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  1. B BULLWITS says

    Your pamilya is maganda!! I don't know who those stupid 6 are that DIDN'T like this amazing video! My name is Blaise – my asawa is Ana Marie (suprising), and I have loved Filipino culture all my life! My dream is to inspire many with creativity, and I dream of one day starting a charity in the PH. Filipinos are the most FUN people on earth, and every country they go to is FILLED with their positivity! i am a Scottish-French CAnadian, but I swear I was pinoy in a past life. God bless you all and Salamat for inspiring! – Blaise, BF Turnbull, Blaise Bullwits (ig). 🙂

  2. Ken Antonio says

    filipino CANADIAN lol

  3. Jared Hutton says

    Melquea , thanks for your vlog video, I am from Grand Forks, ND and enjoy Winnipeg very often , and have met many filipinos there. 😎

  4. Jayvee Fernandez says

    I have a lot of family in winipeg

  5. Jayvee Fernandez says


  6. Cayenne's Little World says

    hey do any other youtubers want to support each other? we’re a young family vlog channel

  7. Round One says

    im pinoy who gives a shit about your family!!

  8. When In Halifax says

    hello just passing by.. nice vlog.. subbed..

  9. Darryl James says

    Like your videos! You totally deserve more credit! Just subbed! Return the favor if you can!

  10. Eloquent Motivation says

    Hi po 🙂

  11. emcee gee says

    I like the food in pinpin than max's restaurant.

  12. Airy Sarah says

    Just found your channel and subbed in a minute.💕💕

  13. SpiveyFamilyLove Vlogs says

    Nice family! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Malachi James C says

    Hi ate Quea. -malachi

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