. Hunter X says

    God aLready Left the PhiLippines.

  30. Luis P says

    Thank you China for bringing this gift to the Philippines and the world.

  31. High Revs says

    Why do filipinos so often wear their masks under their chin or under their nose or not at all.

  32. moon light sonata light sonata says

    their beloved president durtete is a chinese puppet n thy shld seek help frm china

  33. moon light sonata light sonata says

    all diz filipinos should seek help frm china 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Kenny gforce says

    Keep the faith people and pray if you are spiritual. The scientist here in germany by Curevac are on a human testing stage for an vaccine. If everything works out an vaccine will be Distributed all over the World, in case it is still needed and does not die down like swine flu.

  35. wls jgs says

    Dysfunctional Government

  36. Cef says


  37. Cut Loose says

    Greatest Joke is DOLE.

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