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  1. Mark Nowhereman says

    I deleted and re-uploaded the film due to youtube technical issue.

    Please retype your deleted comments.


  2. Beverley Lumb says

    He is horrible he is the one who killed but he sounds like he is the injured one

  3. Beverley Lumb says

    He suffered so deeply what about the guy he killed but that's ok because he suffered with his pride and dignity

  4. Beverley Lumb says

    Hang on you are using money donated to give to someone convicted of killing another person I'm sure that will help future donations because I know I will think again. First you reward mothers for having loads of kids with nothing about family planning and stopping them having any more. But it's not the fault of the kids so although I don't like it it wouldn't stop me donating. But this is something else I will not give money for you to give that to a man convicted of killing another

  5. Steve Hughes says

    I know his feeling because it happen to me a few time. I know all you want to do is kill, but it does not solve anything. It would be better to just walk away and take his kids from a mother who cheats…….Yes it is hard and it hurt very much. He should not hate his children because they are not at fault unless the knew but still they are only kids. As aman I really feel for this man. He is really hurting inside. IF i WAS THERE i WOULD BUY AND PAY AND GIVE BACK TO HE COULD SELL AGAIN.

  6. GIDEON COHEN says

    Thanks for everybody's involvement in helping Gani.I wish he meets his wife and children and forgives them

  7. Beth Cheng says

    Another mission accomplished for you guys. Happy to see that you've helped Tatay and gave him hope in life despite of his past life, still contented to live alone. Thank you guys for your job well done. Always take care & be safe

  8. Michal Forsaken says

    I'm sure I heard a lawyer in Philippines saying it's actually legal to kill someone when you catch them cheating and it involved your spouse. Wondering why it didn't apply in this case.

  9. carol leverton says

    Mark you can put as many ads as you like on your videos I will watch everyone think you're all fantastic

  10. The Lastminmom! says

    I wonder what the tomboy sister did after he killed her brother. That must have been craaazy. I feel bad for him

  11. gilia mojhar says

    Everything he said is True , man with honor , I’ll do the same if I’m in his situation ,

  12. Stephen Matiga says

    Look at his eyes 🙁

  13. Denise Mincher says

    It wasn't worth it now his wife is still with another man

  14. Denise Mincher says

    I bet if he could turn. Back the clock he would not have killed that man out of anger because it was his wife's fault as well

  15. Ashley Brown says

    If i know here in the philippines if self defense you have a power to dont get in jail ncoz its your property😒, but it is not. according to statement of Tatay 😔gani

  16. Sai Cer says

    God bless u more

  17. Yvette Grant says

    Who are you guys to complain re: the starving people caught on video???!.I love to see where my $goes,it's about time!"
    Past donations only used 10 to 20 percent of individual donations!".
    Why?all in the name of administration costs ok.these guys send every penny you donate to the recipients,gotta love that!".I donate I want every cent to go where it is thought to go ok.
    Marks crew is making much more thanks to internet so don't knock it ok!.
    Marks crew was doing the charity work years before they used the internet,so don't criticize the work they do assess!!!.at least they don't get paid from the money we all send OK.
    Leave it alone dick heads!!!!😳let them do the work you all would never think about doing OK.!!!!.

  18. Em Bradshaw says

    I feel bad for this man i feel like his wife and kids didn't say he did it for self defense.. poor dude he should be bad he worked hard for them and this is how they repay him 🙁

  19. Ida Perez says

    No, I don't think Mark is a crook, he really have empathy with the poor people of the Philippines. Didn't he suspend some of his workers for accepting gifts when they were not allowed to do so? I think Mark is genuine, he works hard for his money and deserves every penny he earns, if anything he is an inspiration to other Philippinos' who are living in poverty to strive for a better life.

  20. Genive Shuleza Eyken says

    I don't understand why he hates his children. They didn't do anything? However, I respect him.

  21. Lena Grace says

    The real victim in this case is Gani. His wife should've been shot too and I make no apology for what I've just said. This man has served more than life in prison through no fault of his own it is obvious that he was only defending himself. If someone came at me with an axe I'd shoot him/her too. GANI THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR HEART WRENCHING STORY WITH US. YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN MY PRAYERS. BUT MOST OF ALL THANK YOU MARK RHEA AND ALL THE TEAM FOR HELPING THIS BEAUTIFUL MAN GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  22. Yvonne Liane says

    grabe naman po ang mga anak ni tatay. Wala man lang malasakit sa ama nila. Kahit baliktarin ang mundo tatay parin nila to sana tinanggap at inalagaan pa rin nila.

  23. Gacha Gonmy says

    Wow….. Well done guy's good bless u all. From India Manipur state. And I request u all and your team to reunites his or her son or daughter so that it will become more beautiful.🌈🙏🙏🙏🙏

  24. Phang Weelee says

    Hey ruby

  25. Analyn dela cruz says

    Great that u help the poor people

  26. sa di says

    Mark you shouldnt worried about these haters that are always trying to find something negative to say when someone is doing something good.

  27. Brenda Berry says

    You can see the sadness in his eyes I hope he is able to find peace.

  28. Lhea Galladan says

    As always, Mark, Rhea, the Donors and the TEAM are doing an AMAZING job…God Bless xxx
    For you Kiki's Curls — you NEED to watch more of the TEAM's videos and work, so you know where the all the donations end up!!…DO NOT say that the monies go in their pocket.
    For you Oduyela — tatay is a very RESOURCEFUL MAN…he does NOT have to go back to the farm/province…he'll SURVIVE wherever he goes…but, YOU…i DO NOT think so!!

  29. proxybaby1 says

    He knows how to talk gently, I admire him, good luck inmate.

  30. Bob Bruan says

    Good job sir mark mam leah just ignore those nega comments , youre a kind of kindhearted humans , more power and god bless you always

  31. theresa aungon says

    Saludo ako sa iyong lahat GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND ALWAYS IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

  32. idios pascua says

    Mahal ka ng Diyos kaya. Nakalabas ka sa bilibid. May ibang plano ang Diyos para sa iyo God Bless You

  33. rey molina says

    Hindi ko maintindihan minsan ang batas,justice for sinner and punish the victim..

  34. Sabrina Bayquen says

    marunong kng sumgot sa mga tnong.kong bkt ka nkulong.ang msasabi ko syo.ipgpatuloy mo lng ang mgandang gnagawa sa buhay.mlamang.gusto ka rn mkita ng mga anak mo.

  35. William Terrenal says

    Ang mahirap Yan baka matiempuhan Ng mga mmda gang. Siguradong patayan Yan. Yun mga enforcer na abusado. Kukunin Yun bahay nya.

  36. Rufus says

    He has no remorse for murdering his wife’s lover, he also hates his own kids! His wife maybe, but his kids? He’s still an angry man

  37. Rafael Paul Espejo says

    The man defended his honor..he should not have been jailed ..dapat yung asawa ang kinulomg!!!

  38. ambie geatar blog says

    Ser ma'am subrang bait ninyo walang alinlangan na tumolong kau sa nanganag ilangan 🙏🙏 godblees u po sa inyo sana marami pa Kai matolongan kagaya namin nag hihirap din godblees u po 🙏❤️

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